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Dear SVRI list members,

Approximately once a month we send a longer list of publications, 
resources & upcoming meetings which may be of interest to those working 
on issues of sexual violence. If you would like to suggest resources to 
be included on upcoming lists or on the SVRI website, please email 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For additional resources and 
information on sexual violence, visit us at www.svri.org 


/(Source:  PubMed. Following search terms were used - rape, sexual 
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5.  Martsolf DS, Courey TJ, Chapman TR, Draucker CB, Mims BL.  Adaptive 
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12.  Viki GT, Chiroro P, Abrams D.  Hostile sexism, type of rape, and 
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13.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Workowski KA, Berman 
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22.  Murray LK, Haworth A, Semrau K, Singh M, Aldrovandi GM, Sinkala M, 
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[PubMed - in process]

26.  Kaarstad K, Rohde M, Larsen J, Eriksen B, Thomsen JL.  The 
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27.  McLean IA.  Re-audit of clients from ethnic and local communities 
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28.  Fuse T, Forsyth JP, Marx B, Gallup GG, Weaver S.  Factor structure 
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29.  Haller C, Thai D, Jacob P 3rd, Dyer JE.  GHB urine concentrations 
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30.  Annan SL.  Sexual violence in rural areas: a review of the 
literature. Fam Community Health. 2006 Jul-Sep;29(3):164-8. Review. 
 PMID: 16775466 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

*New End Violence Against Women Online Database:  *"The INFO Project has 
completely re-vamped and updated its online database of resources 
related to violence against women on the End Violence against Women 
website at www.endvaw.org <http://www.endvaw.org/>.  This new online 
database includes research, tools, project reports, and communication 
materials that cover the intersection of violence against women and the 
effects of this violence on women's reproductive health. Visit them at: 

*Human Rights Watch / Women's Rights:*  Information on sexual violence 
and human rights available at http://www.hrw.org/women/sexualviolence.html

*International Information Centre and Archives for the Women's Movement: 
* The IIAV is the source, the intermediary and the supplier of 
information and documentation for all those who occupy themselves with 
the position of women, whether it concerns books, periodicals, data, 
addresses, archives, visual materials, current or historical, national 
or international. IIAV - http://www.iiav.nl/eng/iiav/index.html

*WomenWatch - UN Information and Resources on Gender Equality: 
* WomenWatch is a central gateway to information and resources on the 
promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women throughout the 
United Nations system, including the United Nations Secretariat, 
regional commissions, funds, programmes, specialized agencies and 
academic and research institutions.  Visit them on line at:  

*FRONTIERS Gender Working Group focusing on male involvement and GBV:  
*The Gender Working Group (GWG) objective is to promote evidence-based 
policy guidance and program support to address gender in sexual and 
reproductive health (SRH).  The Working Group has developed a website to 
provide information and resources on male involvement in reproductive 
health and gender based violence (GBV) for researchers and program 
managers in India and other countries in Asia.  Link - http://www.gwg.in/

*Gender Statistics Programme in the Arab Countries:*  The GSP Website is 
for users and producers of gender statistics in government departments, 
non-governmental organizations, research centres and universities, as 
well as legislators, women's advocates and the media. Online link:  

*Child Trafficking Digital Library *is a Nepal-based website focusing on 
South Asia and beyond.  All forms of trafficking are addressed, 
including trafficking for labor purposes. The website focuses on 
children, and includes the latest information on strategies for 
trafficking prevention, as well as for the rehabilitation and 
reintegration of victims of trafficking. The digital library 
http://www.childtrafficking.com focuses on the outcomes of trafficking, 
such as the use of forced labor or slavery like practices, no matter how 
people arrive in these conditions.

*The UN Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence Against 
Women* was established by General Assembly resolution 50/166 
<http://www.unifem.org/about/ga_resolutions.php#50_166> in 1996 and is 
managed by the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM). The 
Trust Fund is the only multilateral grant-making mechanism that supports 
local, national and regional efforts to combat violence.  For more 
information visit:  

*Call for abstracts, 27th African Health Science Conference, 3-7th 
December 2006:*  The 27th AHSC will be held in Durban, South Africa. The 
theme for the 27th AHSC will be: "Strengthening resource capacity and 
transfer of adequate technology for an integrated development in Africa" 
Abstract submission deadline 1 September 2006.  More information visit:  

