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Dear Sorcha,
In addition to what was suggested below, I would also recommend that
you look at two documents providing recommendations on addressing
ethical issues in conducting research in intimate partner violence, and
on trafficking of women. 
Although you will not be aiming to directly interview women who have
experienced violence, the issues discussed may be useful in helping you
think through how to respond if someone that you interview does disclose
Good luck,
Charlotte Watts
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I would recommend looking into Rebecca Campbell's excellent work on the
impact of researching rape on the researcher (Emotionally Involved: the
Impact of Researching Rape) and secondary victimization of victims
instigated by care-providers and others.  Her innovative research
employs an ecological model which situates the phenomenon of rape within
multiple and concentric contexts of response.  Her work is highly
informative-- theoretically and in practice--for the novice researcher
as well as to those have made it part of their life's work. 
Best wishes for pursuing your important work--seeking, speaking,
documenting truth to power. 
Heather Karjane 
svrilist at mrc.ac.za wrote: Dear all, 
I am in the process of designing empirical methodology for my doctoral
thesis which will involve a 4wk stay in Bosnia. I am evaluating
international legal protections from sexual violence during armed
I am intending to interview key professionals from therepeutic,
medical, social work, NGO and legal backgrounds. 
I am acutely aware that given the widespread nature of sexual violence
that some of those professionals working with victims may themselves
have been victimised. 
I have worked with victims of sexual violence in the past but not in a
research capacity. 
Whilst the thesis does not rely on input from victims, (in fact my
supervisors were adamnent that such a project wouldn't receive ethical
approval at PhD level) I recognise that such input would inrich the
I was hoping that some of you might share your experiences of having
conducted similar research and provide guidance in the design of
suitable ethically sound methodology. 
I look forward to hearing  from you soon. 
Many thanks, 
Sorcha Mc Kenna, B.A. (Hons), LLM 
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