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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual 
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources 
to be included on the SVRI Updates or on the SVRI website, please email 
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Nigeria:  Stemming Child Abuse in Africa
AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA,  20 July 2006
... for measures to protect these children who are at risk of being 
killed, maimed, recruited in armed forces and groups, abducted and 
subject to sexual violence. ..

Police Forms for Rape Data Woefully Inadequate
Stabroek News - Georgetown,Guyana, 20 July 2006
The forms available at the Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Clinic for 
doctors to fill in whenever they see patients who are raped or sexually 
molested are inadequate as they really only cater for marks of violence, 
Dr Ruth Ramos said. Dr Ramos, a Cuban who has made Guyana her home and 
who been at the GUM Clinic for a number of years, said she sometimes 
feels helpless when she has to fill the form and there are no marks of 
violence on the patient.

HIV/AIDS and the Women Left Behind
Toronto Star 19 July 2006
Stephen Lewis will not go quietly. Nearing the end of his term, the UN 
Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa continues to advocate for women's 
equality. He will not consign women to the margins of a UN system that 
has repeatedly failed to fulfill its commitments.

Report Exposes Sexual Violence Against Women in Detention
Minivan News - Scottsdale,AZ,USA, 19 July 2006
Women in detention in the Maldives are routinely subjected to sexual 
assault by police and security services, according to a shocking report 
released this week.  The report by Tharamuni Wikekoon, a human rights 
researcher in Sri Lanka, documents the cases of five women who have been 
victims of sexual violence whilst in judicial care.

Economic and Social Council Holds Panel Discussion on Gender-Based 
Violence in Humanitarian Emergencies
ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland, 17 July 2006
The Economic and Social Council this morning held a panel discussion on 
the topic of gender-based violence in humanitarian emergencies, as it 
continued with its humanitarian segment.

Protecting Civilians in Darfur:  A briefing for effective peacekeeping
Amnesty International USA - USA, 19 July 2006
... A fully-fledged civilian police component within the peacekeeping 
force should monitor cases of sexual violence brought to the attention 
of the Sudanese police ...

PanAfrica:  Brussels Call to Action to Address Sexual Violence in 
Conflict and Beyond
AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 18 July 2006
... United Nations, met in Brussels from 21 to 23 June 2006 to 
strengthen our shared commitment and action to prevent and respond to 
sexual violence in conflict settings ...

IRIN Web Special,  "Hear Our Voices"
Louise (16), in a Caritas shelter in Kisangani: "I was raped when I was 

Arrests Bring Hope of End to Silent Aboriginal Suffering
The Australian - Sydney,Australia, 18 July 2006
... allow the Australian Crime Commission to compel witnesses to give 
evidence as part of a push to end the scourge of substance abuse and 
sexual violence in the ...

Marshalls Police Unable To Arrest Rape Suspect
SAIPAN, CNMI, Marianas Variety, July 17
The Marshall Islands High Court allowed a teenager accused of raping an 
expatriate teacher to be released from jail on bail following a hearing 
Friday here in Majuro. A 15-year-old Marshall Islander was charged in 
the High Court with first-degree sexual assault for the rape of an 
expatriate teacher last week in Majuro just days before she was to 
depart the country after teaching in this mid-Pacific nation for five 

A study in Sexual Violence
Guardian Unlimited - UK 14 July 2006
The British Board of Film Classification has commissioned a study by 
Aberystwyth University into audience responses to sexual violence in 
films. ...

The Hidden War on Women in Iraq
Mother Jones - San Francisco,CA,USA, 13 July 2006
... and US military police and civil affairs officers, Human Rights 
Watch released a report in July, 2003, titled Climate of Fear: Sexual 
Violence and Abduction of ...

Rape Affects Many Women
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA, 13 July 2006
... A culture of silence in reporting sexual violence is due to such 
factors as a lack of confidence in law enforcement and the fear of being 
stigmatized. ...

Tonga: Preventing Domestic Violence
Pacific Magazine, NewZAID, July 13, 2006
In Tonga, violence against women is now seen as an issue for concern, 
and this is largely due to the work and perseverance of the National 
Centre for Women and Children, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) 
established in 2000, which offers counselling and support services for 
victims and survivors of domestic violence.

New Strategy Aims to Help Victims of Sexual Exploitation Committed by UN 
UN News Service, 13 July 2006
As part of further efforts by the United Nations to enforce its "zero 
tolerance" policy for sexual exploitation and abuse, Secretary-General 
Kofi Annan has put forward a draft strategy on assistance and support to 
victims of such behaviour by UN staff and related personnel, including 
recommendations for medical care and child maintenance.

Domestic Violence Expert Speaks About Male Victims
NewsReleaseWire.com (press release) - USA, 12 July 2006
... The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence has published 
several studies about men as victims of domestic violence. The ...

