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Dear SVRI list members,

Approximately once a month we send a longer list of publications, 
resources & upcoming meetings which may be of interest to those working 
on issues of sexual violence. If you would like to suggest resources to 
be included on upcoming lists or on the SVRI website, please email 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>. For additional resources and 
information on sexual violence, visit us at www.svri.org 


*/(Source:  PubMed. Following search terms were used - rape, sexual 
assault, sexual violence, sexual abuse, forced sex, coerced sex, 
trafficking, female genital cutting)
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10.  Martinez MA, Ballesteros S.  An unusual case of drug-facilitated 
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13.  Campbell R, Townsend SM, Long SM, Kinnison KE, Pulley EM, Adames 
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14.  Kolbe AR, Hutson RA.  Human rights abuse and other criminal 
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15.  Dietiker J, Dittmann V, Graf M.  [Risk assessment of sex offenders 
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16.  Mercado CC, Bornstein BH, Schopp RF.  Decision-Making About 
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19.  Calvete E, Estevez A, Corral S.  Intimate partner violence and 
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20.  Collins KA.  Elder maltreatment: a review. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 
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21.  Tamaddon L, Johnsdotter S, Liljestrand J, Essen B.  Swedish health 
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24.  Habek D, Kulas T.  Nonobstetrics vulvovaginal injuries: mechanism 
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25.  Salvagni EP, Wagner MB.  Development of a questionnaire for the 
assessment of sexual abuse in children and estimation of its 
discriminant validity: a case-control study. J Pediatr (Rio J). 2006 Aug 
28;82(6) [Epub ahead of print]  PMID: 16951801 [PubMed - as supplied by 

*The International Women's Rights Action Watch (IWRAW):*  IWRAW was 
organized in 1985 at the World Conference on Women in Nairobi, Kenya, to 
promote recognition of women's human rights under the Convention on the 
Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (the CEDAW 
Convention), a basic international human rights treaty. IWRAW now is the 
primary international nongovernmental organization that facilitates use 
of international human rights treaties to promote women's human rights 
and rights within families.  For more info visit:  http://iwraw.igc.org/

*Child & Woman Abuse Studies Unit:  *CWASU, originally The Child Abuse 
Studies Unit, was established in 1987.  Among other activities, CWASU 
conducts independent research, and undertakes training programmes, 
consultancy, networking, with the overall aim in the short term to 
advocate for sanctuary for children and women who have been victimised 
and sanctions for perpetrators, and in the longer term seeks to 
eradicate violence and abuse.  For more information visit:  

*Persons Against Ritual Abuse and Torture (RAT):*  RAT is family/group 
organized violence structured into brutal ritual dramas.   This site 
provides you with resources on ritual abuse and torture.  Visit 

*Call for Papers:  "Engaging Men in 'Women's Issues'":*  Women for Women 
International, a non-profit humanitarian organization, seeks submissions 
for the winter 2007 issue of its bi-annual academic journal, Critical 
Half. This issue of the journal will focus on how men can be engaged to 
promote positive change in gender relations at the family, community, 
and national levels. Deadline for Submission: October 15, 2006.  See 
http://www.womenforwomen.org/cfpapers.htm for complete submission 

*Call for Poetry: AGENDA #70 - Human Trafficking: * Agenda requests 
poetry contributions that explore the crime of human trafficking, 
especially affecting women and girl-children. Contributions will be 
considered for publication in issue 60, working title "Human 
Trafficking". Submission deadline is 5 October 2006.  For more 
information contact:  Kristin Palitza - editor at agenda.org.za 
<mailto:editor at agenda.org.za>.

