[Svrilist] Research on Genital Photography in Sexual Assault

Sexual Violence Research Initiative svri at mrc.ac.za
Thu Aug 31 07:58:40 SAST 2006

Dear Colleagues,

The Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment 
Centres in Canada, is conducting a review of current practice and 
evidence of photographs of genital injuries and their use as evidence in 
sexual assault cases. The findings from the review will inform the 
development of a Province-wide policy on the use of such photo's, which 
currently are not standard practice.

Specific questions being examined include:

(1) What policies and practices are currently in use in other countries 
and practice settings.
(2) Are genital photo's being used in court cases, and if so, how and to 
what end?
(3) Are genital photo's being taken for both adults and children, and if 
their use is limited to children what is the age range?
(4) Are there any studies that have looked at how victims feel about 
genital photographs being taken and subsequently used in legal proceedings?

Our preliminary scan of the academic literature has produced very 
little. As such, we want to invite members of the SVRI listserv to share 
any relevant policies, guidelines or research their respective agencies 
have. Comments, questions, references and resources can be forward to 
Suzanne Sicchia at: Suzanne.Sicchia at utoronto.ca

Many Thanks,
Suzanne Sicchia, Research Consultant
University of Toronto, Canada

on behalf of the
Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment 

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