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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual 
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources 
to be included on the SVRI Updates or on the SVRI website, please email 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For additional resources and 
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*Study: Sex crimes in prisons underreported
*Jackson News-Tribune - Jackson,WY,USA, 30 July 2006
... "Administrative records alone cannot provide reliable estimates of 
sexual violence," wrote Allen J. Beck and Paige M. Harrison of the 
Bureau of Justice ...

*Benin Bans Sexual Harassment
*WeNews Correspondents, By Amusa and Moawad, 29 July 2006
The Republic of Benin's National Assembly voted July 17 to pass the 
country's first comprehensive sexual harassment legislation aimed at 
protecting girls and women in schools, workplaces and in homes, 
according to the Women's Rights Initiative, a program of the U.S. Agency 
for International Development.

*Kenya: Campaign to stop violence against children
*IRIN, Nairobi, 27 July 2006
Child abuse in Kenya had reached unacceptable levels, with sexual abuse 
being "especially shocking", the UN said on Thursday at the launch of a 
national campaign to end violence against children. The UN Children's 
Fund (UNICEF) said 89 percent of rapes of children were committed by 
family members or close family friends.
http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=54844 ]

*Reforms to Protect Aged from Physical, Sexual Violence
*ABC Online – Australia, 26 July 2006
... Well, tonight, the Minister for Ageing has announced wide-ranging 
reforms designed to protect older people from physical and sexual 
violence. ...

*Gender and Mental Health
*Jamaica Gleaner - Kingston,Jamaica, 26 July 2006
Women also experience higher rates of trauma-related illnesses such as 
sexual violence, rape, sexual abuse and intimate partner violence, all 
of which may lead ...

*Child rapists walk free for a few dollars
*IRIN, MONROVIA, 25 Jul 2006
Alleged child rapists are paying their way out of jail while court 
officials and police officers demand bribes and kickbacks from the 
families of child rape victims who want to see their attackers arrested 
and prosecuted, according to a UN report.

*USA** Legislation Backs Crack Down on Child Predators
*Reuters, By Joanne Kenen, 25 July 2006
The U.S. House of Representatives gave final approval on Tuesday to 
bipartisan legislation cracking down on sexual predators and child 
abuse. The Senate approved the bill last week and sponsors expect 
President George W. Bush to sign it on Thursday, the 25th anniversary of 
the murder of six-year old Adam Walsh, for whom the bill is named.

*Peruvian President Vows to Address Violence Against Women
*All Headline News – USA, 25 July 2006
... The study found that more than 300 women have been killed by men 
committing sexual violence in Peru since 2003, even in cases when 
victims asked for police ...

*U.N.: More Than 250,000 Child Soldiers Serve Around the World
*Fox News 25 July 2006
"Over 250,000 child soldiers are still participating in armed conflicts 
around the world and tens of thousands of girls are being sexually 
exploited by combatants, a senior U.N. <javascript:siteSearch('U.N.');> 
official said."

*Children Bear Brunt of War Violence in War-Ravanged Congo, says UNICEF 
*Canada.com - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada, 24 July 2006
... Congolese rape and sexual assault victims number in the hundreds of 
thousands - epidemic proportions because of combatant groups deploying 
sexual violence as a ...

*Security Council Reiterates Commitment to Address Impact of Armed CO
*ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland, 24 july 2006
... Tens of thousands of girls were subjected to rape and other forms of 
sexual violence. Abduction of children was becoming more systematic and 
widespread. ...

*Feature: Peru confronts escalating violence against women
*Reuters AlertNet - London,England,UK, 24 July 2006
... Sexual violence against women in Peru is now so bad that Peru's 
President-elect Alan Garcia, who takes office on Friday, made it one of 
his central campaign ...

*Groups plan attack on Amnesty Proposal
*Seattle Post Intelligencer – USA, 24 July 2006
... from religious groups outraged by a proposal that would expand 
Amnesty's mandate to include supporting access to abortion in cases such 
as sexual violence. ...

*The Realities of the Lives of Women and Girls in Afghanistan Today
*The Times of India (Calcutta), June 24, 2006
In an exclusive with Amrita Mukherjee, Mehmooda, a member of the 
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA), gets 
candid about the present situation of women in her country

*Peru Confronts Escalating Violence Against Women
*LIMA, Peru (Reuters), Monday, July 24, 2006
Marlin Mata has awakened from a coma she suffered after throwing herself 
from a moving bus to escape two men trying to rape her, but Peru is 
still deep in the nightmare of spiraling violence against women. More 
than half of all Peruvian women over the age of 15 say they have 
suffered sexual or physical violence by men during their lifetime -- one 
of the world's highest rates.

*Iran Sentenced Girl Hanged from a Crane – Aged 16
*The Mirror, UK, 23 July 2006
IRAN - It was exactly 6am and the start of another blisteringly hot 
summer day when 16-year-old Atefeh Rajabi was dragged from her prison 
cell and taken to be executed. Every step of the way the troubled 
teenager plagued by mental problems shouted "repentance, repentance" as 
the militiamen marched her to the town's Railway Square.

*Child sex tourism
*RenewAmerica analyst, July 21, 2006
Child Sex Tourism [CST] entails tourists, mostly men, engaged in sex 
trafficking by purposely traveling to known sex destinations, seeking 
anonymity in pornography or prostitution, or engaging in pederasty with 
young children and homosexuality with young and older adults. These 
sexual offenders come from all different cultures and socio-economic 
levels, many holding positions of government and religious leadership, 
faithfulness, and trust.

*'60% Kumi Girls Marry Early'
*New Vision (Kampala) NEWS July 19, 2006
SIXTY percent of girls in Uganda's Kumi District drop out of school 
between the ages of 12 and 15 years due to cultural norms. District 
health educator Augustine Otella said most girls were married off at 
tender ages due to the need to get dowry to look after the family.

*Bulgarian Mothers Tricked Into Selling Babies
*By Elinda Labropoulou and Richard Galpin, 18 July 2006
…..The European baby-trafficking industry is booming. Every year, 
hundreds of women are duped into making the desperate journey from 
Bulgaria to Greece hoping to earn money for a better life. Alexander was 
just one member of a notorious criminal gang that makes its money from 
trafficking pregnant women and selling their babies on for up to €20,000 
on the black market.

*Peru: Poorest Women and Children are Let Down by Discriminatory Health 
*AI Index: AMR 46/017/2006 (Public), News Service No: 168, 11 July 2006
(Lima) In a new report published today, Amnesty International revealed 
that in Peru, discriminatory maternity and infant health services are 
letting hundreds of impoverished women and children die every year and 
denying many of them the right to an identity.

*Zero Tolerance for Rape in Congo
*European Women’s Lobby, 7 July 2006
As the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) prepares for its first 
elections in 40 years next month, instability is on the rise in the 
volatile east of the country and the EU mission has a duty to protect 
women against all forms of abuse.

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