*Call for papers: Gender and Development journal,  Oxfam: * The July 
2007 issue of Gender and Development journal will look at the role 
gender research methodologies can play in the design and implementation 
of development policies and programmes that are effective in promoting 
gender equality.  Potential contributors are invited to respond to a 
call for papers on gender research methodologies, including the 
following issues: choosing the right research method for policy and 
programme needs; using qualitative and quantitative research methods in 
gender sensitive research; using feminist research methodologies in 
development; teaching research methodologies for development: course 
profiles.  Commissioning deadline for abstracts is 2 October 2006. More 
information online at: 
http://www.eldis.org/cf/rdr/rdr.cfm?doc=DOC22506.  For more information 
about Gender and Development, including guidelines for contributors, 
please visit 

*Announcement and Call for Participation:  African Feminist Thinkers 
Website:* The AGI and GWSAfrica workers are in the process of developing 
an exciting new website that will be dedicated to promoting, celebrating 
and sharing the writing of Africa's feminist thinkers, gender scholars, 
researchers, and activists.  This website seeks to collect writing by 
Africa's feminist and gender scholars, researchers, and activists, and 
to make it widely available. To be part of this new initiative write to 
africangenderinstitute at gmail.com 
<mailto:africangenderinstitute at gmail.com> and send in a short profile of 
your intellectual development, accompanied by a selection of the 
publications you would like to see posted on your personal webpage. They 
hope to post the first beautifully-designed personal pages in full 
colour in October, and in these to find young and old thinkers from all 
corners of the continent.  To join in contact Nonhlanhla:   
africangenderinstitute at gmail.com <mailto:africangenderinstitute at gmail.com>

*Call for Contributors:*  GenderIT.org has been cited by readers as an 
important, singular website that engages with issues around gender & ICT 
policies. To keep this site relevant to your diverse realities, they are 
building a pool of writers who can contribute on a freelance basis. Join 
and share your knowledge and experience in connecting advocates and 
activists with emerging thoughts, current news, upcoming events and 
unsung champions in the field of gender and ICTs from all pockets of the 
world.  Application deadline: 29th September 2006.  For more information 
email:  genderit at apcwomen.org <mailto:genderit at apcwomen.org>. 

*WSQ: Women's Studies Quarterly :  'Activism'* - WSQ's special issue on 
activism seeks to explore and compare the diverse forms, content, 
representations, and experiences of women's progressive struggles 
throughout the world. Submissions of critical essays, poetry, fiction, 
and visual images that engage the question of activisms within the 
diversity of feminist cultural analyses are requested.  If submitting 
academic work, please submit abstracts by 1 October 2006, to guest 
editors Dorothy Hodgson at dhodgson at rci.rutgers.edu 
<file:///%5C%5Cym%5CCompose?To=dhodgson@rci.rutgers.edu> and Ethel 
Brooks at ebrooks at rci.rutgers.edu 
<file:///%5C%5Cym%5CCompose?To=ebrooks@rci.rutgers.edu>. Full papers are 
due by January 2, 2007. Poetry submissions should be sent to WSQ's 
poetry editor Kathleen Ossip, at ossipk at aol.com 
<file:///%5C%5Cym%5CCompose?To=ossipk@aol.com> by October 15, 2006. 
Fiction, essay, and memoir submissions should be sent to WSQ's 
Fiction/Nonfiction editor Kamy Wicoff at kwicoff at yahoo.com 
<file:///%5C%5Cym%5CCompose?To=kwicoff@yahoo.com> by October 15, 2006.

*Imagining Ourselves: Global Voices from a New Generation of Women, 
International Museum of Women:*  After the successful launch in March, 
2006, Imagining Ourselves is extending the project and will continue to 
explore different themes.  Next theme:  War and Dialogue, Women's 
perspectives.  "We are interested to hear your personal experiences, 
your thoughts on media stereotypes of certain religious and ethnic 
groups, and your views on how violent conflict has affected your life. 
What are the positive contributions young women are making towards 
resolving wars- both in their own countries and globally? The media 
doesn't tell us all the stories, especially once the world has moved on 
to the next hotspot. Tell us yours"   Deadline for submission 1 October 
2006.  For more information visit:  

