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I'd like to share the work that we're (Ipas in collaboration with colleagues 
at the University of NC, Chapel Hill) conducting for a UNFPA-funded project 
on evaluating services for sexual violence victims/survivors.  It consists 

1. Literature review on Health Care Based Interventions for Women who have 
Experienced Sexual Violence.  We used a Data Abstraction Form to review the 
selected publications, along with a Data Abstraction Form Key that helped to 
define each of the concepts considered in the review process.  The Data 
Abstraction Form collected six types of information, including information 
concerning: (i) the location of the study and the eligibility criteria; (ii) 
the study design and sample; (iii) the intervention examined; (iv) the 
measures and indicators used in the study; (v) the study results; and (vi) 
aspects of study quality.

2. From the literature, we developed a list of measures/indicators that were 
used in the evaluations, grouped into the following categories:  Health - 
these focus on physical health, mental/psychological health, and coping 
mechanisms used in response to sexual assault; Knowledge - these focus on 
health care provider knowledge concerning sexual assault and/or how to care 
for patients who have been sexually assaulted; Attitudes - these focus 
health care providers' attitudes concerning sexual assault, patient 
attributions concerning the sexual assault that they experienced, patient 
satisfaction with care that they received, and personal and community 
beliefs concerning sexual assault; Behaviors - these focus on various 
behavioral aspects related to sexual assault events, such as the use of 
force or weapons during the assault, the relationship of the perpetrator to 
the victim, substance use by the perpetrator and victim before the assault, 
the duration of time between the assault and care seeking, disclosure 
concerning the assault, etc.;  Service Delivery - these focus on health care 
service delivery and health care provider practices; and Other 
Measures/Indicators - these include other measures/indicators of interest.

The data abstraction forms and indicators will be available within a month 
as an Ipas/UNC publication on-line.

The literature review has been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for 
possible publication.

In the second phase of the project, we have developed a set of accessible 
tools (questionnaires, checklists and data abstraction forms) that we'll use 
to evaluate services, norms, and policies related to services (mainly in the 
health sector) for SV victims/survivors in four Latin American countries. 
The tools are linked to a set of basic indicators that were developed in 
collaboration with colleagues throughout the region.

We'd be very pleased to share the tools, list of indicators and any other 
information we've gathered to date with the researcher who will undertake 
the project described below.  See also an annotated bibliography that we 
compiled at Ipas: 

For more information, please contact me:

Debbie Billings, PhD
Senior Associate, R&E
Ipas/ Ipas Mexico
debbieb at ipas.org.mx
billingsd at ipas.org

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Subject: [Svrilist] Call for Proposals: Review of Programme Evaluation 
Toolsand Methods

Terms of Reference:  Review of Programme Evaluation Tools and Methods for
Sexual Violence Projects and Services

Sexual violence has long been neglected both as a public health problem
and a violation of human rights.  As a result, basic surveillance, risk
factor data and programme evaluations are lacking in many parts of the
world. There is a need to review and assess sexual violence projects and
services globally, to see what has been useful and what can be
strengthened.  Quality evaluations are instrumental in helping us to do
this, and in ensuring policy makers see them as important policy options.
The purpose of this project is to facilitate evaluations of sexual
violence projects and programmes by providing service providers, project
managers, researchers, policy makers, activists, donors and others with a
review of current tools and methods, their strengths and limitations and
to make them accessible through the SVRI website.

Project Goal
The purpose of this project therefore is twofold:  to undertake a review
of programme evaluation tools and methods for sexual violence projects,
and to develop a web page on key sexual violence programme evaluation
methodologies and tools.

Scope of Work
This project should include the following:
. Identification and analysis of sexual violence project / service
evaluations undertaken globally;
. 300 word case studies of these sexual violence projects/services
including their goals, settings, target groups, how the evaluation was
done and what it found
. Account of each tool and method used in these evaluations
. Overview of currently available evaluation tools/methods, which includes
concrete recommendations for future evaluations based on a synthesis of
experiences from sexual violence projects/services evaluations identified
through this project;
. Work with SVRI secretariat to develop a web-page for programme
evaluation tools for sexual violence projects and services

Expected Project Deliverables
. A description of each evaluation including their goals, settings, target
groups, how the evaluation was done, tools and methods used and what it
. A comprehensive collection and summary of evaluation tools/methods that
have been used for sexual violence project/services currently available
internationally, with links to sites where tools can be downloaded and/or
in electronic format (*.pdf files)
. Synthesis of currently available tools/methods, with concrete
recommendations for future evaluations based on a synthesis of experiences
from sexual violence project/services evaluations
. SVRI web page on evaluation tools / methods for sexual violence projects
and services

Period of Contract and Project Funding
The period of the contract is four months from 1 July 2006 to 31 October
2006.  A total amount of $US15,000 is available for this work.

Please submit full proposals in electronic format, along with CVs and a
detailed budget to the SVRI secretariat by Friday 2nd June to
svri at mrc.ac.za.  For further information please contact Liz Dartnall at
svri at mrc.ac.za.

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