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Sexual Violence in the News:

Child porn doctor to continue practising
Sydney Morning Herald, 5 April 2007
A Sydney eye surgeon who downloaded more than 10,000 images of child
pornography to his home computer over a six-year period has been allowed
to continue practising medicine.

Women Risk Rape to Find Food on Front Lines of Darfur Civil War
Bloomberg, 4 April 2007
Khadija Mohamed and her 18-year-old niece, Mafagara, were riding a
donkey back to their village in Sudan's Darfur region when three men
carrying AK-47 rifles stopped them and tried to drag the young woman

Cards led to filmed gang rape
The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 April 2007
Two of five 17-year-old boys arrested for allegedly gang raping a
teenage girl and filming the attack on a mobile phone were refused bail
in court this afternoon.

Artful violence
Daily Trojan, 4 April 2007
Using art and photography as their form of expression, two USC alumnae
hope to help raise awareness of sexual violence in America.

Pretoria serial rape trial delayed
Citizen, 4 April 2007
The trial of Pretoria serial rapist Simon Malatji was delayed on Tuesday
to allow his defence to obtain an expert report by a forensic

'Sleepy' rapist jailed for 16 years
Citizen, 4 April 2007
A Winterveldt man who fell asleep after robbing and raping a woman
received a 16-year sentence in the Ga-Rankuwa Magistrate's Court north
of Pretoria yesterday.

Evidence of some disgraceful conduct by police officers
The Dominion Post, 4 April 2007
An overview of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct by former
public servant Dame Margaret Bazley.

Stanislaus sheriff's deputy will face trial for rape charges
The Mercury News, 4 April 2007
A Stanislaus County judge has ordered a sheriff's deputy to face trial
on rape charges in the alleged assault of a woman last year.

'Bangaisha': The economics of sex tourism
Kenya Times, 4 April 2007
Children are often coerced into prostitution by elder people. Parents
actually push their children to do sex work.

Bosnian Serb military policeman sentenced to 15 year jail term for rape
International Herald Tribune, 4 April 2007
The UN war crimes tribunal sentenced a Bosnian Serb military policeman
Wednesday to 15 years in prison for repeatedly raping two Muslim women
during a brutal Serb takeover of a town southeast of Sarajevo in 1992.

Sierra Leone: Women, government launch campaign against sexual violence
ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland, 4 April 2007
Thousands of women recently marched against sexual violence in the main
streets of Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, as part of a new initiative
to end all violence against women; girls as young as 10 years took part
in the demonstration that blocked traffic in many parts of the city.

Rural China kids face growing risk of being trafficked
International Herald Tribune, 4 April 2007
Rural Chinese children increasingly risk being sold or forced to become
beggars, petty thieves or sex workers as their farmer parents flock to
cities looking for work, an international rights group said Wednesday.

Advocate Groups Want Rape Consent Laws Changed
Baltimore WJZ, 4 April 2007
A renewed debate in Annapolis has Maryland lawmakers asking, 'Does "no"
really mean no when it comes to sex?'

Five teens charged over gang rape film
The Gold Coast Bulletin, 5 April 2007
SYDNEY police say they have now charged all five teenagers arrested over
a gang rape, filmed using a mobile phone camera.

Nepalese children need more protection after years of suffering, say UN
UN News, 4 April 2007
UNICEF and the UN's human rights chief in Nepal today issued a joint
appeal for the introduction of protective measures for the Himalayan
country's children, saying they suffered widespread violence,
indoctrination, manipulation and abuse during the 11-year civil war.

Bosnian Serb who raped and tortured Muslims jailed by UN war crimes
UN News, 4 April 2007
The UN war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia today sentenced a
former Bosnian Serb soldier and de facto military policeman to 15 years
in prison for raping and torturing Muslim women and girls in eastern
Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Silent genocide" in Kenya's west - women's group
Reuters AlertNet, 3 April 2007
Nearly 140 Kenyans have been killed and 45,000 have been driven from
their homes by a rash of land clashes in the country's west, a leading
women's group said on Tuesday.


New evidence on date rape prompts call for drugs ban
The Guardian, 3 April 2007
Ministers are to consider banning two new "date rape" drugs, amid
warnings from experts that the true scale of sexual assaults assisted by
drugs may be greater than official figures suggest.

Sexual Assault A Silent Epidemic, Activists Say
The Morning News, 3 April 2007
One in six women in the United States will be the victim of a rape or
attempted rape at some point in her life, yet less than a third of
sexual assaults are reported to police.

Gospel singer in court for rape
Mail and Guardian, 3 April 2007
The trial of South African gospel singer Sipho Lucas Xlale, accused of
raping a 16-year-old pregnant girl, was postponed in the Garankuwa
Magistrate's Court on Monday, the South African Broadcasting Corporation
news reported.

