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Sexual Violence in the News:

FOCUS ON GENDER - The feminization of violence in Zimbabwe 
The Zimbabwean, 11 December 2008
In times of crisis and conflict, such as those still being witnessed in
Zimbabwe, it is always the women and children who are most victimized.
As a consequence, many women are faced with a long term struggle with
trauma and HIV/AIDS.

Serial rapist jailed an extra two years
Sydney Morning Herald, 11 December 2008
A serial rapist who attacked six women across Melbourne will spend an
extra two years behind bars after a court ruled his original sentence
was too lenient.

State reports abuse in 2nd Minnesota nursing home
International Herald Tribune, 11 December 2008
An aide at a Minnesota nursing home was accused of tormenting six
residents sexually, physically and emotionally for months before being
fired, according to a state health department report released Wednesday.

ANALYSIS-Kenya police face reform after scathing accusations
Reuters, 11 December 2008
Kenya's police face unprecedented reform after scathing accusations of
murder, rape and routine brutality during a bloody election crisis.

MYANMAR-THAILAND: Child trafficking continues, but not fuelled by
IRIN News, 11 December 2008
When Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar in May, leaving close to 140,000 people
dead or missing, aid workers feared an increase in child trafficking
from the region.

Nepal's Young Peer Supporters fight against sexual exploitation of
UNICEF, 10 December 2008
Last week, organizations and groups of young people from around the
world gathered in Brazil to bring attention to the problem of child
trafficking and sexual exploitation at the World Congress Against the
Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents.

Darfur, Another Year Later
New York Times, 10 December 2008
"Genocide continues. Rapes in and around the camps continue.
Humanitarian assistance is still hindered. More than 5,000 displaced
persons die each month." How can this still be?

'Hundreds' go missing from care 
BBC News, 10 December 2008
There's a clear correlation between children going missing and being
trafficked which the government is continuing to ignore

Judicial guidelines on rape in pipeline 
New Vision, 10 December 2008
THE Judiciary is developing guidelines on judging rape and defilement
cases, the Chief Justice, Benjamin Odoki, has said.

Sangoma 'told woman to strip and lie down' 
Independent Online, 9 December 2008
A sangoma is expected to appear in the Sebokeng Magistrate's Court on
Wednesday for rape, said Gauteng police.

MAURITANIA: Child marriage tradition turns into trafficking
IRIN News, 9 December 2008
Marrying off Mauritanian girls as young as six years old to men in Gulf
states is turning into a profitable trafficking enterprise as a
typically rural marriage practice migrates to the city, according to
urban families.

Three guilty of raping teenager 
BBC News, 8 December 2008
Three men have been convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl in an attack
that left her with burns to half her body after caustic soda was thrown
on her. 

Kadaga backs abortion after rape
New Vision, 8 December 2008
THE Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, supports the
legalisation of abortion. Kadaga was responding to calls by women
lawyers who said abortion should be legalised as demanded by the Maputo

Claim of rape at Mt Hope hospital
Trinidad and Tobago Express, 7 December 2008
A CASE of sexual assault on the premises of the Eric Williams Medical
Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, has once again brought forward questions of
security at the facility.

Girl's 'rape' rocks town
The Herald Sun, 7 December 2008
A VICTORIAN city has been shaken by horrific allegations that a
14-year-old girl was raped by two schoolboys in front of their mates.

Open manhole factor in Sandown rape 
Independent Online, 7 December 2008
A 29-year-old man was arrested on Sunday for raping a 51-year-old woman
in Sandown, Alexandra police said.

Girls flee circumcision in Kenya 
BBC, 5 December 2008
At least 300 girls in south-western Kenya have fled from home and sought
refuge in churches in a bid to escape forced female genital mutilation

DRC: Sexual abuse of minors doubles in Kasai Occidental town
IRIN News, 5 December 2008
A sharp increase in the sexual abuse of children - some as young as four
months old - has been recorded this year in Kananga, the main town in
Kasai Occidental, according to child rights activists, who attribute the
increase to local superstitions.

Palestinians join UN agencies in denouncing honour killings and gender
UN News Centre, 5 December 2008
Eight United Nations agencies have co-sponsored the first Palestinian
'festival' to combat violence against women, driving home the message
that so-called "honour killings" have nothing to do with honour and
seeking to break the conspiracy of silence surrounding domestic abuse.

Report highlights sexual violence 
Fiji Times Online, 5 December 2008
WOMEN in Fiji are victims of high levels of domestic and sexual
violence, according to a report launched on Wednesday by the Australian

New York City teens sexually victimized twice national rate 
Daily News, 4 December 2008
Officials announced the citywide availability of a Teen Health Map to
help young victims of sexual violence get the services they need. 

Rape as genocide 
International Herald Tribune, 3 December 2008
'In this society if you rape one woman, you have raped the entire tribe"
- so said one observer of the mass rape occurring in Darfur.

Amnesty Int'l says torture on rise in Mauritania
International Herald Tribune, 3 December 2008
The torture of prisoners including al-Qaida suspects has increased under
the military junta that rules Mauritania, where security forces
routinely abuse detainees with electric shocks, burnings, beatings and
sexual violence, an international rights group said Wednesday.

Child marriage and divorce in Yemen
AWID, 2 December 2008
A narrow path leads up from the mountain town of Jibla, through
century-old houses, and turns into a mud track before reaching the door
of Arwa's home. 

Dad guilty of raping own teenager
Independent Online,  2 December 2008
A father who raped his 13-year-old biological daughter several times and
made her pregnant has been found guilty on three charges of rape.

Study: Most Child Abuse Goes Unreported
Time, 2 December 2008
Children in highly developed countries suffer abuse and neglect much
more often than is reported by official child-protective agencies,
according to the findings of the first in a comprehensive series of
reports on child maltreatment, published Dec. 2 in the British medical
journal The Lancet. 

ETHIOPIA: New initiative against FGM/C
IRIN News, 1 December 2008
Like most pastoralists in the remote Afar region of northeastern
Ethiopia, Ahmed Mohammed made sure his daughter was circumcised seven
days after her birth.

Migrant women vulnerable to exploitation 
Independent Online, 1 December 2008
Migrant women living in South Africa without legal documentation are
particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment, sexual exploitation and
are frequently blocked from accessing vital services such as healthcare,
according to research undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Violence
and Reconciliation.

SOUTHERN AFRICA: HIV laws put women in the line of fire 
IRIN News, 1 December 2008
A woman in Malawi left her husband after years of abuse. He found her
and raped her, an act not criminalised in Malawi when it occurs within
marriage. The woman later tested positive for HIV and discovered that
her husband had known his HIV-positive status for some time.

Jail for Jordan 'honour killing' 
BBC News, 1 December 2008
A Jordanian man has been jailed for seven-and-a-half years for killing
his married sister in what he said was an act to save the family's

Former UN Envoy and Playwright Team Up Against Rape, AIDS in DRC
Voice of America, 28 November 2008
She says that the war has been allowed to continue with impunity,
describing the government as non-functional and UN peacekeepers as
ineffective. "Because it's gone on for so long, it's become ordinary.
It's become something that's now a part of everyday life. As an activist
said there, rape has become a country sport," she says.

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