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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
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Sexual Violence in the News:

Boy, 12, charged with sex assault of woman
Sydney Morning Herald, 9 March 2007
A 12-year-old boy has been charged with sexually assaulting a
23-year-old woman in a car park in north Queensland.

Test snares rapists without sperm
BBC News 8 March 2007
A new DNA test will help UK police solve sexual assault cases when there
are no sperm traces, scientists

Japan party probes sex slave use
BBC News, 8 March 2007
Japan's ruling party is to hold a new inquiry into the use of sex slaves
by the army during World War II.

Sexual violence-HIV link
Irish Health - Ireland, 8 March 2007
Rape and sexual violence puts women at increased risk of contracting
HIV/AIDS, according to an international expert on gender violence who
addressed an event to mark International Women's Day in Dublin. 

UN marks International Women's Day with spotlight on curbing
gender-based violence
UN News, 8 March 2007
From the violence-scarred cities of Afghanistan to the rape-wracked
lands of Darfur, from the teeming Palestinian refugee camps of Gaza to
the lofty halls of its Headquarters in New York, the United Nations
system today marked International Women's Day with the focus on ending
impunity for violence against women and girls

Focus on sexual violence against women, says UN
The Brunei Times - Bandar,Brunei,Brunei Darussalam, 8 March 2007
THE United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, says
there is a need for governments and authorities around the world to
focus on the issue of sexual violence against women, and to fight
against impunity for these crimes.

Sex violence highest against girls 12 to 16
Stabroek News - Georgetown,Guyana, 8 March 2007
A recent study has found that 69% of victims of sexual violence are 16
years old or below and that Amerindian girls between the ages of 12 and
16 years living in Region One are the most vulnerable group of females
in Guyana. 

World fails to treat rape as crime, say UN agencies
Mail and Guardian Online, 8 March 2007
Rape is weapon of war and the world fails to treat it as a crime, two
United Nations agencies said on Wednesday as the Security Council called
for justice for women and girls who are victims of violence. To mark
International Women's Day on Thursday, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
said that violence against women and girls continued in every continent,
country and culture.

KENYA-SOUTH AFRICA: Jumelo Sibeko, South Africa, "My smile was stolen" 
IRIN News, 8 march 2007
This year, the theme of International Women's Day was 'Ending Impunity
for violence against women'. Jumelo Sibeko from South Africa spoke to
IRIN about her rape ordeal at 15, the trauma that followed and her
dreams of an empowered future.

KENYA: 'Women are silent victims of gender violence'
IRIN News, 8 march 2007
Two cases of assault or rape are reported on average every day to the
Kilimani police station's gender violence desk in the Kenyan capital,

Sex Offender Guilty of Rape and Murder of Florida Girl
New York Times, 8 March 2007
The case against John E. Couey, who could face the death penalty, led to
a nationwide crackdown on sex criminals.

Denial Reopens Wounds of Japan's Ex-Sex Slaves 
New York Times, 8 March 2007
Furor over the issue of war-era sex slaves highlighted yet again Japan's
unresolved history in the region.

Equality, Development And Peace Means Ending Violence Against Women,
International Women's Day, 8 March 2007
UNIFEM Press Release 8 March 2007
International Women's Day <http://www.un.org/events/women/iwd/>
<http://www.un.org/events/women/iwd/>  is the story of women's
organizing for equality, justice and peace. Marked by women's groups
around the world, it is rooted in the centuries-old struggle of women to
bring about a better world.

Alleged sexual assault DVD: eight teens charged
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 March 2007
Eight youths have been charged over a DVD depicting the alleged sexual
assault of a teenage girl.

What is Happening to Women?
On Line opinion - Australia, 7 March 2007
On Saturday night a friend was over for dinner, she is a school
counsellor and as we both have young girls reaching adolescence we
started the scary conversation about young women at school.

UN chief: Violence against women 'covered up'
Mail and Guardian Online, 7 March 2007
Violence against women continues unchecked "in every continent, country
and culture" because it is frequently concealed or tacitly condoned,
United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon said on Wednesday.

United Nations Independent Experts Demand End To Impunity For Violence
Against Women
UN News, 7 march 2007
The theme of this year's International Women's Day, "Ending Impunity for
Violence against Women and Girls" is on target when we consider that
impunity for the perpetrators of violence against women remains the
norm, not the exception in many parts of the world.