*Call for contributions for the Essay Collection -Women and the Everyday 
Realities of War: *Dr Emily Smith, research Associate in Gender Studies, 
Lawrence University, is, "soliciting essays that address the ways in 
which women confront the everyday realities of war in various mediums 
and from a range of historical and cultural perspectives.  .......A 
primary goal of the collection is to suggest how women negotiate 
national and political debates (obliquely and directly) through 
representations of household  order and disorder.  Essays might approach 
this question by exploring female education, cross-cultural exchange, 
publication/other forms of entry into the marketplace, and generic 
experimentation, although other avenues of critical inquiry are 
encouraged as well. For more information email c17women at earthlink.net 
<mailto:c17women at earthlink.net>.    Abstract deadline 1st November 2006. 
Final essays will be requested by or before 1st April 2007.

*Call for Abstracts - Ensuring Global Human Resources for Health 
Conference, 22-23 March 2007, Geneva, Switzerland:*  Deadline submission 
of abstracts should be by 8 September 2006 by email at 
http://www.hret.org/hret/publications/ihwm.html or 
www.ihf-publications.org <http://www.ihf-publications.org> or by fax to: 
+1 312 422 4568 or +33 450 42 6001.

*Call for applications for the 2007 session of the annual Human Rights 
Advocates Program* *(HRAP) at Columbia University:*   HRAP is designed 
to prepare proven human rights leaders from the Global South and 
marginalized communities in the U.S. to participate in national and 
international policy debates on globalization by building their skills, 
knowledge, and contacts. The Program features a four-month residency at 
Columbia University in New York City with a structured curriculum of 
advocacy, networking, skills-building, and academic coursework. The 
Program will take place from the middle of August to the middle of 
December 2007. The completed application is due by October 3, 2006. For 
further information or to download additional copies of the application, 
please refer to our website at 
Additional information can be requested by email from 
hradvocates at columbia.edu <mailto:hradvocates at columbia.edu>, by phone at 
+1 212 854 3014, or by fax at +1212 854 6785.

*Funding Alert: *The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence 
(NRCDV) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) have 
collaborated to provide a redesigned FUNDING ALERT. Issued twice 
monthly, or whenever warranted, this new FUNDING ALERT will provide a 
synopsis of the available funding that can be used by individuals and/or 
agencies working to end domestic violence and sexual assault.  The 
current FUNDING ALERT can be accessed at: 

*Applications for HIV Projects:*  The Australian Federation of AIDS 
Organisations (AFAO) is now accepting applications for HIV projects 
through its international grant scheme. The deadline for applications is 
Friday 15th September 2006. All information, eligibility criteria 
(including project & country eligibility), and application forms are 
available on the AFAO website at www.afao.org.au 
<http://www.afao.org.au/>.  Alternately the direct link is: 

*UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women: *The UN Trust Fund to End 
Violence Against Women 
is accepting applications for its 11th grant cycle (2006) related to one 
of the following areas of work: Implementation of existing laws, 
policies and plans of action to address violence against women; and 
Reducing the twin pandemics of HIV/AIDS and violence against women. 
Deadline for submissions 22 August 2006.  For more information visit:  

*African Women of Distinction - Program Interns: * African Women's of 
Distinction Program is seeking 10-15 Program Interns living in Africa, 
and 5 Interns living in the US (preference for New York, San Francisco, 
and Seattle areas). The AWOD has immediate 6-month internships available 
starting September 2006. To apply for an Internship, please send your 
resume and cover letter detailing previous experience via e-mail 
(preferred) by August 25: Mail: INTERNS: AWOD, c/o Amanda Koster and 
Neema Mgana, 3842 Interlake Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA, Email: 
mailto:nominationawod at gmail.com.  For more information visit: 

*Executive Director / Women's Institute for Leadership Development for 
Human Rights (WILD) / *San Francisco, CA, USA / Closing date: September 
15, 2006.  For more information visit:  www.wildforhumanrights.org 

*Director of Iraq Women's Advocacy Program & Gender Specialist / 
America's Development Foundation (ADF) /* Baghdad, Iraq / Closing date: 
September 30, 2006.  More information online at:  
 http://unjobs.org/vacancies/1153998271.21 (Reference Code: RW_6S3QWS-44)

