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Sexual Violence in the News:

Briggs: At United Nations, women speak out
Indian Country Today, 14 June 2007
Indigenous women from across the Americas used May's meeting of the
United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues to spotlight the
unique violence that targets indigenous women, particularly in the
border zones of nations and on the borders of race.

Justice system put on trial as rape cases collapse
The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 June 2007
Questions have been raised about the justice system and sexual assault
cases following the collapse of two long-running cases this week of an
alleged serial rapist, after the alleged victims refused to give

Letter claims location of Maddie's body
The Brisbane Times, 14 June 2007
Praia da Luz, Portugal.- Madeleine McCann's parents were on tenterhooks
last night as Portuguese police investigated claims that their daughter
lies buried in deserted scrubland only 14km from where she was abducted.

Honour killing suspects on the run in Iraq
Gulf Times, 13 June 2007
Two men suspected of being directly involved in the 'honour' killing of
Banaz Mahmod have fled to Iraq. The unnamed men are said to have boasted
about raping Banaz in her home before they garroted her with a bootlace
and stuffed her body in a suitcase.

Sex offenders to be chemically castrated
The Brisbane Times, 13 June 2007
The British government will today announce a new pilot scheme that will
see some sex offenders chemically castrated.

New bill may entrench minimum sentences
Business Day, 13 June 2007
Contentious minimum sentences are set to become a permanent feature with
the tabling of legislation to give regional courts the power to impose
life sentences.

Priest awaits sentence over rape 
BBC News, 14 June 2007
A priest who worked in Roslea, County Fermanagh, is due to be sentenced
for aiding the rape of a young girl from Liverpool in 2005. 

Cop: Duke prosecutor pushed rape case despite doubts
CNN International, 13 June 2007
As prosecutor Mike Nifong pushed forward with the Duke lacrosse rape
case, a police investigator expressed concerns that there was a lack of

Vatican suspends backing for Amnesty over abortion issue
Philippine Star, 13 June 2007
The Roman Catholic Church said Wednesday it was suspending financial aid
to the human rights group Amnesty International, accusing it of having
decided to support abortion.

Still no verdict in Marsalis rape trial
The Philadelphia Enquirer, 13 June 2007
The jury in the Jeffrey Marsalis rape trial deliberated for a fourth day
without reaching a verdict, but jurors asked the judge a question
yesterday that could suggest trouble for the prosecution.

Mo. Man With HIV Gets Life Term for Sex 
The New York Times, 13 June 2007
A man who spent five years in jail for exposing sexual partners to HIV
was sentenced to life in prison for knowingly exposing another woman to
the virus.

Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander faces 13 new sex charges

The Chronicle Journal, 13 June, 2007
Celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander pleaded not guilty to 13
new charges of sexual assault Tuesday after at least six more women and
girls accused him of abuse.

Comatose children's abuser pleads guilty
Daily Breeze.com, 13 June 2007
Wayne Albert Bleyle confessed to molesting "countless" young,
brain-damaged children under his care at the hospital where he worked
for 25 years, prosecutors say.

Peres wins Israeli presidency
PennLive, 13 June 2007
Shimon Peres was elected Israel's ninth president Wednesday, capping a
campaign to extend his six-decade political career in a race marred by
rape allegations against the sitting president.

Claim against district in rape case is public record, court rules
Tucson Citizen, 13 June 2007
A compensation claim that a teenage rape victim filed against a school
district is a public record and should be disclosed because it bears on
government's performance of its duties, the Arizona Court of Appeals
ruled Tuesday.

A gang-rape survivor's account: From Thatta to a police station in
Karachi, and beyond
The Daily Times, 13 June 2007
When I decided to look into a bike accident that had occurred near the
Sakhi Hassan roundabout, little did I realise that I would stumble into
what could arguably be a major prostitution racket in Thatta.

Alleged rape victim counselled 'by abuser's relative'
The Australian, 13 June 2007
An investigation was last night ordered into claims a 12-year-old
Queensland girl, put into care after allegedly being raped repeatedly
from the age of nine by several men, is being treated by a
government-appointed therapist related to one of the abusers.

