[Svrilist] Strengthening sexual violence advocacy initiatives through research

Liz Dartnall svri at mrc.ac.za
Mon Jun 5 09:06:35 SAST 2006

Strengthening sexual violence advocacy initiatives through research

<>Research on sexual violence has been used powerfully in advocacy 
campaigns.  During the recent rape trial of the former Deputy President 
of South Africa, a Johannesburg based NGO, POWA launched the '1 in 9' 
campaign.  This used a research statistic to draw attention to the large 
discrepancy between rate of rape found in surveys and that of reports to 
police ie less that one in nine rapes are reported.  Research can be a 
key tool in sexual violence advocacy and research findings have been 
used in many different ways. 

<>We need to know how to best present our research findings to ensure 
the people who can make a difference take notice.  How can we spur them 
into action?  What do law-makers, policy makers, planners, NGOs want to 
know?  Which messages are most compelling at a community level?  Which 
messages work and which don't and why?  <>

The purpose of this discussion topic is to explore with SVRI list 
members ways you have used research as an advocacy tool and what have 
been the lessons from this.

More specifically:

<>*  How do we channel our passion into effective advocacy?

*  How do we use our research findings as advocacy tools?

*  What do we need to know to be informed advocates for ending sexual 

*  What are some of the more effective lobbying techniques?

*  What has worked, in what settings and why?

*  What are some of the more compelling research based messages?

*  What research and resources have you used to develop your advocacy 

<>We look forward to hearing from you regarding your experiences, 
available resources and views on using research to advocate for an end 
to sexual violence.  The information obtained through this discussion 
will be used to inform the development of an advocacy page on the SVRI 
website.  This discussion will run for a month. 
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