Burmese army using rape to terrorise villagers
Guardian Unlimited, 2 April 2007
Rape is being used as a "weapon" to terrorise villagers in Burma leading
to a refugee influx in neighbouring India, a new report claims.

Md. high court urged to set "no means no" rape standard
The Daily Times, 2 April 2007
Two women's advocacy groups have urged Maryland's highest court to
establish that consensual sex can become rape even if a woman says no
after consensual sex had begun.

South Carolina abortion law a form of punishment
Belleville News Democrat, 2 April 2007
It's the one - passed by the South Carolina House - that would require
women seeking an abortion to first view an ultrasound of the fetus.

Ethiopia calls for end of impunity of violence against women
People's Daily Online, 1 April 2007
A recent incident of gratuitous violence against a young woman in
Ethiopia may help the East African nation finally emerge from a
centuries-old approval of wife and woman beating as a cultural practice.

Violence against women on rise in tsunami-hit areas of South Asia
International Herald Tribune, 1 April 2007
Many women who were made homeless by the 2004 tsunami continue to live
in poverty and face violence at relief camps in South Asian nations,
including India and Sri Lanka.

Forced marriage toll exposed
The Herald, 1 April 2007
More than one-third of women from black and ethnic minority backgrounds
have been affected by forced marriage, according to research.

Christopher Pearson: Shameful abuse of power
The Australian - Sydney,Australia, 31 March 2007
There's now widespread recognition that Aboriginal men's violence
against women and children, especially sexual violence, is an enormous

Survey: 1/2 of NH women experienced sexual or physical assault
Laconia Citizen - Laconia,NH,USA, 30 March 2007
More than half of New Hampshire's women have been abused in their
lifetimes and almost one-fifth say they've been raped, according to
survey results released Friday.

Japan sex slave fund ends amid fresh controversy over 'comfort women'
International Herald Tribune, 30 March 2007
A fund set up by Japan to help Asian women forced into prostitution by
its military during World War II will expire Saturday amid new denials
from Tokyo that the government is to blame for putting thousands into
sexual slavery.

Religious leaders join anti-FGM fight
IRIN, 30 March 2007
The decision by Muslim religious leaders in northeastern Kenya to talk
about the dangers of female genital mutilation (FGM) during Friday
prayers has turned into a significant campaign against the practice.

Girls not spared by violence in Terai
IRIN, 29 March 2007
In the remote Pathaya village of Rautahat district, some 200km southeast
of the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, local women are coming to terms with
seeing three young girls killed in recent clashes between supporters of
the ethnic Madhesi party and former Maoist rebels.

Who's in the driver's seat?: Sturgis alleged rape stirs up policy talk
Black Hills Pioneer, 29 March 2007
Growing community concern about who is ultimately responsible for the
hiring policies and conduct of bus drivers under the employment of
sub-contracted bus companies retained by area school districts stems
from the alleged rape of a 10-year old girl by a Sturgis school bus

Bill To Reduce Women And Girls' Vulnerability To HIV/AIDS
Medical News Today, 27 March 2007
Some of the specific proposals in the bill include increasing access to
female condoms; reducing the incidence of cross generational sex and
early/child-marriage; reducing violence against women and supporting the
development of micro-enterprise and job training programs.

Lecturers Prey on Nigerian Women, Girls
The Associated Press, 25 March 2007
When Nigeria's education minister faced an audience of 1,000
schoolchildren, she expected to hear complaints of crowded classrooms
and lack of equipment. Instead, girl after girl spoke up about being
pressured for sex by teachers in exchange for better grades. One girl
was just 11 years old.

Underage marriages threaten maternal health
IRIN, 20 March 2007
At only 16, Deepa Nepali has two children. Deepa, carrying her
13-month-old daughter, told IRIN in a remote village in northwest Nepal
that she constantly suffers heart problems and stomach-ache, and most of
all from uterine prolapse.

The Cost of Violence Against Women
CEDPA/Washington, 8 March 2007
Violence against women was the theme for International Women's Day this
year. Organizations have been working hand-in-hand with community
leaders to empower women and change community norms that promote or
tolerate violence.

Women Lead to End Conflict and Build More Responsive Governments
CEDPA/Washington in the News, March 2007
In rural Kenya, Hubbie Hussein Al-Haji uses a "bottom up" approach to
conflict resolution in a community where women and girls can be targets
of retribution between warring clans.

The "invisible" girl - United Nations meeting brings her out of the
Expressions, March 2007
Pacific delegates at the recent 51st Commission on the Status of Women
(February 26-March 9 at the United Nations in New York) heard that girl
children are invisible to policymakers and even in their own
communities, which increases their risk of discrimination and violence.


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evidence-based responses.

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