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Sexual Violence in the News:

Med students 'need rape victim training'
In The News, 13 April, 2007
British medical students should be advised on how to treat victims of
rape, it has been argued.

Informal Marriages Hide Human Trafficking
ubpost.mongolnews.mn, 12 April 2007 
The protection of rights and a positive legal environment for the
victims of human trafficking who become illegally married to Asian men
still does not exist yet, because of a lack of information and knowledge
about human trafficking. About 20 days ago, four Mongolian women with
three of their children requested from the Mongolian consulate in
Erlian, China, to save them from the violence of their husbands.

New strategy to tackle reproductive health issues
IRIN, 12 April 2007
Ethiopia has launched a national strategy on adolescent and reproductive
health that aims to tackle the problems of early marriages and
pregnancies, female circumcision, abduction and rape, and poor access to
healthcare for 10- to 24-year-olds.

Man gave daughter to paedophile
The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 April 2007
A father who let a paedophile he met on the internet sexually exploit
his five-year-old daughter has been sentenced to seven years jail.

'Tragic Rush To Accuse'
Sky News, 12 April 2007
All charges have been dropped against three white men from a prestigious
American university who were accused of raping a black stripper.

Engineer pleads guilty to consensual sex with maid
Gulfnews, 12 April 2007
Dubai: An engineer pleaded guilty to having consensual sex with his
Filipina housemaid, who alleged that her sponsor raped her while his
wife was at work.

Prison officer jailed for raping 6-year-old niece
The Zimbabwe Herald, 11 April 2007
A prison officer based at Chikurubi in Harare was sentenced to an
effective 12 years in jail yesterday for raping his six-year-old niece. 

DA seeks more interviews, DNA in alleged rape tied to De Anza men
The Mercury News, 11 April 2007
The Santa Clara County District Attorney's office wants investigators to
interview more revelers from a De Anza College baseball player's
birthday party where a girl said she was gang raped.

Sarkozy in row about paedophiles
BBC News, 11 April 2007
Socialist candidate Segolene Royal said his view that some people were
"born paedophiles" was "extremely serious".

Helping Moldova's deserted children
BBC News, 11 April 2007
In Moldova, one in six adults has left to work abroad and the children
they abandon become rich pickings for human traffickers.

Outrage at India menstrual form
BBC News, 11 April 2007
Women civil servants in India have expressed shock at new appraisal
rules which require them to reveal details of their menstrual cycles.

Japan's divisive 'comfort women' fund
BBC News, 10 April 2007
When the prime ministers of Japan and China meet in Tokyo this week, the
Japanese will be hoping the summit talks will not be derailed by
controversies over its wartime record.

Swaziland: Glad to see abuse figures rise
IRIN News, 10 April 2007
Rape and physical abuse figures are rising year on year in Swaziland,
but welfare groups say a decade of national debate on the issue is
starting to pay off as more women and children are reporting crimes
committed against them rather than tolerating the abuse without

German man charged with sexually abusing Cambodian girl
International Herald Tribune, 10 April 2007
A German man was charged Tuesday with sexually abusing a 13-year-old
Cambodian girl and faces up to 20 years in prison, a court official

Nepal: More than 600,000 women suffer uterine prolapses
Irin News, 10 April 2007
Nuche Maya Maharjan suffered a discomforting medical condition for 35
years before she built up the courage to seek medical assistance.

Death Row inmate convicted in 1984 rape-slaying
San Francisco Chronicle, 10 April 2007
An Alameda County jury deliberated for less than an hour today before
convicting a man of first-degree murder with special circumstances in
the rape-slaying of an 18-year-old San Leandro woman in 1984.

Sailor says she feared rape
Gulfnews, 9 April 2007
The lone woman among 15 British sailors detained by Iranian forces said
in an interview published on Monday that she feared she could be raped
and then killed.

53 percent of children sexually abused in India, government survey finds
International Herald Tribune, 9 April 2007
More than 53 percent of children in India are subjected to sexual abuse,
but most don't report the assaults to anyone, a new government survey
said Monday.

Woman seeks $500,000 over 'ignored' rape complaint
New Zealand Herald, 8 April 2007
A woman who says a rape complaint she made to police in the 1980s was
ignored is seeking compensation of $500,000.

