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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rapist: 'It's only sex'
News24, 24 April 2008
With his younger brother lying right next to them on a mattress, a young
man raped an American girl in his parents' home in Soweto during her
visit to South Africa.

Women who have suffered rape and violence given less funding than
TimesOnline, 23 April 2008 
The Three Leading Charities That Help Women Who Have Been Raped,
Trafficked Or Are Victims Of Domestic Violence Survive On Less Money
Combined Than The Donkey Sanctuary. 

Rape law case claims gender bias
Irish Examiner, 23 April 2008
A TEENAGE boy charged with statutory rape is to challenge the
controversial law in the High Court on the grounds it discriminates
against him because he is male.

'Township lesbians too scared' 
Independent Online, 23 April 2008
Human rights groups say that lesbians in Khayelitsha are too frightened
to picket and protest outside the trial of nine men who stand accused of
beating 19-year-old Zoliswa Nkonyana to death more than two years ago.

Boy, 14, accused of double rape
Sydney Morning Herald, 22 April 2008
A 14-year-old boy has been arrested following the alleged rape of a
woman behind an industrial bin in Brisbane.

Moldovan sex slaves released in U.K. human trafficking raids
The Tiraspol Times, 22 April 2008
A group of girls from Moldova have been released by British police after
raids against human trafficking rings. They had been smuggled from
Europe's poorest country and forced into sex slavery. Trafficking gangs
operate with government involvement in Moldova.

Rape victim 'too grubby' for NHS 
BBC News, 22 April 2008
The National Health Service has been criticised in court after a doctor
told the male victim of a double rape that he was "too grubby" to be

At War With Ourselves: Battling Sexual Violence in the Military
AlterNet, 21 April 2008
U.S. servicewomen are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than
killed by enemy fire. It's time we dealt with this national disgrace.

To fight prostitution, some say target clients
Reuters, 21 April 2008
Would the hundreds of men who paid to have sex with "Alicia" have cared
if they knew she was being held captive by a trafficker who raped her
and pimped her, and that she was infected with HIV?

Women's Rights are human rights - Protection from harm or abuse
Jamaica Gleaner News, 21 April 2008
Despite the passing of the Domestic Violence Act (1995) and its
amendment (2004), gender-based violence against women physically,
sexually and emotionally is still widespread.

Paramount chief supports FGM 
Concord Times, 21 April 2008
Paramount Chief of Nongowa chiefdom, Kenema district has declared his
support for the controversial female genital mutilation (FGM) locally
referred to as 'Bondo' society practiced by women in Sierra Leone .

Romanian and international NGOs work together to fight human trafficking

Reuters AlertNet, 21 April 2008
Over 40 representatives of national and international NGOs, Churches and
local authorities dedicated to combating human trafficking came together
to find common approaches to identifying the most effective trafficking

Forest park rape accused remanded
BBC News, 21 April 2008
A 15-year-old boy has been remanded in custody, charged with the rape of
a woman in her 20s who was on holiday in Northern Ireland.

Honour killing in Bulandshahr village
Expressindia.com, 21 April 2008
A Deadly calm prevails in the tiny village of Garhia, 15 kilometres off
Bulandshahr in the rural belt of western Uttar Pradesh. Through the
quiet of the village, dominated by the Lodha Rajputa community, a
backward caste, one can only hear whispers - that of how a father beat
his 12-year-old daughter to death to "save his honour".

More convicted felons allowed to enlist in Army, Marines 
The New York Times, 21 April 2008
Under pressure to meet combat needs, the Army and Marine Corps brought
in significantly more recruits with felony convictions last year than in
2006, including some with manslaughter and sex crime convictions.

Paranoia grips alleged rapist 
Independent Online, 21 April 2008
Believing that his lawyer and a prosecutor were "plotting" to convict
him, child rape accused Johannes Andreas Mowers had the start of his
trial postponed in the Cape High Court on Monday.

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