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Sexual Violence in the News:

Defying a Clan Code of Silence on Unspeakable Crimes
The New York Times, 20 April 2007
So-called honor killings among Muslims are a phenomenon across the
Middle East, including in Israel, where Arabs, most of them Muslim, make
up almost 20 percent of the population.

Wife Guilty Of Killing Preacher
Washington Post.com, 20 April 2007
A preacher's wife who said her husband abused her was convicted Thursday
of voluntary manslaughter for shooting him.

DRC: Arbitrary killings, rape part of ongoing abuses in the east
IRIN News, 19 April 2007
Executions and rape of civilians have continued in eastern Democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC) according to a report published by the United
Nations detailing human rights abuses during the month of March.

Darfur children endure 'unspeakable acts of abuse'
The Mail and Guardian, 19 April 2007
Children in Darfur are enduring "unspeakable acts of violence and abuse"
from killing and rape to abduction, torture and recruitment as fighters
in the escalating four-year conflict in Sudan's vast western region.

Adjudging a Moral Harm to Women From Abortions
The New York Times, 19 April 2007
That abortion is bad for fetuses is a statement of the obvious. That it
is bad for women, too, is a contested premise that nonetheless got five
votes at the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Denying the Right to Choose 
The New York Times, 19 April 2007
Among the major flaws in yesterday's Supreme Court decision giving the
federal government power to limit a woman's right to make decisions
about her health was its fundamental dishonesty. 

Steps on to prevent child marriages
Gulfnews, 19 April 2007
Rajasthan is taking necessary steps to prevent child marriages on
Akshaya Tritiya falling on Thursday/Friday, this year.

Uganda: Death penalty for HIV-positive child sex offenders
IRIN News, 19 April 2007
According to a new law passed by Uganda's parliament on Wednesday, an
HIV-positive person who wilfully infects a minor through sexual
intercourse will face the death penalty.

Cold case murder: condoms 'went missing'
The Sydney Morning Herald, 19 April 2007
The man accused of murdering Johanne Hatty 23 years ago has told a
Sydney court there was "absolutely no way" he was responsible for the

Zimbabwe: Sex work thrives as girls struggle to survive
IRIN News, 18 April 2007
Dressed in a tiny white skirt and a top, Linda, 16, (not her real name)
struts into a nightclub in Madlambuzi, a sprawling rural settlement in
Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South Province. Swinging to the deafening music,
she scans the room for potential customers.

Eritrea: Concluding Remarks On Female Circumcision
Eritrea Daily, 18 April 2007
The proclamation banning female circumcision in Eritrea nearly two weeks
ago, 4 Apr 07, attracted a lot of media attention and sparked and
re-kindled a wide-ranging debate.

Prosecutor says identity of most witnesses in Charles Taylor trial will
be secret
International Herald Tribune, 18 April 2007
The identity of most witnesses who testify against Charles Taylor at his
war crimes trial will be kept secret. Taylor is scheduled to go on trial
starting June 4 on 11 charges including terrorism, murder, rape, sexual
slavery, mutilation and recruiting child soldiers.

Child abuse is a family secret
The Leader-Courier, 18 April 2007
Child abuse is a family secret and most children do not report the abuse
remarked Counselor Jeff Davis of the Children & Family
Interventions/Behavior & Mental Health Counseling in Fernley.

Is the Constitution supreme?
The New Vision, 18 April 2007
Nakiganda, a 15-year old student of Kabowa Institute, was recently
married off to a prominent businessman. Sad as the Nakiganda case is,
the proponents of child marriages ignore the adverse health and social
effects and argue that because a girl has started her menstrual circle
she is mature enough to get married.

Dealing with rape: We need to do better
The Namibian, 18 April 2007
DOCTORS who examine the survivors of rape and other sexual assaults have
only one chance to gather make-or-break evidence that could help to
bring perpetrators of this type of crime to book.

Sudan's children at a crossroads: An urgent need for protection
Relief Web, 18 April 2007
The protection and well-being of children and youth in Sudan are at a
crucial juncture. While children in the South are enjoying increased
protection and access to services, those in Darfur and other areas of
Sudan are enduring unspeakable acts of violence and abuse.