Abortion permissible in pregnancy from rape
Daily Times, 7 April 2007
Despite changes in the law, few medical practitioners who deal with rape
survivors know that the woman has the legal right to terminate the

Sponsors step forward for rape escape program
Sydney Herald, 7 April 2007
According to a 2000 study by the John Hopkins School of Public Health,
one in three women around the world has been beaten, coerced into sex,
or otherwise abused in her lifetime.

Spanish police arrest 7 in crackdown on human-trafficking, prostitution
International Herald Tribune, 7 April 2007
Spanish police arrested seven people in a crackdown on a
human-trafficking ring that allegedly forced Eastern European women into

Scotland pioneers UK rape helpline
Sunday Herald, 7 April 2007
Scotland will pioneer Britain's first ever national helpline for rape
and sexual assault victims later this year.

Cambodia launches national task force for combating human trafficking
International Herald Tribune, 6 April 2007
Cambodia launched a national task force Friday to fight against human
trafficking, a growing problem in the poor Southeast Asian nation where
job opportunities are limited.

Top UN rights official urges probes of sexual violence, disappearances
in Darfur
UN News, 6 April 2007
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights today called for
investigations into widespread sexual violence during attacks by
Sudanese Government forces and allied militia in Darfur as well as the
disappearance of over a dozen men allegedly at the hands of rebels

HC allows runaway minor to live with husband
Delhi Newsline, 6 April 2007
The High Court has allowed a sixteen-year-old minor to live with her
husband taking into consideration the girl's plea that she was "happy
with her husband" and that she might be harmed if she returned to her

Eritrea bans female circumcision
Mail and Guardian, 5 April 2007
Eritrea has banned the life-threatening practice of female circumcision,
the Eritrean Information Ministry said in a statement.

The female face of divinity
Mail and Guardian, 5 April 2007
The religious right claims that the bulk of South Africans are
God-fearing, devout believers, with 85% belonging to some kind of
organised religion. If this is true, what are we to make of our
world-beating statistics for child abuse, domestic violence, rape and

Former Serb policeman gets 15 years for rape and torture
Business Day, 5 April 2007
Former Bosnian Serb policeman Dragan Zelenovic was sentenced to 15 years
in prison by the United Nations war crimes tribunal yesterday, after he
pleaded guilty to the rape and torture of Bosnian Muslims during the
1992-95 war.

No Action on Allegations of at Least 10 Unreported Child Rape Victims
Aborted or treated by US Abortion Clinic
LifeSite News, 5 April 2007
Law enforcement and Child Protection Services (CPS) in Kalamazoo have
declined to investigate at least ten cases of possible child-rape
unreported by a local abortion clinic.

Criminologist predicts technology will increase rapes in Australia
The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 April 2007
Recent shocking cases of Australian teenagers raping girls then sharing
images of their crimes via mobile phones and the Internet will become
more prevalent with the spread of technology.

Portraying the hidden torment of womanhood
Gulfnews, 5 April 2007
A Pakistani artist's concern for the status of women in society finds
expression in his paintings of figures who betray pathos despite their
rich adornments.

Chinese women and children face growing trafficking risk
Gulfnews, 5 April 2007
Women and children in China face a growing threat of being trafficked
and sold into marriage or sex work, as labour migration and a widening
gender imbalance put them at risk.

'Children bought like buffaloes'
Gulfnews, 4 April 2007
Traffickers are selling children in India for amounts that are often
lower than the cost of animals and most of them end up working as
labourers or commercial sex workers.

Cross-dressed men abduct, rape PNG girls
The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 April 2007
A group of men dressed as women abducted two girls from a school in
Papua New Guinea's highlands before raping them, PNG authorities say.

State enforces new law to prevent child marriages
Gulfnews, 2 April 2007
The Rajasthan government has started to put in place a plan to prevent
child marriages on Akshaya Tritiya or Aakha Teej (a day considered
auspicious for marriages by Hindus), which falls on April 19.

Rape, gender violence plague post-war Liberia
The Mail and Guardian 8 March 2007
When the West African state of Liberia was torn apart by 14 years of
civil war, the victims of the brutal insurgency included mostly women
and children who were subject to rape and sexual violence.


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