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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual 
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources 
to be included on the SVRI Updates or on the SVRI website, please email 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For additional resources and 
information on sexual violence, visit us at www.svri.org 

*Sexual Violence in the News:
*Dr Park Dietz:  Dangerous Minds
*Independent - London,England,UK, 18 August 2006
... in agreement with Stanley Kubrick, who pulled A Clockwork Orange 
from distribution in Britain following a spate of crimes mimicking the 
sexual violence of the ...
UN Congo Peacekeepers again accused of sex abuse
Scotsman - United Kingdom, 17 August 2006
... Civilians have frequently been targeted in fighting and sexual 
violence is widespread and seldom punished....

*Christian Groups Support Empowerment of Women in AIDS Battle
*Christian Post - San Francisco,CA,USA, 17 August 2006
... there are many cases where even if a women abstain from sexual 
intercourse before marriage, she can still be raped or suffer from other 
sexual violence ...

*The Fight Against Child Sex Predators
*KFVS - Cape Girardeau,MO,USA, 17 August 2006
... In 2002, the SEMO Network Against Sexual Violence handled 203 child 
cases. Last year that number more than doubled, to 521 cases across 
Southeast Missouri. ...
**Rape of Freedom In Myanmar
*Korea Herald (subscription) - Seoul,South Korea, 16 August 2006
Gender-based sexual violence obstructs peace and development, 
particularly when it is a weapon used by military dictatorships against 
their own peoples. ...

*Indian Brides seek Protection from Abusive Grooms
*NEW DELHI (Reuters), 15 August 2006
Sonal Agarwal says her disfigured face is a constant reminder of the 
most terrifying night of her life -- her wedding night.

*Cast vote for a Safe House, Senate:  Commentary Holly Shulman
*Centre Daily Times - Centre County,PA,USA, 15 August 2006
... One out of four women and one out of seven men have been directly 
affected by domestic or sexual violence in their lifetime......

*Nepal, India Urged to Fight Trafficking in Women
*Reuters, By Gopal Sharma, 15 Aug 2006
Nepal and India need to step up efforts to fight trafficking of Nepali 
women and children for sex and include the crime in a future extradition 
pact, a top United Nations envoy said on Tuesday.

*Watching the Detectives
*Stuff.co.nz - Wellington,New Zealand, 13 August 2006
... why would someone voluntarily sit in a darkened room for days, 
months, years of their life, watching acts of extreme cruelty, harrowing 
sexual violence and the ...

*In Africa, Rape as a Risk Factor
*Washington Post - United States, 13 August 2006
... capita on prosecutions and investigations by lawyers, and virtually 
none of these resources are available to the people most at risk of 
sexual violence and HIV ...

*Kenyan Bar Maids Club Together
*BBC News Nairobi, 11 August 2006
At the end of tiring day, a bar hostess - or bar maid as she is known in 
Kenya - will smile at you and serve you a cold or warm drink at your request

*Sex Crimes:  Njoki Tips Barmaids
*Kenya Times - Kenya,  11 August 2006
... She said the Act, signed into law by President Mwai Kibaki two 
months ago, would not be effective un­til the victims of sexual violence 
re­port the cases to ...

*Half of Aussie Adults Have Been Attacked
*Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia, 10 August 2006
... More than 126,000 women, or 1.6 per cent, and more than 46,000 men, 
or 0.6 per cent, experienced sexual violence or threats in the 12 months 
prior to the survey ...

*Medair in Congo (DR) The Weapon of Rape
*Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK, 10 August 2006
Congo (DR) -- Medair provides both medical and psychosocial support to 
the innumerable victims of sexual violence in Ituri, DRC. ...

*UN: Darfur Peace Deal No Deterrent to Violence
*Mail & Guardian Online -Bradley Klapper | Geneva, Switzerland, 9 August 
... It added that Khartoum also needed to do more to investigate reports 
of sexual violence and bring those responsible to justice -- "whether 
the crime is ...

*South Africa seeks to clamp down on sexual offences
*Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK, 9 August 2006
... The year's event has put the spotlight on domestic violence and rape 
in a country that has one of the world's highest instances of sexual 
violence. ...

