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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is a list of recently published newspaper/internet 
articles/commentary on various aspects of sexual violence from around 
the world.  We do this periodically.  Please let us know by email if you 
find this of interest.  Email us at svri at mrc.ac.za.

Charged in Killing Iraqi Family, Washington Post, 4th July
A former U.S. Army soldier was charged yesterday with the rape and 
murder of a young Iraqi woman and the slayings of three of her family 
members in their home south of Baghdad in March, federal prosecutors said.

Bad, Vulgar, Stupid - but is it assault?  The Age - Melbourne, 
Australia, 4th July
Mr Blay said that although one could not demonstrate a nexus between Big 
Brother and encouraging sexual violence, the show presented "sexualised 
and ...

PNG: Minister proposes Islamic laws to deal with criminals, Pacific Beat 
Radio Australia, 3 July
In Papua New Guinea, a senior government minister has proposed 
introducing strict Islamic-type laws to control serious crime in the 
country. Under the Sharia law of Islam, every crime has a mandatory 
penalty. Some, such as amputation and stoning, are considered extremely 
harsh, especially for women. Don Polye, the minister in charge of civil 
aviation and higher education, thinks much tougher penalties are called 
for in light of a recent increase in crimes against women and young 
girls. In the latest shocking incident last week, two young female 
students were pack-raped in Eastern Highlands Province.

Kenya's Sex Tourism 'Slowly Blossoming' and Remains Unabated.  ISS 
Today:  3 July
Unscrupulous Kenyan travel agents are said to be using lax anti-sex 
tourism legislation to woo paedophiles from Europe and other 
destinations for sex holidays in the country.

Girl, Interrupted.  The Tragic Cost of Child Marriage, Sojouners, July
The young schoolgirl is in the front row of the dusty auditorium. Her 
feet don't reach the floor. She swings her thin legs and shifts in the 
large wooden seat as the presentation to foreign visitors drones on. She 
could be any child anywhere. There is one notable difference: If her 
community had not intervened, she would not be a schoolgirl, but a wife.
Sudan - Rape in Darfur, AWID Resource Net, 30 June
there have been numerous reports of the rape of women and girls in 
Darfur and in Chad..................

Pakistani Jailed for Honour Killing of Daughter, Agence-France Presse, 
29 June
A Danish court jailed a Pakistani man for life for his part in the 
so-called honour killing of his daughter after she married without her 
family's consent, Ritzau news agency reported on Thursday.

Personal Status Law for Women, Arab Times, 28 June
When Arab men are given the perceptibly God-given right to make 
decisions on behalf of Arab women, who are at least 50 per cent of the 
population, power abuse can occur. In order to avoid such abuses (such 
as familial related sexual, physical, mental abuse and unpaid alimonies) 
women need to be granted more power.

Pine Ridge Leader Faces Battle Over Abortion Ban , Women's Enews, 27 June
The South Dakota abortion ban inspired Cecelia Fire Thunder, president 
of the Oglala Sioux Nation, to call for a clinic to be built on the 
reservation. It is, she says, the start of a quiet revolution. She now 
faces impeachment.

Sweden Jails Circumcision Father, BBC News, 26 June
A Swedish court has jailed a Somali man for four years for forcing his 
13-year-old daughter to be circumcised.

More Funding Needed to Help Victims of Sexual Violence.  UNFPA 22 June
Doctors and social service providers from countries affected by conflict 
today called for greater resources to support women and children 
suffering from sexual violence.

Indonesia - Aceh:  Pushing Women Rights Ahead,  UNPO, News 15 June
In response to the lack of involvement of women in the peace and 
integration process in Aceh, several women's rights activists have 
formed the Aceh Women's League to accommodate the political aspirations 
of women in the area.

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