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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is a list of various newspaper articles and other stories on 
sexual violence from across the globe.

46% of Kenyan women sexually abused.  
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation - Nairobi, Kenya
... UNICEF Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Per Engebak 
says 46% of women in Kenya experience sexual violence in childhood while 
one out of four ...

UNICEF Worried about Rape in Darfur, 
Prensa Latina - Havana,Cuba
... UNICEF executive director Ann Veneman said it "is difficult to 
imagine a form of violence more harmful than the sexual violence", which 
is worse when it is ...

In times of need, 
Norman Transcript - Norman,OK,USA
... "Rape and sexual violence are not sex crimes, they are about power. 
... People need to understand just how traumatic sexual assault and 
domestic violence is. ...

PanAfrica:  Launch of Joint UN-Civil Society Partnership Against,, 
AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 19 June
United Nations organizations and civil society groups today announced a 
Joint Partnership to tackle sexual violence in conflict and crisis 
situations around ..

SF: Government dragging its feet on issue sexual 
Ireland Online - Dublin,Ireland, 20 June
.......Sinn Féin justice spokesperson Aengus Ó Snodaigh has accusing the 
Government of dragging its feet on the issue of sexual violence. ...

Gender Based Violence Galvanised Warlords' Foes, 
Washington Post Foreign Service, Sunday, 18 June
....Somali Women Gave Crucial Support for Islamic Militias

Muslim Woman in Belgium Sacked for Wearing Head Scarf, 
IRNA, 17th June
......The Belgian security firm, Group 4 Securicor, has sacked one of 
its workers: a female receptionist who insisted on wearing the head scarf.

Finnish Lawmakers Pass Law Criminalising Purchasing of Sex, 

NewsRoom Finland, 21st June
.........Finland's Parliament on Wednesday enacted into law a bill that 
will make the purchasing of sexual services a crime in circumstances 
involving procuring or trade in human beings. A proposal to reject the 
bill was voted down 158-15 with four MPs abstaining.

Sexual slavery reported in Indigenous community, 
ABC Message Stick - Sydney,Australia, 21st June
... And how other men in the community, many with convictions for 
violent crime, made it difficult for people to expose the sexual 
violence, the drug trade and the ...

Global Effort Needed Against Rape in War Zones: UN, 
Reuters, 21st June
.........A global effort is needed to tackle rape and other sexual 
violence in war zones, the United Nations said on Wednesday, calling 
responses to a worsening problem with tens of thousands of victims 
"grossly inadequate."

Sexual violence against boys on the rise, 
Standard - Nairobi,Kenya, 25th June
... Defined as a forceful sexual act on a male by another male, sodomy 
is the lead form of sexual violence. There has been an increase ...

Iraqis Push to Prosecute Rape in War Crime Trials, 
WeNews 26th June
Women are lobbying the Iraqi tribunal--the court trying the war crimes 
of Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime--to prosecute crimes against women. 
Iraqi women involved in the effort are concealing their identities out 
of fear of retribution

Flushing Public Gender Violence Out of the Shadows, 
IPS News, 22nd June
..........as women grow increasingly fearful of their safety, their 
movement in the cities of South America has become ever more restricted...

NGO Lambastes Sexual Violence by Armymen in Eastern DR Congo, 
ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland
... have been reported in the first five months of this year in the 
eastern DRC, according to the Provincial Synergy of fighting against 
sexual violence in the ...

Sri Lankan Ministry: Survey Reveals Statistics on Violence Against 
Women, http://southasia.oneworld.net/article/view/135416/1/
One World South Asia, 19 June
...60% of women throughout Sri Lanka are victimised by domestic violence 
and 44% of pregnant women are also subjected to harassment, as revealed 
by a recent survey by the Ministry of Child Development and Women's 

Statistics Show Drop In U.S. Rape Cases, Many Say Crime Is Still Often 
Washington Post, 19 June
..The number of rapes per capita in the United States has plunged by 
more than 5 percent since the 1970s, and reported rape fell last year 
even while other violent offenses increased, according to federal crime 

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