*SOUTH AMERICA**:* *Defining Women's Fears to Tackle Them*
IPS by* *Daniela Estrada, 8 August 2006
- Carolina, a 26-year-old Chilean woman, has recurring nightmares in 
which she is attacked by her ex-boyfriend. For several months after 
their break-up, he harassed her so much she had to go to the police.
South America:  Defining Women's Fears to Tackle Them
*Inter Press Service (subscription) - Rome,Italy, 8 August 2006
... Displaced families register a higher incidence of physical and 
sexual violence, as well as teen pregnancies and health problems, she 
noted. ...

*Committee on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
*ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland, 8 August 2006
A new constitution adopted in February contained explicit provisions to 
ensure equality between men and women, but, legislation only went so far 
in a nation emerging from an armed conflict that had exacerbated 
violence against women and eroded the country's economic and social 
fabric, the representative of the Democratic Republic of the Congo told 
the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women was 
told today.

*Battle Not Yet Won for SA's Women Marchers
*Mail & Guardian Online - Johannesburg,South Africa, 10 August 2006
... Women must also cope with the fear of rape in a country with one of 
the highest rates of sexual violence in the world, and face the danger 
of contracting HIV ...

*China slow to wake up to human trade
*BBC News, Yunnan, By Jill McGivering 9 August 2006,
.....As China opens up, people trafficking is emerging as a growing 
threat, but officials are reluctant to admit the scale of the problem.

*Brazil** Enacts Law on Violence Against Women
*UNIFEM News, 9 August 2006
Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva signed a new law on 
Domestic and Family Violence against Women on 7 August 2006 in Brasilia. 
The law is the result of an extensive process of consultation and 
discussion, in which key women's organizations played a crucial role. 
The process was promoted by the State Secretariat of Policies for Women 
and supported by UNIFEM.

*USA - Survey Reveals Extent of Teen Prostitution, Teens Who Exchange 
Sex for Money or Drugs Are at Risk for Infections
*ABC News, 9 August 2006
About 650,000 American teenagers have exchanged sex for money or drugs, 
and boys were more likely to have prostituted themselves than girls, 
according to the only survey ever committed to the subject. According to 
the survey, published Wednesday in the Journal of Sexually Transmitted 
Infections, close to 4 percent of more than 13,000 U.S. teens in grades 
seven through 12 reported having ever exchanged sex for drugs or money.

*A Fine Line:  How to Teach Kids About Sexual Assault
*Connect For Kids - Washington,D.C.,USA, 7 August 2006
... A comprehensive collection and distribution center for information, 
research and emerging policy on sexual violence intervention and 
prevention. ...

*Asean Must Take Action on the Rape of Freedom in Burma
*Nation Multimedia - Bangkok,Thailand, 7 August 2006
Gender-based sexual violence obstructs peace and development, 
particularly when it is a weapon

*SOUTH AFRICA: Women's Day - balancing gains and fears
*IRIN News, 7 August 2006
South Africa celebrated Women's Day this week Wednesday, marking 50 
years since a historic march by 20,000 women against apartheid laws, but 
the remarkable progress made in gender equality has failed to extinguish 
a resilient culture of violence and abuse against women.

*South Africa:  Fifty Years on SA Women More Victimised Than Ever
*AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 6 August 2006
... are labelled unpatriotic, troublemakers, revenge-seekers, 
untrustworthy, deceivers and Jezebels for breaking the code of silence 
that governs sexual violence. ...

*'Domestic violence not rife in Saudi Arabia'
*Gulf News - 06 August, 2006
A study on housemaids conducted by the Saudi Ministry of Social Welfare 
has shown they suffer more from physical violence than sexual harassment.

*New Statistics on Sexual Violence in US Prisons
*About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA, 4 August 2006
... compiled in Human Rights Watch's 2001 report, No Escape: Male Rape 
in US Prisons--indicate that far more than 0.28% of prisoners are 
victims of sexual assault.

*Congo-Kinshasa: Transitional Justice and Sexual Violence - Which way 
forward for reconciliation?
*AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 4 August 2006
... summary report, and assess possible solutions, in terms of 
transitional justice, in dealing with massive human rights abuses and 
sexual violence against women. ...

*Only women judges to try rape cases: Bill   
*Times of India, Dhananjay Mahapatra, 4 August 2006
NEW DELHI: Women judges for rape victims, a witness protection regime, 
victims' right to appeal against acquittal of accused and recognition to 
video recording as evidence - these are some of the pathbreaking 
provisions proposed in a Bill cleared by the Cabinet on Thursday for 
tabling in Parliament.

