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? 1211 Geneva ? Switzerland
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*1. Introduction*
The Global Forum for Health Research is an independent international 
foundation promoting more health research to combat the neglected 
diseases and conditions that are major sources of ill health in 
developing countries and to reduce other inequities in health and health 
The Global Forum is supported financially by the Rockefeller Foundation, 
the World Bank, the World Health Organization and the governments of 
Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
The Global Forum supports networks and projects in health research 
bringing together a wide range of partners in a concerted effort to find 
solutions to priority health problems and global inequities in health 
and health research. One such project is Bias-free.

*2. Background*
The BIAS FREE Framework project, supported by the Global Forum for 
Health Research, was established to support training and capacity 
development for research for health applications of the BIAS FREE Framework.
The BIAS FREE Framework is an innovative tool designed to provide a 
unified approach to detect biases in research, policies, programs and 
service delivery that derive from any and all social hierarchies and 
have a negative impact on health. BIAS FREE is an acronym for Building 
an Integrative Analytical System For Recognizing and Eliminating 
inEquities. It is a statement of a goal, not a reality.
The Framework identifies three major forms of biases - maintaining 
hierarchy, failing to recognize differences and using double standards - 
and employs a set of 20 analytical questions to alert users to their 
presence. It also points the way to preventive or counterbalancing solutions
A global network of forty individual and organizational members is 
engaged in this project. The program of work includes the development of 
culturally-specific training materials in English, French, Spanish and 
Portuguese for the BIAS FREE Framework targeted at six key audiences 
involved in research for health: 1) university faculty and students as a 
module in research methods and health-oriented courses; 2) NGOs; 3) 
research bodies; 4) governments and their ministries/agencies; 5) 
hospitals and community health organizations; and 6) international 
3. Purpose of this Request for Consultancy
The present announcement calls for proposals to conduct consultancy work 
to oversee work on an on-line database designed to collect examples of 
bias deriving from social hierarchies based on gender, ability, race, 
class, caste, age, etc., identified by researchers working on diverse 
aspects of research for health.
He/she is expected to participate in all other relevant and appropriate 
areas of work related to the collection of evidence from research on the 
presence of bias in health research, policies, programmes and service 
delivery that have the potential to affect health and/or increase 
inequalities in health and health research.

*4. Applicants*
Institutions, research groups and individual researchers from low- and 
middle-income countries are eligible to apply for this consultancy 
position. The Institution, research group or the individual research 
consultant will be required to operate in compliance with local 
regulations in his/her country of residence.

*5. Budget*
The budget for the consultancy is $20K US. It would cover consultancy 
fees for a period of approximately 18 months, and travel and 
accommodation expenses related to a week of hands-on training in Geneva, 

*6. Schedule of Work*
The deadline for this proposal is August 31, 2006. Review and selection 
will take six to eight weeks and results will be communicated by mid 
October 2006.

*7. Review Criteria*
Proposals will be reviewed by a selection committee comprising 
representatives of the Global Forum for Health Research on the following 
4=would be good
3=would be fair
2=would be poor
1. Geographical Location (priority given to sub-Saharan Africa with 
connections to Equinet, and then other low-income countries)
2. Demonstrated background and knowledge of women's, disability and/or 
race studies
3. Proven track record of quality work in women's, disability and/or 
race studies and human rights approach to social issues, including 
health; minimum three years experience.
4. Demonstrated familiarity working with databases
5. Experience in working as part of a research team/network and as an 
independent researcher
6. Skill in reviewing and assessing documents submitted for eligibility 
for entry into the database
7. Demonstrated ability to pay meticulous attention to detail
8. Demonstrated fluency in English (Oral, reading, writing); knowledge 
of French, Spanish and other languages an asset.

*8. Application Process*
Applicants are requested to send in a proposal of consultancy of no more 
than 10 pages including a:
1. Covering letter (detailing mailing and e-mail address; contact phone 
2. Detailed CV demonstrating that review criteria have been met
3. Details of the Institution, research group or independent consultancy 
4. Detailed list of references
5. Set of letters of support.

Proposals should be received by 31 August 2006 at the Global Forum for 
Health Research secretariat.
Short-listed candidates will be required to undertake a written and oral 

Global Forum for Health Research
Attn: John Warriner
1-5, route des Morillons
PO Box 2100
1211 Geneva 2 - Switzerland
or via e-mail: john.warriner at globalforumhealth.org
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