[Svrilist] Request for reports, papers, publications: evaluation of SV projects and services

Liz Dartnall svri at mrc.ac.za
Thu Jul 13 08:29:44 SAST 2006

Dear colleague,
I'm writing given your work in the area of GBV and your familiarity with 
the literature, both peer-reviewed and unpublished (grey).   Recently, 
Ipas (global) was awarded a grant by the Sexual Violence Research 
Initiative (SVRI) to compile evaluation tools and methods for SV 
projects and services.  Together with Sandy Martin and Siobhan Young of 
the University of North Carolina (UNC), we're expanding a project 
initially funded by UNFPA to review projects that have evaluated the 
quality, cost, effectiveness (among other indicators) of health services 
for survivors of sexual violence in Latin America.


The current SVRI project expands the literature search to a global 
level; we want to compilate and comment on evaluation tools and methods 
for SV projects and services, more broadly. 


The aims of this project, as defined by the SVRI call for proposals, are 

   1. to undertake a review of programme evaluation tools and methods
      for sexual violence projects, which include commentary on their
      strengths and weaknesses;
   2. to develop a web page on key sexual violence programme evaluation
      methodologies and tools.  This will be integrated into the SVRI
      website currently managed by the South African Medical Research
      Council (http://www.svri.org/)

The main objective is to make such tools and methods readily accessible 
to managers, researchers, providers, and activists engaged in programs 
and services related to sexual violence so that they can more easily 
integrate evaluation into their work. 


If you have any citations or documents that you think could contribute 
to this effort, please send them to me at debbieb at ipas.org.mx 
<mailto:debbieb at ipas.org.mx> , with a copy to billingsd at ipas.org 
<mailto:billingsd at ipas.org> and sandra_martin at unc.edu 
<mailto:sandra_martin at unc.edu>. 


We aim to make all of the methodologies and tools available on the SVRI 
website (http://www.svri.org/) by the end of October 2006. 


Many thanks,



Deborah Billings, PhD

Senior Research Associate

Ipas www.ipas.org <http://www.ipas.org>

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