*HIV Epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo Likely to Worsen in 
the Wake of Civil War
*Kaiser network.org - Washington,DC,USA, 3 August 2006
... Such areas have been "worst affected by the conflict, population 
movement, soldiers and violence, especially sexual violence ... ...

*A victory for Pakistani women
*Washington Post, 3 August 2006
In the more repressive parts of the Muslim world, a rape is often just 
the beginning of a victimized woman's tragedy. That's because a type of 
Islamic law known as "Hudood" means a victim of rape faces charges of 
adultery -- which carries a penalty of imprisonment or even death -- if 
she fails the almost impossible test of producing four male eyewitnesses 
to the crime. But now President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan is 
challenging his country's version of that law.

*Two Million Women and Girls Affected by Obstetric Fistula
*VOANews, By Joe De Capua, 3 August 2006
About two million women and girls in developing countries suffer from 
obstetric fistula. During a difficult childbirth a fistula or hole can 
develop between the rectum and vagina or bladder and vagina. It can 
cause paralysis, infertility, incontinence, as well as stigma due to 
odour or a perception that a woman is not clean.

*Nigeria: Trafficking - a global overview
*GINSC.NET, 2 August 2006
EVERY day in countries around the world, thousands of women and girls 
are bought and sold, traded like chattel in a multi-billion-dollar 
global marketplace of sexual exploitation, forced labour, and domestic 

*China** Vow on Sex Based Abortion
*BBC News, 2 August 2006
China will punish health workers who help to abort female foetuses, 
despite a recent decision not to criminalise the practice, an official said.

*"Hear Our Voices" - I hope women will no longer be raped - elderly voter,
*IRIN News, KINSHASA, 1 Aug 2006
Antoinette Kayiba was one of the voters in the Democratic Republic of 
Congo's general elections on Sunday.

*UGANDA-SUDAN: LRA child abductees cry for home
*IRIN News, 31 July 2006,
...With tears in her eyes, the 18-year-old girl stood before a small 
group of rebels and aid workers, pleading: "We want to go back home, to 
be reunited with our families and go to school."...

*Plight of the Maid: Report Lifts Lid on Global Suffering
*The Independent, By Justin Huggler in Delhi, 28 July 2006
Many domestic servants from developing countries are mistreated and 
abused by their employers, Human Rights Watch reports, with children 
often forced into servitude. Cases cited by HRW include two Indonesian 
children working as maids who were beaten to death and a 13-year-old 
servant who was repeatedly raped by her Indonesian employer.

*Imams in Bangladesh Mobilize Against Human Trafficking
*Human Trafficking.com, 16 July 2006
Women and children in Bangladesh are vulnerable to human trafficking 
because of persistent poverty, discrimination, few or no livelihood 
alternatives, and little legal protection. Almost four years ago, imams 
in the village of Chakoria began mobilizing their communities to fight 
trafficking by working with a Bangladeshi NGO named UDDIPAN, or United 
Development Initiatives for Programmed Actions.

*USA - Durbin, Hagel Introduce Bill to Help End Child Marriage
*ICRW Press Release, 13 July 2006
Sens. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) and Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) introduced the 
International Child Marriage Prevention and Assistance Act today, which 
calls on the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and other 
relevant agencies to devise a strategy to fight child marriage as part 
of broader development efforts, including improving education, health 
care and governance.

*UK** - India: Non Resident Indian (NRI) Marriages: Dreams to Nightmares
*India News, 2 July 2006
Dreaming of a good life in Britain, Satwant Kaur landed at Heathrow to 
start her new life with her husband, far removed from her village in 
Punjab. She found him waiting at the airport entrance. Visibly happy, he 
took her suitcase and passport telling her to wait while he fetched his 
car. He never returned.

*Cameroon-Campaign Launched to Counter 'Breast Ironing'
Activists in Cameroon have begun breaking the silence about 'breast 
ironing', widely used to protect young women from being noticed by men.  
Rarely mentioned, especially to men, the 'ironing' involves massaging 
the growing breasts of young girls to make them disappear, usually by 
using a stone, a hammer or a spatula that has been heated over coals

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