*The International Center for Research on Women *seeks to fulfil the 
Washington, DC, United States.  The successful applicant will lead the 
organisation's HIV/AIDS and Development Unit, building a strategic and 
coherent programme of research, technical assistance and policy advocacy 
in the area of HIV/AIDS. S/he must have a PhD in public health, 
demography or related field and 10 years experience conducting research 
in developing countries. More information at:  

*Job: International Rescue Committee seeks a Gender Based Violence 
Coordinator, South Darfur, Sudan,* Authors: International Rescue 
Committee (IRC), Produced by: International Rescue Committee (IRC) 
(2006), The International Rescue Committee currently seeks a Gender 
Based Violence (GBV) Coordinator for its Sudan program, based in Nyala, 
South Darfur. For more details and to apply, see link to full text 
below. Available online at: http://www.eldis.org/cf/rdr/rdr.cfm?doc=DOC22513

*The International Center for Research on Women, OPERATIONS RESEARCH 
MANAGER - Kampala Uganda:*  The successful applicant will be responsible 
for providing technical and managerial leadership to the organisation's 
project created to expand targeted HIV/AIDS services for youth and 
critical services for orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda. S/he 
must have a Ph.D. in a related discipline and 7 years experience 
conducting field research in developing countries.  For more information 
visit: http://www.comminit.com/vacancy2791.html or Contact jobs at icrw.org 
<mailto:jobs at icrw.org>

*Oxfam Quebec is looking for a consultant to do End of Project 
Evaluation for their programme in Vietnam* and the region, entitled, 
"Improving the socio-economic rights of vulnerable women and children 
for reducing human trafficking". It is envisaged that the whole project 
evaluation will be conducted over a two month period to commence in the 
second half of September 2006. Deadline for proposals: Monday 28 
August.  For more information contact: Phan Anh Tho,  Finance & Admin 
Officer, Regional Anti-human trafficking programme, Oxfam Quebec E-mail: 
anhtho at oxfamquebec.org.vn <mailto:anhtho at oxfamquebec.org.vn>

*Violence Against Women in Georgia, Report submitted on the occasion of 
the 36th session of the UN Committee on the Elimination of 
Discrimination Against Women, August 2006:*  Online link 

*Report on Assessment of Russia's Compliance with CEDAW, ABA CEELI 
Moscow, 2006:*  "Research conducted by the Gender Justice Program 
(Moscow) of the American Bar Association's Central European and Eurasian 
Law Initiative (ABA CEELI) has found that there is a high level of 
tolerance for gender inequalities in Russia. Little government attention 
is paid to such issues as women's unequal representation in politics and 
governmental service, widespread violations of women's labor rights, 
sexual harassment or domestic violence."  [Source: WUNRN] Online at:  

*Empowering Young Women to Lead Change, A Training Manual, By World 
YWCA, 2006:*  "Empowering Young Women to Lead Change is an easy to 
follow resource manual designed to enable young women to prepare and 
facilitate training on a host of issues that are important to them. A 
joint publication of the World YWCA and UNFPA, the manual was developed 
by young women and contains modules on young women's leadership, 
economic justice, HIV and AIDS, human rights, peace, self esteem and 
body image, sexual and reproductive health and violence against women'. 
[Source: WUNRN] Online at:  

*Swept Under the Rug, Abuses Against Domestic Workers Around the World, 
Human Rights Watch Volume 18, Number 7(C), July 2006:* "Millions of 
women and girls around the world turn to domestic work as one of the few 
options available to them in order to provide for themselves and their 
families.1 Instead of guaranteeing their ability to work with dignity 
and free of violence, governments have systematically denied them key 
labor protections extended to other workers. Domestic workers, often 
making extraordinary sacrifices to support their families, are among the 
most exploited and abused workers in the world." [Extract taken from 
report].  Full Report available on-line:  

*Trafficking in Human Beings and Forced Labour or Labour Exploitation in 
the Czech Republic,* Petra Burc(íková, Published by  La Strada, 2004:  A 
report published by La Strada on trafficking in human beings and forced 
labour or labour exploitation in the Czech Republic.  [Source: WUNRN]  
On line link:  

*Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000: Trafficking 
in Persons Report,*  Released by the Office to Monitor and Combat 
Trafficking in Persons - US Department of State - June 5, 2006:  "In 
this Report, we have focused more attention on the plight of low skilled 
laborers from developing countries, particularly women working as 
domestics. Many of these laborers, pursuing a dream of giving their 
family a more secure and prosperous future, fall victim to conditions of 
servitude in developed destination countries, including the United 
States."  Full report available on line at:  

