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Subject: New discussion list focusing on health research for development
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New discussion list focusing on health research for development

The Global Forum for Health Research and INASP announce the launch on
Monday 22 May of HR4D-net - a new discussion forum that will serve as a
platform for debate on health research for development.

HR4D-net will begin with a worldwide discussion on next week's potentially
heated debate on R&D at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. Below is a
first posting from the moderator of HR4D-net, Robert Walgate, the editor
of RealHealthNews. For further details, see the news story on our website

Sign up for the discussion at http://www.dgroups.org/groups/HR4D-net/.


A new global framework for health research?

During WHO's World Health Assembly in Geneva next week, health ministers
are set to debate a draft proposal for a new "Global Framework" on health

What do you think? Is there need for such a framework? Does the global
health R&D system need overhaul? If so why, to what, and on what evidence?
Let HR4D-net know what you think, and let's debate.

The proposal comes from Kenya and Brazil, backed by several other nations,
through the WHO Executive Board. It was inspired by long-standing
proposals for a global health research treaty by Jamie Love, Director,
Consumer Project on Technology. Love seeks a transformation in government
funding for health research and product development, and in the public and
private R&D process and management, so it will better match real health
needs, North and South - and be cheaper.

In an article in
RealHealthNews in March - "WHO to debate global R&D framework" -  Love
complains about the "square brackets" now littering the Kenya/Brazil
proposal, after passing through the Executive Board.

He wrote ".the original version of the resolution touched on a number of
different aspects of the global system for supporting medical R&D,
including topics such as the equitable sharing of the costs of R&D; the
need for better priority setting ("needs-driven R&D"); the importance of
both access and innovation, including follow-on innovation; various
problems concerning intellectual property rights and trade agreements; and
the promise of new 'open models' for the development of medical science."

"The 1 200 word version of the resolution that emerged from the WHO EB
(EB117.R13) contained most but not all of the original ideas, but also a
number of proposed modifications, including several that would weaken or
change the direction of the resolution" writes Love. "There are now 32
areas where the text of the resolution is bracketed, including even the
words "Global Framework" in the title, indicating divisions among the WHO
EB members on the most important issues. The existence of so many areas of
disagreement raises questions about the degree to which the WHA members -
the world's governments, represented by their ministers of health - can
reach consensus on the proposal at all" he says.

So now have your say - are the proposals good or bad? What would you like
to see happen at the WHA?

Robert Walgate


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