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Sexual Violence in the News:

A fall, a rape - and $240,000
Sydney Morning Herald, 26 April 2007
A woman has won nearly $240,000 compensation from RailCorp after a judge
ruled she was raped because she had broken her ankle weeks earlier at a
Sydney railway station.

Female lawyers want FGM declared illegal
Daily Monitor, 26 April 2007
After successfully challenging the law on adultery, Law and Advocacy for
Women in Uganda has petitioned the Constitutional Court to declare
female genital mutilation illegal.

Women still treated as male 'property' in Zim
The Zimbabwean, 26 April 2007
Shereen Essof, Zimbabwean feminist and revolutionary activist, speaks on
the fate of women in Zimbabwe. Currently based in Cape Town, she is
known for her role in the women's movement in Zimbabwe.

Mexico City legalises abortion on demand
The Mail and Guardian, 26 April 2007
A new law for Mexico City permitting abortion on demand in early
pregnancy was hailed on Wednesday as a landmark in the fight for women's
rights across Latin America.

African Union says Darfur militias acting with impunity
Reuters, 25 April 2007
The African Union (AU) peacekeeping force in West Darfur told the United
Nations on Wednesday that Arab militias were killing and pillaging in
the region without arrests by the Sudanese authorities.

Japan's 'Atonement' to Former Sex Slaves Stirs Anger 
The New York Times, 25 April , 2007
Facing calls to compensate the aging victims of its wartime sexual
slavery, Japan set up the Asian Women's Fund in 1995. It was a
significant concession from Japan, which has always asserted that
postwar treaties absolved it of all individual claims from World War II.


Girl jailed for false rape accusation
The Times of India, 25 April 2007
A teenage girl, whose false accusation of rape led an Asian taxi driver
to lose his job and sell his home, has been sentenced to four months
imprisonment by a British court.

Women as brood mares
The Pioneer, 25 April 2007
How fair is it that men are never targeted to accept blame for the
unwanted pregnancies that occur year after year? Must women continue to
suffer for policy failure?

Rape victims advocate requiring morning-after pill in Wisconsin
Pioneer Press, 25 April 2007
When Amanda Harrington went to an Italian hospital to report being
raped, she was immediately asked whether she wanted to take the
morning-after pill to prevent a pregnancy.

Teen arrested for rape of 4-year-old
The Express-Star, 25 April 2007
A Ninnekah youth is in jail today for allegedly sexually molesting a
four-year-old girl. Daniel Keith Stevenson, 16, has been charged with
rape one, forcible oral sodomy, child molestation and indecent exposure.

Rape-a-day tip of iceberg - Crisis Network
Irish Examiner, 25 April 2007
A woman has been raped almost every day this year, according to shocking
new crime statistics released today.

Court Sets Date For Gang Rape Trial
The Dunn Daily, 25 April 2007
The Harnett County Superior Court has set Sept. 24 as the trial date for
the six defendants charged in the July 2006 gang rape of an 18-year-old
Dunn woman.

Bible rape vigilante convicted
The Daily Telegraph, 25 April 2007
It took a jury just half an hour yesterday to convict a man of the rape
of a Muslim woman as punishment for her reading the Bible.


Pilot denies 'rape by deception'
BBC News, 24 April 2007
A Syrian-born airline pilot tricked a woman into having sex with him by
saying intercourse could cure an infection, a court has heard.

UN expert urges intensified measures to combat violence against children
UN News, 24 April 2007
A United Nations expert today urged representatives of governments from
across the world meeting in Geneva to intensify national and
international efforts to combat violence against children, including
sexual exploitation and other forms of abuse.

Authorities fail to protect Indigenous women from shocking rates of rape
Amnesty International, 24 April 2007
Native American and Alaska Native women in the United States suffer
disproportionately high levels of rape and sexual violence, yet the
federal government has created substantial barriers to accessing

Mexico City Legalizes Abortion Early in Term 
New York Times, 24 April, 2007
The Mexico City legislature approved a bill Tuesday to make abortion
legal during the first three months of pregnancy, a watershed vote that
set the stage for court battles and social clashes between religious
conservatives and liberals.

Japanese guilty of serial rape, not Briton's death
Reuters, 24 April 2007
A Japanese businessman was sentenced to life in prison on Tuesday for
serial rape and killing an Australian woman, but was cleared of killing
British bar hostess Lucie Blackman in one of Japan's worst sex crime

Mali: Truth hurts for children living with HIV/AIDS
IRIN News, 24 April 2007
For almost 13 years Maimouna only knew that her parents died of a "blood
disease" when she was young. But three months ago she learned that
disease was HIV/AIDS - and she is infected too.

Burkina Faso: Text message saves girl from forced marriage 
IRIN News, 23 April 2007
Kadidiatou Korsaga, director of Burkina Faso's department for girls'
education promotion, despairs when asked about the recent case of a
15-year-old girl kidnapped from her school classroom and dragged off for
an arranged marriage with an older man.

Press Conference By Special Representative For Children And Armed
UN News, 23 April 2007
Radhika Coomaraswamy, the Secretary-General's Special Representative for
Children and Armed Conflict, briefed correspondents at a Headquarters
press conference this afternoon on her two-week mission to Lebanon.

