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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources
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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rape victim loses out to legal aid
Herald Sun, 18 January 2008
A CRUSADING rape victim awarded $140,000 compensation from her attacker
is unlikely to get a cent, because the serial rapist's only asset will
pay for his taxpayer-funded legal expenses.

Rapist who preyed on men gets 99-year sentence
International Herald Tribune, 18 January 2008 
A man convicted this week of sexually assaulting a teenage boy at
gunpoint after abducting him from his driveway was sentenced Thursday to
99 years in prison.

Mad Monday rape case: woman testifies
Sydney Morning Herald, 17 January 2008
The woman who has accused rugby league player Anthony Laffranchi of rape
has told a Sydney court of her distress after waking up in a strange
apartment and finding her pants were inside-out.

Ex - S.D. Pol Sentenced in Bizarre Rapes 
The New York Times, 17 January 2008
A former state lawmaker was sentenced Thursday to 44 years in prison for
raping two foster daughters in phony medical examinations he said would
help them sell their reproductive eggs to infertile couples.

Zuma honours Tyson 
Independent Online, 17 January 2008
While politicians and business tycoons prepare for a networking bonanza,
women's groups believe organisers of the event have an "extraordinarily
bizarre sense of humour" by throwing Zuma and Tyson into the same ring.

Student alleges rape by teacher
Times of India, 17 January 2008
A 22-year-old student of a blind school in Timarpur was allegedly raped
by one of her teachers inside the school premises.

Genital Mutilation a Weapon in Kenya
Associated Press, 16 January 2008
For two terrifying hours, the woman crouched inside her shop, watching
as a gang attacked five men in the street, pulled down their trousers
and sliced their genitals with rusty machetes.

Child Marriage And Human Rights
Voice of America, 16 January 2008
In developing countries, around sixty-five million women aged twenty to
twenty-four were married before the age of eighteen, according to the
United Nations Children's Fund.

Woman killed suspected 'honour' killing 
Independent Online, 15 January 2008
A man turned himself in to police on Monday shortly after strangling his
27-year-old married sister in a Jordanian refugee camp, in a new
suspected "honour killing", a security source said.

KENYA: Health workers grappling with conflict-related sexual violence 
IRIN News, 15 January 2008
As Kenya counts the human and material cost of the political violence,
hospitals are reporting an increase in reported rapes during the
immediate post-election period, spurring the government and health
organisations to find ways to treat these cases as well as protect the
displaced from further incidents of sexual violence.

Soldier told to enter defence in rape case
The Star Online, Malaysia, 14 January 2008
A soldier has been ordered by a Sessions Court here to enter a defence
for raping a student four years ago.

War Against Women
CBS News, 13 January 2008
Right now there's a war taking place in the heart of Africa, in the
Democratic Republic of Congo, and more people have died there than in
Iraq, Afghanistan, and Darfur combined.

Austrian right-wing politician demands moratorium on asylum for
immigrants from Chechnya
International Herald Tribune, 12 January 2008
Austrian right-wing politician Joerg Haider called Saturday for an
immediate moratorium on granting asylum to immigrants from Chechnya,
blaming some already in the alpine country for violence and sex crimes.

India turns to prostitutes to help beat trafficking
Reuters, 11 January 2008
Authorities in eastern India have teamed up with prostitutes as the
officials accelerate a drive against the trafficking of girls into the

Two Chinese Nationals Sentenced for Sex Trafficking Charges in American
Reuters, 4 January 2008
Shengji Wang and Fu Sheng Kuo, both Chinese nationals, were sentenced
today in federal court in Hawaii for their roles in conspiring to force
women into prostitution in American Samoa, announced Grace Chung Becker,
Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Civil
Rights Division. Wang was sentenced to 62 months imprisonment.

NIGERIA: Child rape in Kano on the increase 
IRIN News, 3 January 2008
Police and government officials in northern Nigeria's city of Kano have
reported an upsurge in incidents of child rape and said that young girls
are now unsafe in the city.

East Congo violence fuels rape spree by fighters
Reuters Africa, 03 January 2008
Intense fighting between government and militia forces in eastern Congo
has led to a surge in rape by fighters from all sides, women and doctors

Trafficking law delays 'must end' 
BBC News, 03 January 2008
Ministers are accused of "betraying" human trafficking victims by
delaying ratification of a European treaty.

'Rape cases in Delhi decline in '07'
Times of India, 02 January 2008
Incidents of rape and kidnapping for ransom declined in the capital in
2007 while cases of the "new age" cyber crimes shot up by 200 per cent,
Delhi Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal said on Wednesday.

Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated
evidence-based responses.

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