*Forum 10, Cairo, Egypt, 29 October - 2 November 2006, Combating disease 
and promoting health,  Latest News and Updates:*  A number of satellite 
meetings (open, by invitation or closed) have been arranged on the days 
immediately before and after the Forum. Descriptions, time of the 
meetings and contact details are provided on the website 

*Proposal for 5th Women's World Conference:   *Proposal to Encourage 
Convening a 5th World Conference on Women, Beijing+15, in 2010 in 
Vancouver, Canada.  For more information visit:  

*National Women's Studies Association 2007 Conference, June 28-July 1, 
2007 "Past Debates, Present Possibilities, and Future Feminisms: A 
Women's and Gender Studies Conference Celebrating 30 Years of NWSA":* 
The National Women's Studies Association is pleased to announce that the 
Call for Proposals for its 2007 conference scheduled for June 28-July 1, 
2007 in St. Charles, IL, a suburb of Chicago.  Submission deadline: 
November 1, 2006:  For more information go to: www.nwsaconference.org 

*Past, Present, Future - From Women's Studies to Post-Gender Research 
Umeå 14-17 June 2007:  *The Centre for Women's Studies and the National 
Graduate School of Gender Studies now invite you to the conference 
"Past, Present, Future - From Women's Studies to Post-Gender Research". 
The purpose of the conference is to build bridges between generations of 
researchers in gender studies. The conference will have two branches:  
The first branch evaluates three decades of theoretical achievements in 
the field. International and Nordic keynote speakers are invited to 
reflect on the developments of the last thirty years.  The second branch 
concerns ongoing Ph. D. students' and post-doctoral research projects in 
the Nordic countries. The conference welcomes presentations of all 
topics in gender and feminist studies, as well as in related research 
fields such as men's, gay, lesbian and queer studies. More information 
available on line at:  http://www.umu.se/kvf/aktuellt/ppf/ppfconf.html

*ADB Grants available for NGO initiatives to prevent HIV/AIDS: 
*Applications close 30 September 2006.  The Asian Development Bank (ADB) 
has approved a US$ 1.5 million grant for NGO initiatives to prevent 
HIV/AIDS. Financed by the HIV/AIDS Trust fund, funded by the Government 
of Sweden, the NGO grant is part of a package of sub-projects set-up to 
help us fight this dreaded disease. Grant awards up to US$ 50,000 per 
initiative... or more. If your NGO is working in one of ADB's developing 
member countries (DMCs) in the Pacific, and is active in HIV/AIDS 
prevention, care, and/or treatment, this fund is open to you. More 
information at: http://www.adb.org/NGOs/Grants/hiv-aids-grant.asp 
(Source: Pacwin)

*The 2006 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition - DEADLINE 
EXTENDED!!*  This is the last call for submissions for the 2006 round of 
the Global Development Awards and Medals Competition. Prizes in cash and 
travel of over US $200,000 to be won! Finalists are invited to GDN's 
Annual Global Development Conference in Beijing, China in January 2007. 
Submissions can be for a new research proposal or for a completed 
research paper.  The last day to apply is September 24, 2006. For more 
information and how to apply log onto: http://www.gdnet.org 

Women's Rights Researcher on the Americas / Human Rights Watch / New 
York, NY, and Washington, DC, USA / Apply Immediately. For more 
information visit:  Website: 
http://www.hrw.org/jobs/wrd_researcher-americas_2006-02-13.htm  (Source: 

Gender-based Violence Coordinator / The International Rescue Committee 
(IRC) / Bujumbura, Burundi / Posting expires: November 08, 2006.  See 
full job and application details at:  
(Source: AWID)

Gender-Based Violence Program Coordinator / The International Rescue 
Committee (IRC) / Bukavu, South Kivu Province, DR Congo / Posting 
expires: November 08, 2006. See full job and application details at:  
(Source: AWID)

