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To follow is a list of various newspaper articles and other stories on 
sexual violence from across the globe.  Please email us at 
svri at mrc.ac.za if you would like us to circulate any sexual violence 
resources or publications via the SVRI email list or visit us at 

World's women have an advocate
Toronto Star, Jul.1, 2006
More than half the globe's people need their own UN agency: Stephen Lewis

Campaign to combat violence against women
The Assembly gave its backing today to the Council of Europe's Campaign 
to combat violence against women, to be launched on 24 November 2006, by 
pledging a series of initiatives at parliamentary level. The 46 national 
parliaments were invited to symbolically join forces at midday on 24 
November to condemn domestic violence against women and call for its 
eradication to be made a political priority at the highest level. The 
parliamentarians urged countries to adopt legislative measures, making 
marital rape a criminal offence, for example, and allowing the banning 
of a violent husband from the marital home.

Women's Life Behind Bars: Punishment or Reform?
By Faiza Elmasry, Washington, D.C. 05 July 2006
The fastest growing population in the American prison system is women; 
over 950,000 women are currently under some form of correctional 
supervision. Some prison reform advocates say time behind bars may pay 
the inmates' debt to society, but society is the loser in the long run, 
they add, because of the often devastating effect incarceration has on 
female prisoners' families.

ICC Prosecution Defends its Tactics
By Katy Glassborow in The Hague 07 July 2006
Chief prosecutor faces criticism over failure to broaden charges against 
the first accused taken into custody by the court. The chief prosecutor 
at the International Criminal Court, ICC, Louis Moreno-Ocampo, has come 
under fire following an announcement on June 28 of the suspension of 
investigations into any further crimes which may have been committed by 
the first suspect ever taken into custody there. 

Rape Law Reform
Stabroek News - Georgetown,Guyana, 08 July 2006
It noted the low conviction rate; the fact that sexual violence crimes 
constitute the single largest category before the high court; 
underreporting of rape and ...

Kitty Fiddling Posters' Short-sighted
Stuff.co.nz - Wellington,New Zealand, 10 July 2006
An SPCA cat-neutering campaign has been described as shocking and 
offensive by an anti-sexual violence organisation. The 'de-Sex ...

Unintended Consequences of the So-called Marriage Amendment
The Free Lance-Star - Fredericksburg,VA,USA, 09 July 2006
... amendment. This is alarming to advocates for survivors of domestic 
violence--and for survivors of sexual violence within families. ...

Four More GIs Charged with Rape, Murder
The Washington Post,
Fifth Soldier in Iraq Accused of Dereliction of Duty for Failing to 
Report Incident

PAKISTAN: Over a Thousand Women Prisoners Freed Under Change in Law
ISLAMABAD, 10 Jul 2006 (IRIN)
Women prisoners in Pakistan freed under an amendment to a controversial 
Islamic law began to be released over the weekend.  President General 
Pervez Musharraf amended the law, which has been on the statute book 
since 1979, on Friday. The change means women convicted of adultery or 
sex outside marriage can be released on bail rather than having to serve 
prison sentences.

Aborigines to be Compelled to Give Evidence
The Australian - Sydney, Australia 11 July 2006
... the Australian Crime Commission to compel witnesses to give evidence 
as part of a push to end the scourge of substance abuse and sexual 
violence in indigenous ...

44% of Worlds Maternal Deaths from Unsafe Abortions Occur in Africa
Kaiser Network Daily Women's Health Policy Report, 10 July 2006
Forty-four percent of maternal deaths because of unsafe abortion 
worldwide occur in Africa, IPAS, an international sexual and 
reproductive health and rights organization, said Tuesday, 
Xhinua/People's Daily Online reports. More than four million women and 
girls in Africa undergo unsafe abortions annually, and about 34,000 of 
them die because of complications from the procedure, Ejike Oji, 
director of the IPAS country office in Nigeria, said.

Advocate Who Challenged Chinas One-Child Policy Faces Trial
Kaiser Network Daily Women's Health Policy Report, 10 July 2006
Chinese human rights advocate Chen Guangcheng on July 17 is scheduled to 
go to trial in Linyi, China, county court in the country's Shandong 
province, his attorney Li Jinsong said last week, Agence France-Presse 

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