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Call for Submissions and Information for Contributors

The Family Violence Prevention and Health Practice a multidisciplinary
on-line publication is now Soliciting Papers on Health Disparities and
Violence Prevention for the upcoming issue of The Family Violence
Prevention and Health Practice ejournal, we are now soliciting brief
reports and feature articles that investigate the intersection between
violence prevention initiatives and efforts aimed at reducing health
disparities among poor people, minorities and other underserved people.

In particular, we'd like to highlight model programs that combine violence
prevention with health disparity initiatives and research that explore the
burden of violence and chronic health problems among underserved adults
and children. It will be helpful to emphasize what contributes to these
disparities and what strategies can be used to identify, manage and
prevent violence and co-occurring chronic health issues in culturally
effective ways.

To submit a program brief report, please provide:

An electronic copy of a description of the program that includes
goals/objectives, services provided, target population(s), funding
sources, synopsis of any data, evaluation, and/or research from the
program. (If evaluation findings are available for your program, please
include a description of the evaluation design, outcome measures, and

Contact information: name, title, phone number, and e-mail address
Full length articles submitting original data should be organized by
standard scientific sections and subheadings as follows: Introduction,
Methods, Results, and Discussion. Reviews and other types of articles
where these headings may not be appropriate should use descriptive

For further information about submitting manuscripts, contact Julie
Varghese at Julie at endabuse.org.
(Source:  http://endabuse.org/health/ejournal/submissions/)

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