*The Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) announces the 
publication of awareness-raising leaflets and posters on trafficking in 
women.* "This effort has been funded by the National Machinery for 
Women's Rights.  MIGS recognizes that trafficking in human beings is a 
large- scale human rights violation which can take diverse forms 
including trafficking for sexual exploitation, and forced labour. The 
leaflets aim to inform and raise awareness among students, policy makers 
and government officials, as well as the general public about 
trafficking in women."  Available online: The posters and leaflets may 
be downloaded at the following web links: 
For more information please contact Josie Christodoulou at 
josie at medinstgenderstudies.org <mailto:josie at medinstgenderstudies.org>.

*State Violence Against Detained Women in Mexico: *The San Salvador 
Atenco Case is available at 
(Español), and 

*Dating Violence 101:* Educating Youth about Dating Violence and Healthy 
Relationships -  A dating violence prevention tool developed by Break 
the Cycle for teachers, community members, and social service providers 
to educate teens about dating and domestic violence. This user friendly 
curriculum comes with an instructor's manual, flash cards, activities, 
and visual aids to provide an interactive educational experience for 
participants.  For more information about ordering Teens Speak Out: 
Dating Violence or Domestic Violence 101, check out their website 
www.breakthecycle.org <http://www.breakthecycle.org/>. To place an 
order, please contact Break the Cycle at orders at breakthecycle.org 
<mailto:orders at breakthecycle.org>.

*Working with men on gender, sexuality, violence and health: trainer's 
manual: * Fernandes, A.; Sharma, D.; Kukade, P.; Jeena, R.; Khanna, R., 
SAHAYOG (2005):  "This manual, developed in India over a series of 
workshops involving four organisations (KRITI, EKLAVYA, SAHAJ and 
Tathapi Trust), serves as a resource for those who work with different 
groups of men on issues of gender, sexuality and health. The manual is 
designed for facilitators with some participatory training experience 
and was designed to explore these issues from a social justice and 
equity perspective through a 'male centered' approach." [Source: Eldis 
Gender Reporter].  Available online at: 

*Working with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: A 
Handbook for NGOs, OHCHR 2006:*  The Handbook is now available 
electronically at: http://www.ohchr.org/english/about/ngohandbook.htm

*Manual "Bridging Gaps - From good intention to good cooperation*" now 
available for download.  "The aim of the project was to develop 
guidelines and standards for good cooperation between state agencies and 
women's NGOs. The manual is based on the contributions of "bridging 
gaps" project partners from 11 European countries and draws upon the 
work and experiences of many committed experts and academics in the 
field. The Manual aims at contributing to the development and 
improvement of effective multi-agency cooperation by providing 
background information as well as concrete guidance and 
recommendations"  [Source: WUNRN]  Available online at:  

*International Symposium on Sexual Violence in Conflict & Beyond, 21-23 
June 2006, Brussels, Final Statement:*   At the conclusion of this 
symposium, delegates issued a call for urgent and long-term action 
against sexual violence in all its forms, in conflict and beyond.  
Details available online at:  

Services for women who have experienced sexual violence which are 
informed by feminist, women centered philosophies of service provision, 
have now been in existence since the 1970s. Very little evaluation of 
these services, however, has occurred from the perspective of service 
users and even less from that of service providers.  In order to begin 
addressing this gap, the SVRI has been collecting information via an 
online survey.

We have recently added a Spanish version of the Practice Wisdom 
questionnaire to the website.  We would like thank all who have 
responded to date and to invite women providing sexual violence services 
from Spanish speaking parts of the world to complete the questionnaire.  
Please visit it at:  http://www.svri.org/cuestionario/

When available, findings from the online survey will be made available 
on the SVRI website and will be presented that Forum 10 conference in 
November this year.


*Child abuse and violence database:  *Women's World Summit Foundation 
(WWSF ) is compiling a database of Internet links to prevention programs 
of child abuse and violence against children so that good practices and 
innovative measures may be shared among child rights organizations and 
relevant groups. This database will be launched on the WWSF annual World 
Day for Prevention of Child Abuse on November 19, 2006. By sharing 
information through this clearinghouse, each organization contributes to 
the creation of a culture of prevention. For more information, contact 
admin at wwsf.ch <mailto:admin at wwsf.ch>, or visit the WWSF website 
(www.woman.ch <http://www.woman.ch> ).

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