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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources to be included on the SVRI Updates or on the SVRI website, please email svri at mrc.ac.za. For additional resources and information on sexual violence, visit us at www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/> .

Sexual Violence in the News:

Sexual assaults still a problem at the nation's service academies
Times Herald-Record, 22 January, 2007 
With the hushed release of the Pentagon's annual sexual assault and harassment survey on Jan. 12, gender equality at the nation's service academies has become "just another problem."

Meeting in Progress: Committee On Elimination Of Discrimination Against Women -- Report Of Peru
PressZoom (press release) 22 January 2007
According to the report, the problems facing Peruvian women constitute “a pressing and unfinished item on the country's agenda”, but Peru’s commitment to the advancement of women is irreversible.

SOUTH AFRICA: Closing the gap on gender-based violence
IRIN News, 19 January 2007
In a country long sickened by the frighteningly high level of sexual violence, one of the greatest challenges facing South Africa is closing the gap between the rhetoric of gender equality and the reality on the ground.

Kidnapped boy sent message to parents
Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 2007
The parents of a 15-year-old teen rescued from an alleged kidnapper after more than four years told US talk show host Oprah Winfrey in an interview aired they believe he was sexually abused while in captivity.

World's worst hidden disasters
The Bulletin 19 January 2007
These are the top 10 calamities which the aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres says were forgotten in 2006.

Open defends silence on sexual assault
Sydney Morning Herald, 18 January 2007
Tennis Australia says it kept quiet for four days about the sexual assault of a five-year-old boy in a toilet block at the Australian Open tournament at the request of police.

Iraq rape soldier to plead guilty 
BBC News 18 January 2007
A US soldier has agreed to plead guilty in the rape of a 14-year-old girl and the murder of her and her family in the Iraqi town of Mahmudiya last year.

Pro-government militia sexually assaulting women in eastern India, says rights group
International Herald Tribune - France, 18 January 2007
The Committee Against Violence On Women said there were "many reports of rape and sexual violation of women by men in uniform" belonging to the "Salwa Judum ...

At UN war crimes tribunal, Bosnian Serb soldier pleads guilty to rape and torture
UN News, 17 January 2007
A former Bosnian Serb soldier and de facto military policeman today pleaded guilty before a United Nations war crimes tribunal to charges that he raped and tortured Bosnian Muslim women and girls during the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

Liberia: Government, Women's Groups Decry Post-War Sexual Violence
AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 17 January 2007
Rising levels of rape and sexual exploitation of women and teenage girls in Liberia have sparked concern by both the government and women's rights groups.

Rising violence in Darfur threatens relief effort
The Chronicle.com 17 January 2007
In a sweeping call for help, a wide range of U.N. aid agencies appealed Wednesday to warring parties to end the violence in Darfur, warning the relief keeping millions alive will be "irreversibly jeopardized" if it does not stop.

Johns Hopkins University Offers Course On Mail-Order Brides
Cristina DC Pastor, 17 January, 2007
NEW JERSEY - The prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is offering a course on Filipina mail-order brides, calling it a “serious course” that would help explain the stereotyping of Filipino women.

Child abuse link to future health
BBC News 16 January 2007
Children who suffer abuse have an increased risk of physical ill health in adulthood, results suggest.

Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse: The Need for Special Measures Within the Private Security / Military Industry
ISS Today, 16 January 2007
The need for special measures to protect women and children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse by forces employed by private security/military companies (PSCs/PMCs) during peacekeeping missions cannot be overemphasised, given the tendency of certain members of such missions to engage in these illegal activities.

‘Media entirely to blame’ for rise in sexual abuse
Gulf Times, 16 January, 2007
SEXUAL violence, especially against children, has now turned into a social issue in Qatar, virtually forcing a Doha-based non-profit body to organise a first-of-its-kind workshop, the first session of which was held on Sunday

Police Register Over 200 Cases Of Violence Against Women 
Angola Press, 16 January 2007
At least two hundred and ninety nine cases of violence against women were registered by the National Police in 2006 in Luanda, informed the Provincial Police spokesperson, superintendent Divaldo Martins. 

"Transparent Elections": ILO Calls For Zero Tolerance Of Violence Against Children
www.demaz.org, 16 January 2007
Millions of child labourers and legally employed adolescents face “systemic” violence at their places of work, ranging from physical or verbal abuse to sexual harassment, rape and even murder, according to a new “World Report on Violence Against Children”.

New Bill Would Help Domestic Violence Victims
Women's eNews, 15 January 2007
A new bill being drafted by Sen. Biden would create a network of 100,000 legal volunteers to work on behalf of domestic violence victims

Warning over UK child trafficking 
BBC News, 15 January 2007
Young people continue to be smuggled into the UK to be sexually exploited, put to work or forced into marriage, a study has found.

Women and girls must be protected from violence, UN official tells rights committee
UN News, 15 January 2007
States who have signed on to the United Nations international bill of rights for women must continue to press for an end to gender-based violence, a senior UN official today told experts gathering in New York to evaluate compliance with the treaty.

LIBERIA: Government, women's groups decry post-war sexual violence
IRIN News, 15 January 2007
Rising levels of reported rape and sexual exploitation of women and teenage girls in Liberia have sparked concern by both the government and women's rights groups.

Times Herald-Record, 14 January 2007
Sexual violence is handed down from generation to generation as if it were a secret heirloom. Something has got to break the cycle. 

Prosecutor Seeks to Bow Out of Duke Case
Washington Post Staff Writers, 13 January 2007
After months of stinging criticism about his handling of the Duke University sexual assault investigation, Durham District Attorney Michael B. Nifong sought to bow out of the case yesterday, requesting that the North Carolina Attorney General's Office handle the prosecution.

Life term for girl's rape, kidnap

BBC News, 13 January 2007
A convicted rapist is jailed for life for abducting and sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl, weeks after a supervision order ended.

UK Must Not Deport Women to Unsafe Congo
오마이뉴스 - South Korea, 13 January 2007
It reports "alarmingly high rates of sexual violence against women" and that the health delivery system in the country has been destroyed by the decades long armed conflict..

Pair jailed for trafficking women 
BBC News, 11 January 2007
A couple have been jailed after admitting bringing women into the UK to work as prostitutes.

Trafficking Of Nepali Girls
VOA News, 9 January 2007
According to the U.S. State Department’s latest report on human trafficking, “An estimated twelve thousand Nepali women and children are trafficked every year into sexual exploitation in Indian brothels, and an unspecified number are victims of internal sex trafficking.”

International Justice Failing Rape Victims 
IWPR, 7 January 2007
Despite significant strides in international law, many sexual violence crimes are going unpunished because of flawed investigations and prosecutions.
International justice has come a very long way since the summer of 1992, when violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina raged and reports surfaced for the first time of mass rape being used as a weapon of war.


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses.

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