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Sexual Violence in the News:

Thai Law Expands Definition of Rape
The New York Times, 22 June 2007
Gender rights activists Thursday hailed the legislature's approval of an
anti-rape law that widens the definition of the crime and makes it
illegal in Thailand for a husband to have sex with his wife without her

Attempting to make up for decades of neglect
The Age, 22 June 2007
It is 18 years since Aboriginal woman and academic Professor Judy
Atkinson wrote a report for the National Inquiry on Violence saying that
sexual abuse in indigenous communities was endemic and epidemic.

The dilemma of rape victims
The Monitor Online, 22 June 2007
Rape victims wonder whether to first report to the police of seek
medical attention

Portugal Adopts Law Allowing Abortion
The New York Times, 22 June 2007
Portugal introduced a new law Thursday that allows abortion up to the
10th week of pregnancy, but imposes a three-day reflection period for
women seeking the procedure and grants doctors the right to opt out on
moral grounds.

Father who raped daughters is sentenced
Independent Online, 22 June 2007
A Pretoria north man, 44, has been sentenced to two life imprisonment
sentences for raping and indecently assaulting his biological daughter
and his stepdaughter over years.

Rape suspect on 181 charges
The Herald Sun, 22 June 2007
An accused rapist who documented his offences on film now faces 181
charges of rape and indecent assault.

Death before dishonour
GulfNews, 22 June 2007
Her "crime" was to defy the strict dictates of her Asian family and
refuse a forced marriage.

Couple tell of frustration after rape
Independent Online, 22 June 2007
Two years ago, Joan was allegedly raped by a male nurse and another male
patient at a Johannesburg mental institution.

East Africa: Human trafficking 'on the rise'
IRIN News, 21 June 2007
Human trafficking is on the rise in eastern Africa and officials
attending a meeting aimed at raising awareness of the problem called for
concerted efforts by governments to curb it.

Mandatory HIV tests endanger rape victims 
TimesUnion.com, 21 June 2007
The bill passed by the state Senate requiring mandatory HIV testing of
indicted rapists would hurt - not help - the health of survivors of
sexual assault, putting them at greater risk of contracting HIV.

Asian children smuggled into Uganda
The New Vision Online, 21 June 2007
Asian children mainly from India, Pakistan and China are being
trafficked into Uganda, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has

Lesbians sentenced for self-defense
Workers World, 21 June 2007
On June 14, four African-American women received sentences ranging from
three-and-a-half to 11 years in prison.

Njoki faults Michuki over abuse on women
The Standard, 21 June 2007
Nominated MP, Ms Njoki Ndung'u, has accused Internal Security minister,
Mr John Michuki of failing to deal with violence against women.

Alcohol banned in Aborigine areas
BBC News, 21 June 2007
Australia is to ban alcohol and pornography in Aboriginal areas in the
Northern Territory in a bid to curb child sex abuse. All Aboriginal
children in the territory will be medically examined.

Activists flare at lack of cops' rape evidence kits
Dispatch, 21 June 2007
AS TRANSKEI police hunted for suspected rapists yesterday, an activist
group complained that not all police stations in the region were
properly equipped to deal with rape cases after one in a major centre
had run out of rape evidence kits.

Local Man Arrested In Kansas Serial Rape Case
FOX KTXL News,21 June 2007

Prosecutors in Kansas charged a Sacramento man in a series of rapes
during the 1990s after linking him to the crimes through DNA evidence.


UN urges political solution in east Congo
Independent Online, 21 June 2007
Fighting between Tutsi-dominated Congolese army brigades and Rwandan
Hutu rebels has led to targeted killing of civilians, rape, and the
displacement of more than 120 000 people in Congo's troubled eastern
Kivu provinces since January.

Statutory rape law reformed in Peru
Living In Peru, 21 June 2007
The Minister of Women and Social Development, Virginia Borra has always
been wary and skeptical of congress' idea to change the age of consent
law for sexual activity.

Violence against women
The Daily Times (Pakistan), 21 June 2007
The issue of gender-based violence has gained importance and currency in
the last few decades. To say that it has become a focus of attention
only in the recent past is not to say that such violence did not exist

3 Sierra Leone Rebels Found Guilty in First Verdicts by War Tribunal
The New York Times, 21 June 2007
The court and human rights monitors said it was the first time an
international tribunal had ruled on the conscription of children who
were forced into combat or marriages during an armed conflict.

Protecting Zimbabwe's Girls
Black Star News, 20 June 2007
A rural girls gender program is bringing hope to many young girls in the
Nyanga North district helping to fight violence, exploitation and abuse,
a growing problem not only here in Zimbabwe but in many African
countries and even globally.

Many debate giving morning-after pill to victims of rape
Post-Gazette.com, 20 June 2007
Catholic physicians, clergy and health association administrators
sounded off yesterday on a plan to require all hospitals to offer
emergency contraception to rape victims.