US warns India over 'world's largest human trafficking problem'
Indian Muslim News and Information, 13 June 2007
Washington : The US has warned India to act swiftly on what it called
the "world's largest human trafficking problem" involving hundreds of
thousands of victims of sexual exploitation and millions of bonded
labourers or face sanctions.

Eritreans still hold on custom of female genital mutilation
SomaliNet News, 13 June 2007
Eritrea banned female genital mutilation (FGM) in April with the
government warning that anyone taking part in or promoting the practice
faces a fine of several hundred dollars or up to 10 years in jail.

Mahmoud Rafid, Iraq, "I have to keep working despite being sexually
IRIN News, 13 June 2007
Mahmoud Rafid, 13, says he is afraid to go on selling goods on the
streets of Baghdad, after being sexually harassed and abused.

Women suffer most in AIDS fight; Africa's losing battle takes its
heaviest toll on females 
The Sudbury Star, 13 June 2007
She was 27 years old, a single mother of two young children, and had
only days to live. Theresia, a former prostitute, was dying of AIDS.

Birth certificates for 50,000 street children
prd%0d=th&> The Hindu, 13 June 2007
The birth certificate, which is an important legal proof of age, is
expected to protect these children from abuses such as underage
marriage, trafficking and child labour as well as establish their rights
in matters relating to property and inheritance.

Girl tells how sex attacker re-enacted web fantasy
Times Online, 13 June 2007
A hospital worker turned the "grotesque fantasy" of the rape stories
that he read regularly on the internet into reality when he attacked a
teenager as she walked through a park.

Bill would force rape suspects to take HIV test
Newsday.com, 13 June 2007
Rape suspects would be forced to undergo HIV testing under a bill
quietly making its way into law despite some impassioned opposition by
gay rights advocates.

U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals Rules That Women Who Underwent Forced
Abortions Can Seek Asylum In U.S.
Medical News Today, 12 June 2007
A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San
Francisco on Wednesday unanimously ruled that women from other
countries, such as China, who are forced to undergo abortion can be
awarded asylum in the U.S., the AP/Houston Chronicle reports (Elias,
AP/Houston Chronicle, 6/6).

Police 'failed' victim of honour killing
Times Online, 12 June 2007
An inquiry was under way last night into a series of police blunders
which ended in the "honour" killing of a young woman at the hands of her
father and uncle.

7 Nations Go on Trafficking Blacklist
Time, 12 June 2007
The Bush administration on Tuesday added seven nations, including
several key U.S. allies in the Middle East, to its human trafficking

Justice sought for Darfur war crimes
Los Angeles Times, 12 June 2007
Sohair Abdella met her client in a hospital room. She had been kidnapped
from her village in Darfur and taken to a Sudanese army camp, where she
was subjected to "continuous rape" for seven days.

Botched trial frees rapist of eight-year-old
Independent Online, 12 June 2007
The family of a girl who was raped in a Mandalay mosque when she was
eight are outraged that the convicted rapist was set free because of an
apparent court bungle.

Day of Split Outcomes in Teenage Sex Case 
The New York Times, 12 June 2007
A judge on Monday ordered the release of a man who is serving a widely
criticized 10-year prison sentence without parole for having consensual
oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17.

Child trafficking rife in Botswana 
Mmegi Online, 12 June 2007
Child trafficking is nothing anyone would want to associate Botswana
with but it is happening right here at home and has been for centuries.

Female genital mutilation: ritual or worship? 
The Yemen Times, 12 June 2007
At a wedding party in one coastal area, a Yemeni bride was carried to
her husband's home in a traditional procession.

Final witness links accused to rape, murder in Rwanda
CanWest News Service, 12 June 2007
Desire Munyaneza was one of the bosses who ordered militia to rape and
kill Tutsis during Rwanda's 1994 genocide, a witness told a
groundbreaking war crimes trial Tuesday.

Nepal: Impoverished rural women prone to exploitation in towns 
IRIN News, 12 June 2007
Maili Buda, 35, is having an increasingly difficult life since her
husband was killed in Khalanga village, northwest of the capital, during
a clash between the Maoist rebels and government security forces nearly
six years ago.

