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Sexual Violence in the News:

Paedophile rape report suppressed to protect a killer's right to privacy
Times Online, 8 June 2007
The findings of an inquiry into why a convicted murderer freed from
prison was able to abduct and rape a ten-year-old boy will remain secret
because its publication would infringe the killer's right to privacy. 

Jill Porter | Date-rape's burden, this trial confirms, is heavier than
8 June 2007
I'D KNOWN HIM for many years. We offered each other companionship and
the refuge of uncomplicated sex when we were in-between relationships.

Woman jailed for false rape claim
BBC News 7 June 2007
A married mother of a three-month old baby, who invented a rape claim,
has been jailed for four months.

Most Men Willing to Get Involved in Efforts to Prevent Domestic
Violence, Sexual Assault
Family Violence Prevention Fund, 7 June 2007
More than half of men think it is very or fairly likely that, at some
point in their lives, they will know a victim of domestic violence or
sexual assault, and most are willing to take action to raise awareness,
help victims, and promote healthy, violence-free relationships,
according to a poll released in Washington, D.C. today. 

Two say 'cleansing' of court language goes too far
Omaha World Herald, 7 June 2007
For 13 excruciating hours, Tory Bowen testified in court about waking up
with a man she didn't recall meeting. She said he was sexually
assaulting her.

Man freed by DNA sues Pittsburgh police for false rape arrest
Philly.com, 7 June 2007
A man cleared of rape after 19 years in prison has sued city police,
claiming they used a suggestive photo lineup and fabricated evidence to
wrongly convict him.

Samples may be sent for DNA test
Times of India, 7 June 2007
The police are working overnight to prepare a water-tight case against
Amit Bhadauria and his friend Akhilesh Singh who raped a 38-year-old
mother of three in a moving car on Monday night.

Expert debunks spiking myths
The Brisbane Times, 8 June 2007
Most drink spiking victims will have more alcohol added to their drinks
instead of date rape chemicals, a sexual violence support expert said

$10,000 reparation ordered for making a false rape complaint
Radio New Zeeland News, 8 June 2007
A South Auckland woman has been ordered to pay $10,000 in reparation for
making a false complaint of rape.

South Africa: Khwezi - One year on
African Path, 7 June 2007
A year ago Jacob Zuma was acquitted of the rape of Khwezi in the State v
Zuma rape trial.

Fury Over Rape Treatment Facilities
The Irish Voice, 7 June 2007
Pressure is to be applied to the new government to speed up plans to
improve help services for sex assault victims.

Female War Reporters Hide Sexual Abuse To Continue Getting Assignments
AlterNet, 7 June 2007
As more female reporters cover conflict zones, they face the same
hurdles as their male counterparts and then some. In the macho world of
overseas journalism, those who face sexual abuse often choose to say
nothing at all.

Court Grants Asylum Over Forced Abortion
New York Times, 7 June 2007
A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that women who are forced to
abort their pregnancies by governments such as China's can be awarded
asylum in the United States.

Sudanese Lawyers Receive Guidance for Possible Trials Over Darfur'
New York Times, 7 June, 2007
As international pressure increases over the situation in Darfur,
Sudanese lawyers are looking ahead to the day when victims of mass rape
and torture seek justice in tribunals like the International Criminal
Court in The Hague.

Age of Consent Muddles Law on Marriage vs. Rape
Women's eNews, 7 June 2007
A Delaware clerk of the peace is happy that his days of performing
wedding ceremonies for underage, pregnant brides will soon be over. But
a number of other states still have marriage provisions that conflict
with their own laws on statutory rape.

Mislabeled rape kits could doom cases
Asheville Citizen Times, 7 June 2007
An inventory of the evidence room at the Buncombe County Sheriff's
Office found 16 rape evidence kits with no name, bar code or case

'I will get you outside'
Independent Online, 7 June 2007
From the day his trial for the rape and murder of a six-year-old girl
began in January, Ronald Ambrose Jones has maintained his composure and


MPs divided over sentences for FGM
The Statesman, 7 June 2007
The Speaker of Parliament, yesterday stood down a proposed amendment to
a section of the Criminal Code (Amendment) Bill that was seeking to
increase the sentence of persons engaged in Female Genital Mutilation.

