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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is the SVRI Update on sexual violence and research related 
resources and materials.  Assist us in keeping the SVRI website and list 
relevant and up-to-date by sending resources or feedback to 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>.  Please visit the website for 
more resources - www.svri.org. <http://www.svri.org/>

1.  Fundraising Guide:  Craven J (2006)  Basic Fund-Raising for Small 
NGOs in Developing Countries, Aid Workers Network.  Some of the most 
frequently asked questions (FAQs) to forums for community-based 
organizations (CBOs) in developing countries, whatever the subject, are 
regarding funding. The 'Basic Fund-Raising for Small NGOs serving the 
developing world' guide is meant to provide very basic guidelines for 
small NGOs in the developing world regarding fund-raising, and to point 
to other resources. Developed by Coyote Communications and Aid Workers 
Network.  Available online 

2.  Women's Advancement Fund:  The Women's Advancement Fund empowers 
severely disadvantaged women and girls by providing education, 
vocational training, micro-credit, legal rights education, protection 
from trafficking or abuse, and other initiatives to improve their lives. 
Millions of women and girls in Asia are caught in a vicious cycle of 
poverty, exploitation, and abuse without hope for a better life. For 
list of projects requiring funding please visit:  

3.  Africa Report:  International Crisis Group (2006) Beyond Victimhood: 
Women's Peacebuilding in Sudan, Congo and Uganda, Africa Report No.112, 
28 June 2006 Peacebuilding cannot succeed if half the population is 
excluded from the process. Crisis Group's research in Sudan, Congo (DRC) 
and Uganda suggests that peace agreements, post-conflict reconstruction, 
and governance do better when women are involved. Full report available 
on line:  

4.  Honor Killings in Turkey:  Kardam F (2005)  The Dynamics of Honor 
Killings in Turkey: Prospects for Action:  UNDP and the United Nations 
Population Fund in Turkey have launched a groundbreaking report on a 
particularly shameful form of violence against women, honour killing. 
Based on research conducted by the Population Association of Turkey, the 
report analyzes the social structures and mentality behind so-called 
honour crimes and makes recommendations for a zero-tolerance policy to 
eradicate such violence against women.  Available online:  

5.  Vacancies: Project Evaluation Senior & Junior Consultants:  The 
Regional Office for Southern Africa of the International Organization 
for Migration (IOM), based in Pretoria, would like to invite interested 
individuals and organisations to conduct an end-of-project evaluation of 
its regional programme, the Partnership on HIV/AIDS and Mobile 
Populations in Southern Africa (PHAMSA). This three-year programme is 
nearing completion (December 2006) and needs to be evaluated in terms of 
its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. 
 The evaluation requires a minimum of two consultants - a senior 
consultant responsible for overseeing the evaluation and a junior 
consultant to provide suitable support. The evaluation will take place 
in August/September 2006.  Application deadline: 14 July 2006.  
Interested consultants should contact Julia Hill-Mlati for the detailed 
Terms of Reference by telephone (+27 12 342 1120) or by email to: 
jhillmlati at iom.int <mailto:jhillmlati at iom.int>
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