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Women's Worlds Congress 2008 - Spain

Website: http://www.mmww08.org/
E-Mail: mainoffice at mmww08.org
10th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women

Mundos de Mujeres / Women´s Worlds 2008

UCM, Madrid, Spain

Women´s Worlds is the most important congress on academic research on gender
and women and feminist social movements. It is a major international event
with a main goal: to continue the fight against social injustice and gender
inequalities. Feminist researchers, specialists, activists and
internationally known public figures will use this opportunity to reflect on
important contemporary issues that affect women in specific ways. The
University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) was elected in Seoul (WW05) to be the
home for the 2008 congress edition. Thus, Madrid, the UCM, will welcome
thousands of people from around the Globe and from more than a hundred
countries for the 10th edition of the International Interdisciplinary
Congress on Women.  July 3-9, 2008 is the date for the celebration of the
first entirely bilingual edition (Spanish / English) of this congress:
Mundos de Mujeres / Women´s Worlds 2008.

Ever since the congress first edition in Haifa, Israel, in 1981, it has
reunited over 40.000 people from around the World. Every three years Women´s
Worlds goes to a new country and a different continent: the Netherlands,
Ireland, United States, Costa Rica, Australia, Norway, Uganda and South
Korea, congregating more and more participants in every edition and having a
greater social and academic impact. We are proud to be the organizers of the
2008 edition. The UCM organizers of the 10th edition of WW want to encourage
a large participation and fair representation of the Spanish speaking people
in the World. We also want to honour the congress long international

Mundos de Mujeres / Women´s Worlds 2008 will have a great repercussion in
the history of our country. It will be one of the most important events of
the year with a great impact beyond our society. The butterfly is the symbol
for MMWW08; it is the symbol of our contribution to honour the achievements
of so many brave women and to express our committement to continue fighting
for freedom of all women and further expanding feminist agendas in the


MOTTO:  Equality: No Utopia

THEME:  New Frontiers: Dares and Advancements

Mundos de Mujeres / Women´s Worlds 2008 is open to proposals in ALL fields
and themes related to women and gender in contemporary societies as well as
historically. However, we have established some thematic guidelines to
facilitate classification of proposals for the congress final program. We
are placing a special emphasis on two central themes: violence and
migrations but these themes are by no means the only ones to be addressed.
MMWW08 organizers will like to receive a wide variety of proposals in ALL
fields of knowledge and working areas.

The experience of dislocation whether physical or conceptual / symbolic
affects women in specific ways. We have chosen three concepts to encompass
the general theme of the congress: frontiers, dares and advancements, in
order to address a wide range of themes, issues and disciplines that ought
to be taken into account for a better understanding of the present World. On
the one hand, the congress theme refers to physical dislocations as having
to do with migration, illegal traffic of women for sexual exploitation and
slavery, cheap labour, racism, xenophobia and all forms of physical violence
against women and those who are "in transit". On the other hand, it refers
to imaginary and conceptual forms of dislocations and frontiers as having to
do with survival mechanisms that women in extreme situations develop, many
forms of conceptual dislocation and imaginary borders, "other worlds", the
Internet and scientific revolutions that we are experiencing in the 21st
century, new venues and ties among people who are fighting for gender
equality and social justice around the World, new time/space frames, new
feminist theoretical proposals, etc.

MMWW08 will be the ground for a deep and constructive analysis and an
optimistic outlook at all the issues that affect women and feminist
enterprises today. 

WHAT:  10th International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, Mundos de
Mujeres / Women´s Worlds 2008 (MMWW08).

WHERE:  University Complutense of Madrid, (UCM-Main Campus at Moncloa)

WHEN:  July 3-9, 2008

ORGANIZERS:  University Complutense of Madrid

CONTACT:   Mundos de Mujeres / Women´s Worlds

Av. Juan de Herrera s/n
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Phones: +34 91 3941027
+34 91 1171
Fax:       +34 91 3941171
E-mail: mainoffice at mmww08.org
Congress General Coordinator
Teresa Langle de Paz
tlangledepaz at rect.ucm.es
WEB SITE:    www.mmww08.org

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