South Africa: Cops Keep Jobs After Cell Gang-Rape
ISS Today, 7 June 2007
Earlier in the year many people were shocked to learn that, in what
appeared to be a case of extreme malice or gross negligence, members of
the South African Police Service had locked a woman in a male cell.

Violence Against Women is Rampant Around the Globe
City on a Hill Press, 7 June 2007
Over 500 indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing in Canada
over the past 20 years.

Accountability in West Africa: Charles Taylor on Trial at The Hague
World Politics Review, 7 June 2007
"He killed my ma. He killed my pa. I will vote for him." With those
words chanted in the ruined streets of impoverished, war-torn Liberia,
Charles Ghankay Taylor was swept into office in 1997, capping a bloody
eight-year campaign that began with the savage ouster of dictator Samuel

BC weighs charges against polygamist
Globe and Mail, 7 June 2007
Canadian authorities believe underage girls are routinely married off to
older men at the fundamentalist Mormon community of Bountiful, BC.

Law comes down on Mouwers
Hermanus Times, 7 June 2007
Serial rapist Johannes Mouwers will stand trial on 29 counts in the Cape
High Court.

Imam Fatty rebuts FGM claim
The Daily Observer, 6 June 2007
Alhaji Abdoulie Fatty, the Imam of State House Mosque has rebuted
claims published on 1st June edition of the Daily observer, entitled
"Female Genital Cutting Unislamic" as utter rubbish.

Afghanistan: War, Poverty and Ignorance Fuels Sexual Abuse of Children
IRIN News,  6 June 2007
Abdul Kabir, not his real name, left his home in Afghanistan's southern
Urozgan province to work for a relative and attend school in
neighbouring Kandahar province.

'He got what he deserved'
Independent Online, 6 June 2007
The man convicted of kidnapping, raping and killing six-year-old
Michaela Garoenisha Ganchi was sentenced to life imprisonment by the
Johannesburg High Court on Wednesday.

DA: compensate victims of crime
Independent Online, 6 June 2007
Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Sandra Botha has urged the
government to compensate crime victims for their suffering and said they
should have more say in the punishment of their attackers.

Koutoujian pushes new rape bill
The Daily News Tribune, 6 June 2007
A Waltham legislator is pushing for legislation that would make using
deceit to have sex with a person a form of rape.


Calif. attorney general to review De Anza rape case
The Mercury News, 6 June 2007
The state attorney general's office has agreed to review the case of an
alleged gang-rape of a teenage girl by De Anza College baseball players
to determine if county prosecutors erred by not filing charges.

Love and defiance in Zimbabwe
BBC News, 4 June 2007
Zimbabweans who married across political and ethnic lines were some of
the many victims of violent repression under the rule of Robert Mugabe's
in the 1980s.

Namibia: Most rape victims know the rapist
IRIN News, 4 June 2007
Two thirds of rape and attempted rape victims in Namibia know their
perpetrators, a report released ahead of this month's national
conference on violence against women and children said. 

ICE Agents Arrest Mother and 2 Daughters for Human Trafficking
The Daily News, 4 June 2007
Women allegedly enticed Mexican girls into the U.S. and forced them to
work as prostitutes

Conference convenes to combat FGM in Yemen
The Yemen Observer, 4 June 2007
A 15-year old girl died on her wedding day, Ramziah al-Eryani,
Chairwoman of the Yemen Women's Union, told the crowd at a conference to
discuss violence against girls held at the Taj Sheba hotel on May 30.

Rape is always a crime, even when it's hard to prove
The Mercury News, 3 June 2007
Rape is a horrible occurrence. It is demeaning; it is traumatic; it is
dangerous. And it is oftentimes hard to prove. But it is always a crime.


Woman Charged With Rape of 12-Year-Old Boy
Fox News, 1 June 2007
Police in Lancaster County say a 12-year-old boy told investigators he
had sex with a 24-year-old former York woman - and his mother accepted
money for it from the woman.


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