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Sexual Violence in the News: 
To follow is a list of recent news articles on sexual violence from 
various newspapers around the globe.

1.  Iran: Islamists Use Sexual Violence To Silence Critics
Kurdish Aspect - Denver,CO,USA
A report in today's Sunday Telegraph describes the ordeal which one 
woman pro-democracy campaigner dissident was subjected to.

2. Violence in Indigenous Communities
The Guardian (Australia) - Australia
Aboriginal leaders are calling for calm amid intense national focus on 
horrific stories of violence -- specifically sexual violence in central 

3. Amnesty Concerned Over Recent Rape Law Cases
Amnesty Ireland
... In the current circumstances, government needs to be particularly 
vigilant about the rigorous prosecution of persons accused of sexual 
violence against children

4.  Female Genital Cutting Leads to Childbirth Complications
New study shows female genital mutilation exposes women and babies to 
significant risk at childbirth. 

5.  UNH Study says among college students, more women abuse partners
Boston Globe - United States
.Young women are more likely than young men to be violent toward someone 
they are dating, according to a University of New Hampshire professor.

6.  Harm Children No More by Yvonne Chaka Chaka
The Swazi Observer - Mbabane,Swaziland
... Adolescent girls in general are more likely to be victims of sexual 
violence and the perpetrators are usually male teachers.  ...

7.  Hong Kong:  Radio host apologise over insult to women
Asia Pacific Media Network - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Eleven women's rights groups lodge complaints, force two top radio show 
hosts to apologize for Internet poll

8.  Women, Conflict and UN Resolution 1325
Nepalnews.com - Kathmandu,Nepal
As research on armed conflict shows, women and girls suffer differently 
than men, and this gendered nature of war is not hidden from sight in Nepal.

9.  Crimes Against Children Rise in Pakistan
OhmyNews International - South Korea
More than 4,000 children in Pakistan were murdered during the past six 
years, according to a report released last week by Madadgaar 
<http://www.lhrla.sdnpk.org>, a non-government organization working to 
protect children, that elaborates on the state of children in Pakistan.

10. Guatemala Pressed to Investigate Surge in Killings
Women's eNews - New York,NY,USA
A U.S delegation is traveling to Guatemala this summer to raise 
awareness of the murders of 2,000 women since 2001. Rights advocates 
draw parallels to the widespread killings of women in Juarez, Mexico.

11. Rape Eroding Gains in AIDS Fight say experts
Standard - Nairobi,Kenya
Health experts have warned that sexual violence against women is 
retarding the fight against HIV/Aids.

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