GLOBAL: Shame of War: a new book on sexual violence against women and
girls in conflict
IRIN News, 7 March  2007
Today, IRIN launches 'The Shame of War: sexual violence against women
and girls in conflict' - a reference book and photo essay of portraits
and testimonies of the sexual violence women suffer when men go to war.
It examines the scope and nature of this violence and looks at the
different ways the international community is addressing sexual violence
against women and girls during and after conflict.

Stop Rape Now: Experts Challenge UN to Intensify Action against Sexual
Violence in Conflict
UNIFEM Press Release, 6 March 2007
What can the UN do to intensify efforts to end sexual violence in

Therapy's Benefits for Sex Offenders Is Disputed
New York Times, 6 March 2007
During five years of psychotherapy at a treatment center here for sex
offenders who have finished their prison terms, Bill Price, a pedophile
who admits to 21 victims as young as 3, has constructed a painstaking
plan for staying straight.

Helping DRC to Drive Down HIV and Sexual Violence
ReliefWeb (press release) - Geneva,Switzerland, 6 March 2007
Like many countries in Africa, HIV-AIDS is major problem in the
Democratic Republic of Congo. Accurate statistics are hard to come by,
but HIV prevalence rates are believed to be between 1.7 to 7.6%
depending on the region, and may be as high as 20% among women who have
suffered sexual violence in areas of armed conflict.

Japan refuses sex slave apology 
BBC News Online, 5 March 2007
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe says Japan will not issue another apology for its
World War II military brothels.

UN officials press for urgent action to end human trafficking, a
'modern-day slave trade'
UN News, 5 March 2007
United Nations officials today called for increased efforts - by
Governments, civil society, law enforcement agencies, the private sector
and international organizations including the UN - to curb human
trafficking, especially in women and girls.

UN agencies against sexual violence as a tactic of war 
PeaceJournalism.com - Nepal, 5 March 2007Impassioned pleas to end the
use of sexual violence against women during armed conflict were heard at
United Nations headquarters in New York this afternoon. They came as
part of a panel discussion kicking off a new multi-agency initiative to
investigate and intensify the UN's response to sexual violence in war.

Africa: Despite Progress, Girls Subjected to Violence and Discrimination
AllAfrica.com - Washington,USA, 5 March 2007
Violence against women and girls is one of the most extreme forms of
inequality, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said today on the
occasion of the 51st Session of the UN Commission on the Status of

A Record of Failure at Center for Sex Offenders 
New York Times, 5 March 2007
Inside a privately run treatment center here for pedophiles and rapists
who have completed their prison sentences, where they are supposed to
reflect on their crimes and learn to control their sexual urges, bikini
posters were pinned to walls.

Doubts Rise as States Hold Sex Offenders After Prison 
New York Times, 4 March 2007
The decision by New York to confine sex offenders beyond their prison
terms places the state at the forefront of a growing national movement
that is popular with politicians and voters. But such programs have
almost never met a stated purpose of treating the worst criminals until
they no longer pose a threat.

Audio & Photos: Sex Offenders and Civil Commitment
New York Times, 4 March 2007
Civil commitment for sex offenders is gaining popularity, but its stated
purpose is almost never met, Monica Davey and Abby Goodnough report.

Intimate Partner Abuse Has No Age Limit 
Medical News Today, 3 March 2007
More than a quarter of 370 elderly women enrolled in a large West Coast
health care delivery system reported being physically or psychologically
abused by intimate partners during their adult life.

Warning over children who abuse
BBC News Online, 2 March 2007
Children at risk of sex offending need more help in a bid to reverse the
rising number of sex crimes committed by youngsters, experts say.

The taboo of child-on-child abuse
BBC News Online, 2 March 2007
The number of children who commit sex crimes is on the rise. Campaigners
say youngsters at risk of offending need more help, but why are they
behaving in this way in the first place?

Health care costs for abused women remain high years following violence
CHS News, February 2007
Women with a history of abuse by intimate partners have significantly
higher health care costs and utilization than women with no history of
such abuse, according to a study conducted at Group Health. The higher
costs and utilization continued long after the abuse ended, the research
team from Group Health Center for Health Studies (CHS), the University
of Washington (UW), and the Harborview Injury Prevention and Research
Center (HIPRC) found. The findings appear in the February 2007 issue of
the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated
evidence-based responses.

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