Swaziland: AIDS activists call for death penalty for HIV infection by
IRIN News, 23 April 2007
A rising incidence of rape in Swaziland, coupled with the world's
highest level of HIV-infection, is fuelling a national debate on what
punishment should be meted out to rapists, especially if the victims of
sex crimes become infected with the disease.

South Africa: Cost bars crucial vaccine from HIV-positive kids 
IRIN PlusNews, 23 April 2007
Prohibitive costs are preventing an important vaccine from reaching an
estimated 260 children born with HIV daily in South Africa.

Sahel: Traffickers targeting poorest countries
IRIN News, 23 April 2007
Organised crime is on the rise across the Sahel region of West Africa as
traffickers target the ancient trading region's remote desert routes and
cities to move drugs, people and illicit goods across borders and to

Two women impart sex education, girls report child marriages, abuse
Pune Newsline, 23 April 2007
One-hour class every month for two years now had 60 girls promising to
marry only after 18

UWI online project to document HIV/AIDS, anti-gay harassment
Starbroek News, 23 April 2007
With hate crimes in the Caribbean seemingly on the rise, the University
of the West Indies (UWI) has launched a regional campaign to document
and study continuing attacks to raise awareness.

Lal Masjid refers rape case to govt
Daily Times, 23 April 2007
The Lal Masjid administration on Sunday referred an alleged rape case to
the government as a "test case" for early dispensation of justice.

Is marriage a shield for a rapist? 
IBN Live, 22 April 2007
It's a love story turned sour and then sweet say jail officials in
Orissa - who held a man convicted of rape marrying his victim.

Gender equality and the price of violence
IPP Media, 22 April 2007
Gender-based violence knows no boundaries - be they economic, social or
geographic. It is pervasive, pernicious and is overwhelmingly
perpetrated by men against women and girls. 

Child marriages rampant in MP
ND.TV 22 April 2007
The Madhya Pradesh government, like in the previous year, had
extensively publicized a few days before the Akshay tritiya day that it
had made all arrangements for checking child marriages.


Envoy attacks female circumcision in Kenya
Reuters, 21 April 2007
The U.S. ambassador to Kenya attacked the practice of female
circumcision on Saturday, saying local communities must denounce it.

50 minors stopped from getting married across MP 
The Hindu News Update Service, 21 April 2007
Around 50 minors have been prevented from tying the knot in Madhya
Pradesh on the occasion of Akshya Trithiya.

Duke rape case built on assumptions
The Etownian Online, 21 April 2007
The year-long sexual assault case against three Duke University lacrosse
players was dropped recently. The case was closed for a number of
reasons; mainly there was unethical handling of the case by the former
prosecutor, a lack of evidence and inconsistent testimonies.

Teen accused of rape at underage drinking party
Press and Sun-Bulletin, 21 April 2007
A Town of Owego teen was charged Friday in connection with the alleged
forcible rape of a 15-year-old girl at an underage drinking party.

DNA Test Exonerates Man Who Served 25 Years For Rape
NBC News, 21 April 2007
Jerry Miller spent 25 years behind bars for a rape he has long
maintained he didn't commit.

Beyond legal reforms: Eradication of gender violence 
The Ethiopian Herald, 20 April 2007
An increasing magnitude of violence against women and girls- perpetuated
by social norms, religious fanaticism and exploitative economic and
political conditions continue to wreak havoc in every corner of the

Mozambique: HIV-infected women blamed and shunned 
IRIN PlusNews, 20 April 2007
HIV/AIDS often has more devastating consequences for Mozambican women
than it does for men. When the virus is detected, they are often accused
of bringing HIV into the home, and may even be rejected or abandoned by
their families.

'Rushing To Rape' Was Rushed And Mistaken
The Harvard Crimson, 20 April 2007
Lucy M. Caldwell's column "Rushing to Rape" (Apr. 18) rushed to its own
uninformed conclusion: women should prevent sexual assault by "taking
control of [their] sexual behavior." Rather than ascribing
responsibility for sexual violence to the attackers, she suggests that
women should stop giving men the opportunity and the cause, from
excessive alcohol consumption to unclear relationship expectations, to
rape them.

Brutal killings in Nepal could have been prevented, UN human rights arm
UN News, 20 April 2007
On 21 March, 27 people, including four women and one 17-year-old girl,
were killed and many more injured at the Rice Mill field in Gaur,
central Nepal.

Closing the gap: Gender-Based Violence in South Africa
IRIN News, In depth.
In a country long sickened by the frighteningly high level of sexual
violence, one of the greatest challenges facing South Africa is closing
the gap between the rhetoric of gender equality and the reality on the

Eritrea: Text of proclamation banning female circumcision
Eritrea Daily, 19 April 2007
On 4 April 2007, the governmental authority in Eritrea issued a
proclamation declaring female circumcision in Eritrea illegal.

SUDAN: Children in urgent need of protection, says new report 
IRIN News, 18 April 2007
Children in war-ravaged areas of Sudan have endured unspeakable
violations and urgently need protection, according to a report by a
network of NGOs monitoring violations against children in situations of
armed conflict. 


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