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>From the 14-18th July, the SVRI will be holding our Annual Coordinating
Group meeting and hosting a consultative meeting on Ethical
Recommendations for Research on Perpetration of Sexual Violence. There
will be no postings next week.

Sexual Violence in the News:

Babysitter accused of raping girl, 4
Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July 2008
A four-year-old girl is in hospital with serious injuries after
allegedly being raped by her babysitter in Perth.

The Justice Department, Blind to Slavery 
New York Times, 11 July 2008
PRESIDENT BUSH has won support abroad and bipartisan praise at home for
his efforts to combat human trafficking, the slavery of our time. But
now that work is imperiled by his own Department of Justice.

Australian cardinal reopens abuse investigation ahead of pope's visit
International Herald Tribune, 11 July 2008
Australia's top Roman Catholic cleric has reopened an investigation into
a 25-year-old sexual abuse case, raising a scandal two days before Pope
Benedict XVI arrives for a visit.

Gruesome Murder, Rape, & Cannabalism in Liberia...Civil War Victims Tell
Their Stories in Cape Mount County
The Liberian Journal, 10 July 2008
At public hearings this week in Grand Cape Mount County on Liberian
civil war atrocities, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of
Liberia saw several victims of the 14-year Liberian civil war stepped
forward to testify to gruesome acts of murder, rape, and cannibalism
carried out by various militia groups.

Accused 'offered victim beer' 
Independent Online, 10 July 2008
The Khayelitsha magistrate's court has heard how a man allegedly dragged
his victim, who was known to him, into his shack where he beat her with
his fists and a hammer and raped her three times before walking her home
and offering to buy her beers along the way.

Abortion a crime - Brazil 
Independent Online, 10 July 2008
Lawmakers in Brazil voted on Wednesday to keep abortion a crime,
disappointing groups seeking to decriminalise an operation estimated to
be carried out three million times a year in the country with the
world's largest Catholic population.

Violent people traffickers on trial
Radio Netherlands, 10 July 2008
Two Turkish-German brothers are being tried in the Dutch city of Almelo
in the largest people trafficking case ever heard in the Netherlands.

Labs making date-rape drug raided
The Independent, 10 July 2008
Police have raided more than 600 homes and businesses in Germany,
Austria and Switzerland in an attempt to smash an international drugs
ring manufacturing and selling the date-rape drug known as "liquid

Castrate serial rapists, says Malaysian minister
Thaindian News, 10 July 2008
A Malaysian minister has demanded that serial rapists be castrated and
given hormone therapy to reduce sexual desire. "Uncontrollable sexual
desire is no excuse for committing rape. Castration should be debated
and considered as a solution to the problem," Women, Family and
Community Development Minister Ng Yen Yen said Wednesday.

Man held over teen daughter's 'sexual abuse'
Gulf News, 10 July 2008
In a hideous addition to a string of sex abuse reports in Kerala, a man
has been arrested in Kannur district along with several accomplices for
alleged sexual exploitation of his teenage daughter.

I will never forget the faces of the men who raped me'
Mail Online, 10 July 2008
Sudanese doctor 'Halima Bashir' was tortured and repeatedly raped for
informing on atrocities in Darfur. Having fled to the UK, she has
written her life story, but must still hide behind a pseudonym - and a
veil - to avoid being stigmatised by her own community

Rape in War: Will the United Nations Walk Its Talk?
AlterNet, 9 July 2008
On June 19, 2008, the United Nations Security Council made history by
declaring that rape in war is such a bad idea they plan to do something
about it.

UK woman can sue rapist who won lottery millions
International Herald Tribune, 9 July 2008
A British woman assaulted by a serial rapist has won the right to sue
the attacker who became a millionaire by winning the lottery while in

Cops: Dad Strangled Daughter Over Divorce
CBS News, 8 July 2008
Clayton County police say a daughter's refusal to stay in an arranged
marriage led to her death and resulted in her father's arrest. 

Mumbai: Teens 'rape' pregnant woman
Times of India, 8 July 2008
A pregnant woman alleged that six teenaged boys, including three minors,
barged into her house, assaulted her husband and then raped her after
she accidentally spat paan on them from her third-floor house in Subhash
Nagar, Bhandup.

NIGERIA: Trafficking of girls, abuse worsening
IRIN News, 7 July 2008
The trafficking of girls from villages to cities in Nigeria is
increasing and the state is powerless to stop the trade, officials told

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evidence-based responses.

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