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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual 
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources 
to be included on the SVRI Updates or on the SVRI website, please email 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For additional resources and 
information on sexual violence, visit us at www.svri.org 

*Sexual Violence in the News:
*State files request to civilly commit Kevin Coe
*KXLY - Spokane,WA,USA, 30 August 2006
The Washington State Attorney General's Office has filed paperwork to 
have convicted South Hill Rapist Kevin Coe placed into civil commitment 
once he has finished serving his sentence next week

*Crackdown on internet sex violence
*Daily Mail - UK - UK, 30 August 2006
... persuaded the Government to take action against these horrific 
internet sites which can have such a corrupting influence and glorify 
extreme sexual violence.". ...

*Prevention efforts too little, too late; prosecution of traffickers not 
sole solution
*UNICEF Media Release, LONDON, 30 August 2006
Piecemeal prevention efforts in South Eastern Europe (SEE) are failing 
to protect children from falling prey to traffickers and have relied too 
much on general awareness-raising, says a report released today by 
UNICEF and Terre des Hommes which also urges a shift of focus away from 

*SENEGAL**: Painful fallout from poverty and early marriage
*IRIN News 29 August 2006
KEUR GUIIRENE - Small and delicate, Khady Sow wears her hair down and 
braided. Around her neck dangles a small vial of perfume on a 
multi-coloured string of beads. Self-image is important to most 
teenagers, but it goes much deeper for Khady.

*Gender Imbalance 'Threatens Social Stability'
*Canadian Broadcasting Corporation News, 29 August, 2006
Cultures that favour male babies have a sex-ratio imbalance that could 
result in a destabilized society, researchers say. Health care for women 
has improved, but the gains are offset by increases in sex-selection 
abortion since the mid-1980s.

*Survey says date violence affects half of young:  Texas group releases 
figures as part of an effort* *to fight the practice*
Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau - United States, 29 August 2006
More than 27 percent of young Texans report being victims of physical 
violence while dating, according to a survey conducted by the Texas 
Council on Family Violence. And, nearly 20 percent reported being 
victims of sexual violence while 41 percent said they've experienced 
verbal abuse.

*Turkish boys commit 'honour' crimes
*BBC News, 28 August 2006
Boys as young as 14, including a woman's own son, are used to carry out 
"honour killings" in Turkey.

*Eighth World Assembly of Religions for Peace endorses declaration on 
violence against children
*UNICEF Press Release, KYOTO/JAPAN, 28 August, 2006
Delegates of the Religions for Peace Eighth World Assembly today 
endorsed the Declaration on Violence against Children, which commits 
religious and faith communities to confront violence against children 
and protect children in their communities.

*Vietnamese and Chinese children share views and concerns on cross 
border trafficking
*UNICEF Press Release, HANOI, 28 August 2006
More than one hundred Vietnamese and Chinese children gathered today at 
a first-ever Children's Forum on cross border trafficking between Viet 
Nam and China.

*Côte d'Ivoire: Fear And Silence Impede Services for Rape ...
*AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 28 August 2006
When soldiers are responsible for sexual violence, fear of reprisal 
largely explains the culture of silence that prevents families and 
communities from reporting them.

*DRC: MONUC troops among the worst sex offenders
*IRIN News 28 August
The United Nations has conducted more investigations into sexual 
exploitation and abuse by its peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of 
Congo (DRC) than in any other country, according to figures recently 
released by the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations.

*UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to be adopted
*VOV News, 28 August 2006
The draft convention will be adopted by the United Nations General 
Assembly at its September session and will then be open for countries to 
sign. According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), after 
five years of discussions, the United Nations (UN) General Assembly has 
reached an agreement on the content of the UN Convention on the Rights 
of Persons with Disabilities.

*Fighting for children
*Standard - Nairobi,Kenya, 28 August 2006
A new wave of violence against children is sweeping through the country. 
This has prompted the government, non-governmental organisations and 
private sector bodies to launch a massive campaign to counter the vice. 
Since January this year, 1,179 children have been violated in Nairobi alone.

*Majority of women 'victims of abuse'
*Gulf Times - Doha,Qatar, 27 August 2006
DHAKA: Regardless of marital status, a majority of Bangladeshi women in 
reproductive age face either physical or sexual violence, says a study. ...

*RIGHTS: A Ghastly Disease Feeds Off a Ghastlier Oppression
*IPS News, Stephen Leahy, 25 August 2006
Gender inequality has become the main driver of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, 
especially in Africa, where 70 percent of those infected are women.  A 
new powerful international agency for women is needed to turn this 
situation around and address the growing problem of violence against 
girls and women, experts and advocates say.

*Sudan - Rapes Increase in Darfur Refugee Camp
*Associated Press, 23 August 2006
More than 200 women have been raped in a refugee camp in Darfur in the 
past five weeks, a sign of the worsening humanitarian crisis in the 
violence-wracked Sudanese region, an aid group said Wednesday.

*Juarez Killings Escalate As Investigation Stalls
*Women's Media Center, 22 August  2006
The Mexican government drops its investigation, leaving unsolved the 
brutal murders of hundreds of young women

*Murder of Muslim girl 'rebel' by her father shocks all Italy
*Independent UK 20 August, 2006
The murder of a young Pakistani woman by her Muslim father has sparked a 
fierce debate in Italy about how to deal with the "clash of civilisations".

*COLOMBIA: Displaced Women Build New Lives, Brick by Brick
*IPS, Gloria Helena Rey, 1 August 2006
CARTAGENA, "The City of Women", in the northern Colombian municipality 
of Turbaco, 11 kilometres from the fortified walls of this tourist 
resort city, bears no resemblance to Federico Fellini's 1980 film by the 
same name, or to the similarly dubbed Buenos Aires neighbourhood of 
Puerto Madero, where almost all the streets and public spaces are named 
for famous women.

*Should Pakistan's rape law be changed?
*BBC News Forum, "Have your say"
Note this 'have your say' forum has now closed but the comments received 
can still be accessed.

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