Woman hopes to revive bill eliminating time limits for sex crimes
WTNH News, 12 June 2007
Rape victims and state lawmakers are hoping to revive legislation that
would remove the time limit for prosecuting sexual assault cases.

Former gynae to spend time behind bars
Independent Online, 12 June 2007
Two High Court judges sitting in Pietermaritzburg have ruled that former
Durban gynaecologist Lloyd Damian Daniels must serve a term of
imprisonment for indecently assaulting a young pregnant patient while he
was examining her at RK Khan Hospital on September 25 2001.

Canada's Juarez: Femicide North of the Border
New America Media, 11 June 2007
The surge of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada has
prompted many questions, but very little accountability.

Anger after rapists punished with cautions
The Citizen, 11 June 2007
A charity has slammed police for giving four rapists only a caution for
their crimes.

Sex offender cautions defended 
Guardian Unlimited, 11 June 2007
Police have defended figures showing almost 8,000 sex offenders have
escaped with a caution rather than being charged in the past five years.

Appeals Court Rules that Asylum Should be Granted to Victims of Forced
Feminist Daily News Wire, 11 June 2007
The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that women forced
to undergo abortions in other countries are eligible for asylum in the

Eritrean custom stronger than law on cutting girls
Reuters AlertNet, 11 June 2007
For 3-year-old Amira, a law banning female genital mutilation in Eritrea
came too late.

Cultural 'honour' killing brought to Canada
The Vancouver Sun, 11 June 2007
A 14-year-old female rape victim is strangled to death in March 2004 by
her father and brother because she has supposedly tarnished the family

UK - Father in 'honor killing' found guilty of murder
mnsbc, Associated Press, 11 June 2007
father who ordered his daughter brutally slain for falling in love with
the wrong man in a so-called "honor killing" was found guilty of murder
on Monday.

Safe abortions may soon be legal in Mozambique
Afrol News, 11 June 2007
Abortion could be soon legal in predominantly Catholic Mozambique if the
Maputo parliament endorses a new bill recently approved by the Council
of Ministers.

Study: Sex offenders starting younger
Daily Bulleting, 11 June 2007
Courts have seen the number of sex-offense cases involving juvenile
offenders rise dramatically in recent years, a review of national
statistics found, and treatment professionals say the offenders are
getting younger and the crimes more violent.

New law focuses on sexual assault victims' care
The Oregon Daily Emerald, 11 June 2007
Police will store anonymous evidence for six months, giving victims time
to report a sexual assault

US presidential hopeful Brownback questions abortion for rape victims in
talk to Catholics
The International Herald Tribune, 9 June 2007
Republican Sen. Sam Brownback, campaigning for president before the
National Catholic Men's Conference, questioned whether rape victims
should get abortions.

Medical report fails to prove rape
The Times of India, 9 June, 2007
The medical examination report of the 38-year-old woman, who was raped
in a moving car on Sunday night, was handed over to the police on

Quran is a new weapon in war on female genital mutilation
The Seattle Times, 9 June 2007
Trying to stop a bloody ritual undergone by millions of Muslim women in
sub-Saharan Africa and the Arab world, health activists are trying a new
appeal - they're citing the Quran.

Cops got off lightly, say activists
The Mail and Guardian, 8 June 2007
Gender activists have hammered the "suspended dismissal" of two
Mpumalanga police constables who placed a woman overnight in a police
cell with six men, who then gang-raped her. 

Sudanese children abducted for fighting and sex-UN
Reuters AlertNet, 8 June 2007
Children in Sudan, especially in the Darfur region, continue to be
abducted for use in battle, forced labour or sexual exploitation, a U.N.
human rights body said on Friday.

4 arrested for abusing and injecting men with HIV blood in Holland
Fridae.com, 6 June 2007
A case which involves a group of four HIV-positive gay men - who
allegedly raped victims lured on the Internet, drugged them and infected
them with the HIV virus - has shocked the Netherlands and gay
communities worldwide.

Pakistan Considers Law on Gender Harassment at Workplace Punishable with
IANS, 1 June 2007
Pakistan will amend its laws to make workplace harassment of women
punishable with dismissal from service. 


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