Reproductive Health Consultant / The International Rescue Committee 
(IRC) / Kibondo and Kigoma, Tanzania / Posting expires: November 21, 
2006. For more information visit: 
(Source: AWID)
Chief, Gender and Development Section, P-5 / The United Nations / 
Bangkok, Thailand / Closing date: October 26, 2006. For more details go 
to:  http://jobs.un.org => ''Social Affairs.''  (Source:  AWID)

Africa Human Rights Defenders Coordinator / Amnesty International (AI) / 
Kampala, Uganda / Closing date: September 22, 2006. To see detailed 
description and to apply ONLINE, please visit: 
http://web.amnesty.org/jobs/index/31082006-AFR0610 (Source: AWID)

World Population Foundation / Country Representative, Pakistan - 
Islamabad, Pakistan / For more information visit:  
http://www.comminit.com/vacancy2859.html or contact g.geertsema at wpf.org 
<mailto:g.geertsema at wpf.org>

PARTNERSHIPS - Bethesda, MD, United States / Further details at:  
http://www.comminit.com/vacancy2854.html, or contact sagha at tulane.edu 
<mailto:sagha at tulane.edu>

*Updated: Bibliography on Gender-based Violence in Conflict-affected and 
Displaced Settings (updated 2006):* The Reproductive Health Response in 
Conflict (RHRC) Consortium's gender-based violence bibliography is 
designed to improve international and local capacity to address 
gender-based violence among refugee and internally displaced 
populations. It is intended primarily to assist gender-based violence 
staff that work in displaced, conflict and post-conflict settings. 
Training tools, manuals, and other literature listed here have been 
selected specifically for their quality and relevance for work with 
displaced gender-based violence survivors, though many resources may 
have wider applicability. On line at: 

*Orphans and vulnerable children toolkit, International HIV/AIDS 
Alliance and Family Health International:*  An updated version of the 
CD-Rom on supporting orphans and other vulnerable children is now 
available. It now contains over 650 documents sharing learning and 
resources from a wide range of organisations. You can order a free copy 
of this CD-ROM from the Alliance at: 
http://www.aidsalliance.org/sw31913.asp  An on-line version of this 
toolkit is also available at www.ovcsupport.net 

*Youth InfoNet 27:* YouthNet, a program of Family Health International 
(FHI), is pleased to announce Youth InfoNet No. 27. This issue of the 
electronic newsletter features 23 program resources available online, as 
well as 13 research summaries from Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, 
Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, and Tanzania. You can read the 
issue at 

*The Drum Beat - Issue 365 - Human Trafficking September 18 2006:*  This 
issue of The Drum Beat looks at advocacy and communication strategies, 
actions, and resources that address the development issue of trafficking 
in humans. They have collected a selection of projects, articles, 
manuals, books, and websites that address trafficking of both women and 
children.  Available online:  http://www.comminit.com/drum_beat_365.html

*Asian Development Bank - ADB, Country Gender Assessments:  *This series 
provides information on the status and role of women in developing 
member countries. It also assists ADB staff in country programming work, 
project design, and implementation. To download country reports visit:  

*Background documentation for: 61st session of the General Assembly Item 
60(a) on advancement of women Secretary-General's study on violence 
against women. Forthcoming as document A/61/122/Add. 1:*  Now available 
on line at:  
(Source:  pacwin)

*Real Men dont do that!:* Alliance DARC invites you to an evening of 
live blues rock music with Craig McConnell and Powerplay, Saturday 23 
September, 8pm at Mr Pickwick Pub, 80 rue de Lausanne 1202 Geneva.  To 
reserve in advance and to support Alliance DARC to assist survivors of 
sexual violence in conflicts please email: realmen at alliancedarc.org 
<mailto:realmen at alliancedarc.org>.  For more information on the Alliance 
for Direct Action against Rape in Conflicts, AllianceDARC, please visit 
www.alliancedarc.org <http://www.alliancedarc.org/>.

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