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Sexual Violence in the News:

Man jailed for rape after giving DNA sample
Stuff.co.nz, 20 July 2007
The 2001 rape was not solved at the time but last August Pop Tanupou
E'Moala Aholelei was involved in a motor accident and gave police a
voluntary DNA sample.

'Honour killing' victim was raped 
BBC News, 19 July 2007
An honour killing victim was raped and tortured before being killed in
her south London home, a court has heard.

Child marriages, trafficking on the rise in West Bengal
The Hindu Newspaper, 19 July 2007
A survey conducted across several districts in West Bengal has indicated
that a rising awareness against dowry is fuelling the incidence of child
marriage and trafficking.

Kids accused of aiding dowry torture
The Times of India, 19 July 2007
While most children their age are busy with school activities, two
siblings - eight-year-old Ajay and four-year-old Vishal - are evading
arrest, and are in hiding since June 29.

S.Leone court jails militiamen for "heinous crimes"
The Washington Post, 19 July 2007
Sierra Leone's war crimes court on Thursday sentenced three militia
leaders to long jail terms for "some of the most heinous, brutal and
atrocious crimes ever recorded" including killing, rape and enslaving

Gang-rape suspects may be part of prostitution ring
The Daily News, 19 July 2007
Three weeks into a cross-Canada manhunt for three Nova Scotia men wanted
for a brutal gang sex assault, there are hints the men are involved in a
prostitution ring forcing young women into the sex trade and moving them
from Nova Scotia to Ontario. 

A 'window' for victims of abuse
Los Angeles Times, 19 July 2007
Without question, the bravest souls involved in Los Angeles'
$660-million clergy abuse settlement are the victims who came forward to
sue the archdiocese.

Task force to deal with sexual assault
The West Australian, 19 July 2007
A high level task force headed up by Western Australia's chief justice
has been formed to deal with the recent string of sexual assault charges
in indigenous communities in the Kimberley.

US Man Challenges Hong Kong Extradition
The New York Times, 19 July 2007
An American man accused of raping his daughter and posting videos of the
abuse online has challenged a U.S. request to extradite him from Hong
Kong, his lawyer said Thursday.

12-year-old charged with rape
Melbourne Herald Sun, 19 July 2007
A 12-year-old boy and a youth, 15, have been charged with rape and
sexual assault after an incident in Ipswich late yesterday.

Afghanistan: Lack of institutional mechanisms to tackle human
Irin News, 19 July 2007
For Ali Shah Paktiawal, a senior police official dealing with social
crimes in Kabul, it is not very important whether his country has any
specific law against human trafficking or not.

Woman held over child mutilation  

BBC News, 19 July 2007
A woman has been arrested on suspicion of arranging female genital
mutilation on two children, police said.

'The barrister ripped into me'
Guardian Unlimited, 19 July 2007
Kerry Lorimer reports on a proposed scheme in Scotland to protect rape
victims while also aiming to boost convictions.

Debate on Child Pornography's Link to Molesting
The New York Times, 19 July 2007
Experts have often wondered what proportion of men who download explicit
sexual images of children also molest them.

Sex offender surrenders to police 
BBC News, 19 July 2007
A missing paedophile has turned himself in to police after appearing on
a "most wanted" list.

Law to Crack Down on Child Sexual Exploitation In Costa Rica
Tico Times, Costa Rica, 19 July 2007
President Oscar Arias signed a law yesterday to crack down on the sexual
exploitation of minors

Police failed to probe rape case
iafrica.com, 18 July 2007
A complaint of failing to investigate a rape allegation made by a
mentally handicapped girl has been lodged against the Pretoria West
police by trade union Solidarity's Helping Hand fund, the fund said on

Raped stepdaughter reveals ordeal
BBC News, 18 July 2007
A woman has spoken of her ordeal at the hands of her stepfather who has
been jailed indefinitely after admitting repeatedly raping her as a

Nigerian drug trafficker and a Saudi policeman convicted of sexual
assault beheaded
The International Herald Tribune, 17 July 2007
Saudi Arabian authorities on Tuesday, beheaded a Saudi policeman
convicted of sexual assault and a Nigerian convicted of drug
trafficking, the Interior Ministry said.

3 lose school jobs in slaying cover-up
LA Times, 17 July 2007
Eastern Michigan University has fired President John A. Fallon III and
dismissed two other top officials, less than two weeks after a federal
investigation found that administrators broke the law by covering up the
rape and slaying of a student in her dorm room.

Surgery Helps Women Recover from Female Genital Mutilation
Voice of America, 17 July 2007
Groundbreaking reconstructive surgery for women who have undergone
genital mutilation is being performed in Burkina Faso.