Cops report sex attack on four-year-old girl
The Namibian, 18 April 2007
A four-year-old girl was raped at Ombaadhiya village in the Uukwaluudhi
district, northern Namibia, on Thursday.

Bill to increase child rape penalty passes Judiciary Committee
The Leaf Chronicle, 18 April 2007
Legislation that would increase the penalty for raping a child in
Tennessee moved a step closer to possibly becoming law after passing the
House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Duke rape case/Blaming the victim, again
Raleigh FIST, 18 April 2007
The infamous "Duke Lacrosse Rape Case" has once again taken the media
forefront and divided the U.S. Last week's decision to drop the sexual
assault charges against the three Duke University men has rattled
communities and weakened the survivor's support system. Here in North
Carolina the responses and effects regarding the decision are the most

Baby rape: the family connection
The Mail and Guardian, 17 April 2007
"I'm not a bad mother. I got a boyfriend who built us a shack to sleep
in and I wash my child every day and make sure she's never cold or

Teens charged with rape granted bail
The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 April 2007
Four teenagers charged over a gang rape filmed on a mobile phone have
been given bail after lawyers argued a newly-discovered recording showed
the girl having consensual sex with an alleged attacker.

Rape accused 'phoned girl's mum'
BBC News, 17 April 2007
A teenager raped and robbed a 15-year-old schoolgirl, then rang her
mother to tell her what had happened, a Belfast Crown Court jury has
been told.

Delay in killer's sentencing angers family
The Mail and Guardian, 17 April 2007
The family of Michaela Garoenisha Ganchi was "very angry" following the
postponement on Tuesday of the sentencing of the little girl's killer.

Lasting damage of false rape claim
Manawatu Standard, 17 April 2007
Police say a woman who claimed she had been raped by a man posing as a
plain clothes police officer was telling lies and she has been referred
to "appropriate health professionals."

Iraq: Sexual cleansing - Gov't denies gays are targets of killings
IRIN News, 16 April 2007
The Iraqi lesbian and gay community and NGOs dealing with gay issues
have called for urgent action to protect gays and lesbians in the

Where Are the Cries of Outrage Over Military Rapes?
Counterpunch Political Newsletter, 16 April 2007
A change in DOD policy in 2005 allowing sexual assaults to be reported
confidentially in "restricted reports" led to the number of reported
assaults across the military rising 40 percent.

Child Trafficking is Significantly Worse - IOM Deputy Director
The Point Newspaper, 16th April 2007
Madam Ndioro Ndiaye, Deputy Director-General of International
Organization of Migration (IOM), has asserted that the phenomenon of
child trafficking has significantly worsened because of what she called
the transformation of ancient cultural practices, such as putting
children in the care of relatives or sending them in search of Qur'anic

Raped Zimbabwean Women Seek Justice
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 13 April 2007
Still visibly traumatised and walking with the help of a stick,
Zimbabwean Silibaziso Tembo vividly recounts being tortured by ruling
party Zanu-PF agents, which has left her paralysed.

Mens' silence supports rape
Daily Illini, 13 April 2007
Last week I had the opportunity to personally speak with Jackson Katz, a
leader who is dedicated to preventing violence against women.

As fighting in Somalia intensifies, UN official voices concern for
UN News, 12 April 2007
United Nations humanitarian official today voiced deep concern over the
dire situation in the war-torn country where civilians fleeing the
capital, Mogadishu, have been harassed, threatened, raped and robbed.

Turkey - Crimes of Honour: A Dishonourable Practice
The Economist, 12th April 2007
Despite a government crackdown, honour killings persist in Turkey.  With
his soulful eyes and timid smile, Murat Kara, a 40-year-old stocking
seller in the mainly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir, is an unlikely
murderer. Yet 13 years ago he pumped seven bullets into his younger

Men As Partners(r) Week Aims to Empower Men to Reduce HIV/AIDS and
Gender-Based Violence in South Africa 
EngenderHealth Press Release, 4 April 2007
From 23-30 April 2007, EngenderHealth South Africa and the Men As
Partners(r) (MAP) Network will lead the first annual Men As Partners
Week to motivate men to take action against HIV/AIDS and gender-based


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