Turkey Must get Tough on Violence Against Women - EU
Reuters, 10 July 2006
Turkey must do more to combat violence against women as part of its bid 
to join the European Union, the European Commission's representative in 
Ankara said on Monday. Some 58 percent of women in Turkey's less 
developed southeast say they have experienced violence within their 
families, according to a study by the Diyarbakir Women's Education and 
Counselling Centre.

<>Uganda - Girls Get Sanitary Kits
New Vision (Kampala), 9 July 2006
STATE minister for primary education Peter Lokeris on Friday launched a 
sanitary kits worth millions of shillings to be distributed to girls in 
northern and northeastern Uganda. "Management of menstruation is a 
challenge. It is one of the causes of high drop-out rates of girls 
because schools do not give adequate information and facilities to cater 
for the needs of the girls during menstruation.

Clash On Wealth After Divorce
The Nation (Nairobi) NEWS 7 July 2006
Divorced women should get half the family property because of their 
contribution in a marriage, a court heard. Yesterday, the Court of 
Appeal further heard that divorced women would continue to be deprived 
of matrimonial property unless Parliament repealed outdated laws 
governing family wealth distribution.

Haunted by Lost Honour: Released on bail, a man charged with rape 
returns home to threaten his victim.
Compass Direct 7 July 2006
Freed on bail, a Pakistani charged with raping Ribqa Masih has continued 
to threaten the young Christian woman who accused him of pressuring her 
to convert to Islam by violating her . "I'm afraid to go outside," said 
Masih before breaking into tears. "Mentally, I've been too disturbed to 
study." Masih had finished her high school examinations and was awaiting 
the results in September 2005 when wealthy Muslim neighbors in this town 
near Faisalabad kidnapped and raped her, she said.

West and Central African Nations Join Forces to End Child Trafficking
UNICEF, ABUJA, Nigeria, 7 July 2006
A multilateral accord against the trafficking of women and children was 
signed here yesterday, as UNICEF and its partners spearheaded a joint 
ministerial conference of 26 West and Central African countries, 
representatives of European governments, the International Labour 
Organization and the UN Office against Drugs and Crime.

India - Can Marriage be the Punishment for Rape?
City Supplements, Delhi Times, 4 July 2006
Few crimes can equal rape in heinousness and brutality. But the crime is 
compounded many times further when the accused offers to marry the 
victim to evade punishment. A case in point is a recent Chennai incident 
where a rapist escaped punishment by marrying the 25-year-old 
speech-impaired victim after reaching a compromise with her family.

Rights Cameroon:  Finally, a Law Against Female Genital Mutilation?
Inter Press Service News Agency,  29 June 2006
Recently, Cameroon's female legislators could be found under a tree in 
the garden of the country's parliament, listening to Hannah Kwenti: 17, 
the mother of a five-month-old baby girl -- and a victim of female 
genital mutilation (FGM).  "I come from Mamfé (in south-western 
Cameroon), where I was circumcised in January after the birth of Ruth," 
she told IPS. "My parents-in-law insisted on it, believing that if it 
was not done, I could one day be unfaithful to Peter (her husand)."  The 
procedure took place just three days after Kwenti had given birth.

Liberian Men and Women Unite to Fight Rape
UNFPA News, 21 June 2006
Twenty-one-year-old Aminata Keita remembers the exact moment when 
attackers broke into her home. The four men, armed with guns and knives, 
stormed the house at 3:35 on the morning of March 28, going from room to 
room gathering money and any other valuables they could find. After they 
were finished robbing the house, they took turns raping her and her 
20-year-old niece, Makula.  But Aminata decided to fight back. She and 
her niece went first to the hospital and then to the police. One of the 
attackers was subsequently caught and is in jail awaiting trial.

Bride Theft Rampant in Southern Georgia
GINSC.NET 15 June 2006
The ancient tradition of bride-stealing undergoes a revival despite 
tougher legislation and efforts by women's rights groups.  Maia was 
kidnapped by her future husband three times. She managed to escape 
twice, but the third time she just gave up and accepted her fate. Now, 
she says, "Gia is a remarkable husband. I'm happy to live with such a 
man." This is despite the fact that Gia and his friends forcibly 
abducted her, leaving her no option but to marry him.

Hidden Victims Of Multiple-Discrimination: Un Expert On Minority Issues 
Calls For 'Gender Lens' To Focus On Minority Women
Independent Expert on minority issues of the United Nations Commission 
on Human Rights, 7 March 2006
The Independent Expert on minority issues of the United Nations 
Commission on Human Rights, Gay McDougall, has stated that new and 
urgent attention must be given to the rights of women facing multiple 
forms of discrimination, exclusion and violence

Crop Monthly Media Scan
The Coalition for Removal of Pimping (CROP) has released a Monthly Media 
Scan.  It contains extracts of news items in different news papers on a 
monthly basis. This is aimed to give a quick glance of the happenings 
around the issue of sexual exploitation.  To receive a copy of the 
Monthly Media Scan, please write to CROP at crop at inbox.com 
<mailto:crop at inbox.com>

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