Genital mutilation legal - AG
Daily Monitor, 20 June 2007
ANTI-FEMALE genital mutilation campaigners will be shocked to hear this:
The act is legal, at least according to the Attorney General who is the
chief legal adviser to the government.

Police review domestic violence
The New Times (Rwanda), 20 June 2007
Police has organised a five-day seminar to concentrate on psycho-social
support of child-sexual victims and gender based violence.

Women on alert after horror rape of teenager
Belfast Telegraph, 20 June 2007
Personal attack alarms are being given out to women in Strabane as the
town comes to terms with the latest horrific sex attack - the rape of a
16-year-old girl who was abducted by a gang of youths.

Landmark sexual abuse bill heads to governor's office 
Delaware Online, 20 June 2007
The Delaware Senate gave its unanimous approval today to a slightly
amended bill that eliminates the two-year civil statute of limitations
in cases of child sexual abuse.

Rwanda's Case for RH-HIV Integration
RH Reality Check, 20 June 2007
Just about everyone knows Rwanda's sad history. What fewer people know
is the hope that can be found inside that tiny African country.

Sierra Leone: Gender laws mean greater rights and protection for women
Amnesty International, 19 June 2007
Last week's passage of a law outlawing domestic violence and
establishing the rights of women when it comes to inheritance and the
registration of customary marriages is an important step forward in
improving the status of women.

Law on consent in rape cases is clear enough
Telegraph, 19 June 2007
The Government has dropped plans to clarify the law on consent in rape
cases, a senior source confirmed yesterday.

Kurdistan pm promises tough line on honour killings
ADN Kronos International, 19 June 2007
The prime minister of Iraqi Kurdistan Neghervan Barzani has vowed that
tough measures will be taken against those guilty of so-called honour

Ministers defy judges on rape law reforms
The Guardian, 18 June 2007
The government is to press ahead with plans to reform the rape laws in
an attempt to increase the low conviction rate, despite strong
opposition from the judges who will have to put them into effect.

Paedophile ring smashed by police 
BBC News, 18 June 2007
Police have smashed a global child abuse network which was co-ordinated
through a UK-based internet site.

Women, girls victims of conflicts
The New Times (Rwanda), 18 June 2007
In Rwanda, as elsewhere in the world, rape and other gender-based
violations carry a severe social stigma. And often, rape victims suffer
extreme guilt, for instance most victims of sexual abuse during the
Genocide still suffer persistent health problems.

Expert witnesses to dispel rape myths
Politics.co.uk, 18 June 2007
The government will this week unveil new recommendations designed to
boost the "unacceptably low" conviction rate for rape. The white paper
will attempt to clarify the law on consent and drunkenness.

Media Rapped For Rape Reporting
Mmegi Online, 18 June 2007
Several human rights activists have expressed displeasure at the way the
media handled the end of the rape case in which businessman, Robert
Masitara was discharged and acquitted.

Africa must fight child trafficking
The Times, 18 June 2007
The UN children's agency has called upon eastern and southern African
nations, where more than eight million children live in dire poverty, to
fight the boom in child trafficking on a war footing.

Judge suspends prosecutor over handling of Duke University rape case
International Herald Tribune, 18 June 2007
A judge suspended a North Carolina prosecutor effective immediately
Tuesday after learning the man, disbarred for his handling of a Duke
University rape case, intended to stay in office for another month.

Girl raped during Youth Day celebration
Independent Online, 18 June 2007
A 16-year-old girl was raped during Youth Day celebrations in northern
KwaZulu-Natal near Mtubatuba, police said on Monday.

Man arrested for allegedly aborting female fetuses in India
International Herald Tribune, 17 June 2007
NEW DELHI: Police have arrested a man for allegedly performing abortions
without a license for the past 13 years - mostly to get rid of female
fetuses - in a northern Indian town, a news report said Sunday.

Kenyan Muslims Condemn FGM
Africa News, 16 June 2007
Kenyan Muslim imams and scholars said here Sunday the religion abhors
female genital mutilation (FGM), which they said was still rife in the
country despite being outlawed.

Swaziland: Are there any good men?
IRIN News, 15 June 2007
'Are there any good Swazi men?' is the catchphrase of a competition to
draw men into discussing gender-based violence in the kingdom's
patriarchal society.

Aboriginal child sex abuse widespread in Australia
Reuters, 15 June 2007
Child sexual abuse is widespread in Australia's Aboriginal communities
where a "river of grog" or alcohol is destroying indigenous society,
leaving children vulnerable to sexual abuse, said a report released on

Tanzania: Fistula aggravated by inadequate resources and ignorance
IRIN News, 14 June 2007
Poverty, inadequate investment in healthcare services, lack of knowledge
about maternal health and pregnancy-related emergencies are some of the
limitations aggravating the problem of obstetric fistula in Tanzania,
according to a new report.

Authors: Some assaults bad enough to be called torture
The Chronicle Herald Limited, 3 May 2007
Imagine you're being held captive by a perpetrator who gives you the
choice of two doors.


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