[Svrilist] Sexual Violence Research Initiative: Reports and News

Liz Dartnall svri at mrc.ac.za
Fri Jun 23 08:48:48 SAST 2006

Four items:

1.  Reports from The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW): 
    1.1 Programme to look at links between women's property rights and 
HIV/AIDS:  ICRW, in partnership with the Global Coalition on Women and 
AIDS (GCWA/UNAIDS) and the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 
is implementing a new program that awards one-year grants to eight 
organizations in sub-Saharan Africa to examine and document links 
between HIV/AIDS and the absence of women's and girls' property and 
inheritance rights.  For more information visit http://www.icrw.org
    1.2  Gender Gap:  When sons are prized over daughters:    ICRW 
researchers are asking important questions about son preference and 
daughter neglect in India.  At a recent consultation, policy-makers and 
experts in the field met in New Delhi to discuss the implications of son 
preference on the health and care of girls who are born and survive 
infancy, and to identify knowledge gaps where further research is 
necessary.   Details available on line at:  

2.  New UNFPA Report: Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls in War and 
its Aftermath: Realities, Response and Required Responses, Available on 
line at:  http://www.unfpa.org/emergencies/symposium06/background.htm

3.  New Publication - Institute for Security Studies: Monograph no. 
123:  Getting to Grips with Trafficking. Reflections on Human 
Trafficking Research in South Africa. Online link:  

4. New Post:  Gender Issues Officer, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat,  
Closing date 28 July 2006, For more information email 
jobs at forumsex.org.fi or visit www.forumsec.org.fi

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