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<>Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is the SVRI Update which contains a variety of sexual violence 
related research and resources. Please email svri at mrc.ac.za 
<mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za> if you would like us to include relevant sexual 
violence resources and materials in the SVRI Updates. For more 
information and resources on sexual violence and the SVRI visit 
www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org>.

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking: A Briefing Handbook, By Monica 
O'Connor & Grainne Healy (2006): Available online at:  

<>Brussels Call to Action to Address Sexual Violence in Conflict and 
Beyond.  (Jun 2006),  [Source:  Sorcha Mc Kenna, Transitional Justice 
Institute],  Online link: 

Using Gender Research in Development, By Quisumbing, A.R.; McClafferty, 
B.  International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) (2006).  "This 
practitioners' guide aims to bridge the gap between research and 
practice.  The guide offers a non-technical presentation of research 
findings from IFPRI's multi-country research programme on gender and 
intra-household issues, along with implications and key questions for 
integrating gender research findings into project cycle and policy 
decision-making processes.  [Source:  Eldis Development Reporter].  
Available online at: http://www.eldis.org/cf/rdr/rdr.cfm?doc=DOC22309

People Trafficking: Upholding Rights and Understanding Vulnerabilities,  
By Couldrey, M.; Morris, T. (eds.),  Forced Migration Review (2006).  
"This edition of the Forced Migration Review covers many aspects of the 
vulnerabilities of the victims of forced migration.  This issue looks 
not only at the struggles of refugees and internally displaced people, 
but also victims of human trafficking." [Source:  Eldis Gender 
Reporter].  Available online at:  

Family Planning Vis-A-Vis Gender Relations and Its Impact on Peace 
Building,  Soh, M.,  Produced by: Eldis Document Store (2006),  "This 
paper explores Cameroon's family planning policy and questions whether 
the policy affects gender relations vis-a-vis peace building; the case 
of Njindom married men. The overarching question is: do Njindom men as 
patriarchs exclude their wives from reproductive decision-making 
process?" [Source: Eldis Gender Reporter]  Available online at: 

Beyond Victimhood: Women's Peacebuilding In Sudan, Congo and Uganda, By 
International Crisis Group, (ICG) (2006).  "This report addresses the 
importance of ensuring the inclusion of women in peacebuilding in Sudan, 
Congo (DRC), and Uganda. The report points out that one of the main 
hindrances to women's inclusion is the discrimination and violence that 
women face in armed conflict. [Source:  Eldis Gender Reporter].  
Available online at:  http://www.eldis.org/cf/rdr/rdr.cfm?doc=DOC22409

Integrated Client Service for Victims of Violence Against Women The 
Results of a Pilot Programme. Policy Recommendations for Successful 
Prevention and Treatment of Domestic Violence.  By Júlia Spronz & Judit 
Wirth,  "This publication summarises the lessons learned from a special 
support service for victims of domestic violence and, on a broader 
scale, for victims of violence against women.  [Source:  WUNRN] Report 
available online at:  

Right to Education During Displacement:  A resource for organisations 
working with refugees and internally displaced persons.  By Women's 
Commission for Refugee Women and Children (July 2006).  Available on 
line at:  http://www.womenscommission.org/pdf/right_to_ed.pdf

Peer Education Manual "Human Trafficking - Our Response" by ASTRA (2006) 
Produced by Danish Red Cross, the Red Cross of Norway and the Ministry 
of Foreign Affairs of Norway, Available on line at:  

Incorporating Gender into your NGO, By Nicolien Wassenaar (2006) "This 
manual explains the basic concepts and definitions on gender, followed 
by 'what to do and how to do it', both within and outside your 
organization, in order to scan all aspects with a gender sensitive eye.  
The separate checklist "Gender Issues in the Project Cycle" is designed 
to be used in conjunction with the manual."  Available on line at: 

Sexual Violence Prevention: Beginning the Dialogue (2004) This resource 
published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses 
sexual violence as a serious public health problem with extensive short- 
and long-term health consequences. It identifies concepts and strategies 
that may be used as a foundation for planning, implementing, and 
evaluating sexual violence prevention activities.  Online link - 

Call for Applications: The Africa Regional Sexuality Resource Centre 
(ARSRC) in collaboration with The International Islamic Centre for 
Population Studies and Research, Al Azhar University, Cairo Egypt, is 
pleased to announce the third edition of its annual Sexuality Institute 
course to be held in Egypt from 17-24 November 2006.  The theme is: 
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights within Marriage.   For more 
information visit www.iicpsr-alazhar.org <http://www.iicpsr-alazhar.org> 
or www.arsrc.org <http://www.arsrc.org>).   Deadline for the Receipt of 
Applications:  20th August 2006.

FUNDING ALERT,  Vol. 1 No. 18, June 21, 2006, National Resource Center 
on Domestic Violence and National Sexual Violence Resource Center's:  
FUNDING ALERT provides a synopsis of the available funding that can be 
used by individuals and/or agencies working to end domestic violence and 
sexual assault.  It can be accessed at: 
http://www.vawnet.org/Funding/FundingAlert-V1N18.pdf.   If you did not 
receive this FUNDING ALERT directly and would like to be added to our 
e-mail list, please send your e-mail address to FUNDINGALERT at PCADV.ORG 
<mailto:FUNDINGALERT at PCADV.ORG> with Funding Alert in the subject line.

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