Gang rape trial told of teenager's torment
The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 July 2007
A distressed 15-year-old girl allegedly stumbled out of an apartment in
Hurstville on the afternoon of August 31 last year.

A mother a little too soon
The Yemen Times, 17 July 2007
Early marriage is said to be one of the main social problems within
Yemen due to its alleged negative impact on both the physical and mental
health, as well as on many other aspects of a young woman's life.

Israeli judge slams president's sex plea deal
Reuters, 17 July 2007
An Israeli high court justice slammed state prosecutors on Tuesday over
a plea deal that dropped a rape charge against the former president in
exchange for his admission to lesser charges of sexual assault.

Mandatory HIV Testing For Rape Suspects?
FoxNews.com, 17 July 2007
Senators and assemblymen in the Big Apple recently passed a bill that
would force rape or sodomy suspects to undergo HIV testing, the results
of which would be made available (upon request) to the victim.

NHRC guidelines for speedy disposal of child rape cases
The Hindu, 17 July 2007
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Monday issued guidelines
for speedy disposal of child rape cases, recommending that the
investigation be completed within three months and the trial carried out
in a child-friendly atmosphere.

Child marriages rife in nations getting U.S. aid
USA Today, 17 July 2007
Laxmi, 8, dressed in bridal finery, waits for her marriage ceremony to
start in Rajgarh, India, in April 2007. Ignoring laws that ban child
marriages, some children as young as 7 are married in centuries-old

Zimbabwe: Daughters fetch high prices as brides 
IRIN News, 17 July 2007
Daughters have become a high-priced commodity in Zimbabwe, where a dowry
has become a means of escaping poverty in a rapidly declining economy.

Sexual abuse not just a Catholic problem: Vatican
Reuters, 17 July 2007
Sexual abuse of children is not just a Catholic Church problem and other
institutions should take steps to acknowledge and deal with such
"wickedness" within their own ranks, the Vatican said on Tuesday.

Governments make progress in interpersonal violence prevention
World Health Organization, 16 July 2007
Governments around the world are taking new and stronger measures to
quell interpersonal violence and its life-long health consequences, a
new WHO report shows.

Amadhila to be tried in High Court for rape
The Namibian, 16 July 2007
PROMINENT northern Namibia businessman Onesmus Tobias Amadhila is set to
stand trial in the High Court on three charges related to allegations
that he raped a female relative.

Eleven-year-old keeps pregnancy a secret
Independent Online, 16 July 2007
An 11-year-old primary school pupil who was raped last year but kept her
ordeal a secret until a month ago, has given birth to a baby boy.

Hunt continues for man accused of drug rape
New Zeeland Herald, 16 July 2007
Palmerston North police are continuing to hunt accused drug rapist
Thomas William Milligan who has been on the run since he failed to turn
up for his trial last month.

Arrests made after rape, hijack
Independent Online, 16 July 2007
Three men who allegedly hijacked and raped a group of women just over a
week ago were arrested in Hammarsdale on Monday, KwaZulu-Natal police

Conflicts in Africa thrive on war, wine and women
The Standard Online, 16 July 2007
If Africa had the courage and capacity to arrest and try all those who
have killed, raped and maimed the daughters and mothers of the
continent, huge concentration camps would be required in at least 20
countries stretching from Cape Town to Cairo and Dakar to Djibouti.

A new Convention to protect children against sexual exploitation and
Human Rights Education Associates, 16 July 2007
The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe has adopted the
Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and
Sexual Abuse, which represents a major advance in this field.

Asylum Ruling Leaves Out Chinese Spouses
Guardian Unlimited, 16 July 2007
The husbands of women forced to abort a pregnancy or undergo involuntary
sterilization, or else face persecution under China's coercive
population control program, do not automatically qualify for asylum, a
federal appeals court ruled Monday.

IT City plagued by dowry deaths
The Times of India, 16 July 2007
Three dowry deaths a day - that's Bangalore's dubious distinction.

Africa wants global fight against human trafficking
Reuters, 15 July 2007
Africa cannot stamp out the multi-billion dollar human trafficking trade
alone and a global effort is needed, top legal experts from the world's
poorest continent said late on Saturday.

UNICEF Voices Concern about Sexual Violence in Burundi
Voice of America, 13 July 2007
The U.N. Children's Fund (UNICEF) says it is concerned about the large
and growing number of children in Burundi who are victims of sexual

The truth behind those statistics
The Mail and Guardian, 13 July 2007
Rape levels in South Africa remain alarming. With 111 rapes per 100 000
people, our rate is still among the highest for countries that collate
such reports.


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