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Dear SVRI List Members

This week's SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research and resources. Please email svri at mrc.ac.za if you would like us to include relevant sexual violence resources and materials in the SVRI Updates. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/>  

The SVRI is on leave for the first two weeks of August. 

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]

I. Webpages/Sites
II. Online Publications
III. Journal Articles
IV. Events
V. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities
VI. SVRI Online Discussion Forum
VII. Vacancies

I. Webpages/Sites

Médecins Sans Frontières open access website launched: The international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières has launched an open-access website on which it makes available published research based on its medical work. Website: http://www.fieldresearch.msf.org

Gender and Media Advocacy Toolkit: An initiative of the World Association for Christian Communication, the toolkit seeks to de-mystify 'gender and media' advocacy by illustrating, through concrete steps, case studies, pointers and information, that we can all take action to change negative gender representation and stereotypical portrayals in and through the media. Online: http://www.whomakesthenews.org/get_involved/advocacy_training_modules

STEPS Toolkit: The STEPS Toolkit helps health program staff to evaluate and monitor their programs. To find out how this Toolkit can assist you please visit: www.StepsToolkit.org

For more links visit our Links page: http://www.svri.org/genlinks.htm

II. Online Publications 

Raped by a Partner: A research report, Women's Health Goulburn North East, 2008: Rape within marriage is no longer private terrain. The intention of this research is to unequivocally state this fact to the men who are raping their partners; to the women who feel they must submit; and to every person in our workforce and community who is complicit in allowing the misconception of private terrain' to linger. Rape is a crime. Rape within marriage or an intimate relationship is a crime. [Source: RAINnet] Download PDF copy of report http://www.whealth.com.au/pdf/raped_by_a_partner.pdf

No Safety No Escape: Children and the Escalating Armed Conflict in Sri Lanka, Watchlist,  2008: Children throughout Sri Lanka face a broad spectrum of violations against their security and rights, perpetrated by various armed forces and groups. In this report, Watchlist illustrates this situation and provides practical recommendations for urgent actions needed to protect Sri Lankan children. [Source: WUNRN] Full document online at: http://www.watchlist.org/reports/pdf/sri_lanka/ENGLISH%20REPORT%20LR%20p.pdf

Triple Jeopardy: Female Adolescence, Sexual Violence, and HIV/AIDS, International Women's Health Coalition, 2008: This is an issue brief developed by the International Women's Health Coalition on female adolescence, sexual violence and HIV/AIDS. [Source: WUNRN] Full document: http://iwhc.org/docUploads/Triple%20Jeopardy%206-4%20FINAL_references.pdf

"Today You Will Understand" Women's War Stories from Northern Uganda, IRIN, 2008: IRIN is pleased to announce the launch of a booklet and accompanying audio CD entitled "Today you will understand" based on the moving, personal stories of women and girls affected by the war in northern Uganda between government forces and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army. Online at: http://www.irinnews.org/pdf/IRINFemrite-TodayYouWillUnderstand-Uganda-Publication-July2008.pdf

Transitional Justice and Rape in Conflict, Kathambi Kinoti, AWID Resource-Net Friday File: July 25 2008: What are the challenges in using transitional justice structures to address sexual violence in situations of conflict? Read online at: http://www.awid.org/eng/Issues-and-Analysis/Issues-and-Analysis/Transitional-Justice-and-Rape-in-Conflict

"Don't Forget Us": The Education and Gender-Based Violence Protection Needs of Adolescent Girls from Darfur in Chad, Lori Heninger and Megan McKenna, Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children, 2005: The Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children visited 10 refugee camps in eastern Chad in January 2005 as part of a three-week mission to examine the protection of adolescent girls, with a particular focus on education and reproductive health in the camps. This 48-page document is a report of their findings and includes recommendations for action. [Source: The Drum Beat 453 - Violence Against Women]. Full document: http://www.womenscommission.org/pdf/Td_ed2.pdf

For more country specific resources on sexual violence visit our country pages:  http://www.svri.org/countries.htm

III. Journal Articles

Reducing HIV and Partner Violence Risk Among Women with Criminal Justice System Involvement: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Two Motivational Interviewing-based Interventions. Weir BW, O'Brien K, Bard RS, et al AIDS Behav. 2008: This randomized controlled trial with women at risk for HIV who had recent criminal justice system involvement (n = 530) evaluated two interventions based on Motivational Interviewing to reduce either HIV risk or HIV and IPV risk. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18636325?ordinalpos=4&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

HIV risks, substance abuse, and intimate partner violence among Hispanic women and their intimate partners. González-Guarda RM, Peragallo N, Urrutia MT,et al  J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care. Jul-Aug;19(4):252-66. 2008: The purpose of this exploratory study was to describe the relationships between HIV risks, substance abuse, and IPV among Hispanic community-dwelling women. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18598901?ordinalpos=18&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

(Mis)perceptions about intimate partner violence in women presenting for orthopaedic care: a survey of Canadian orthopaedic surgeons. Bhandari M, Sprague S, Tornetta P 3rd, et al J Bone Joint Surg Am. Jul;90(7):1590-7. 2008: Domestic violence is the most common cause of nonfatal injury to women in North America. In a review of 144 such injuries, the second most common manifestation of intimate partner violence was musculoskeletal injuries (28%). The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons is explicit that orthopaedic surgeons should play a role in the screening and appropriate identification of victims. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18594110?ordinalpos=20&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

Symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder and mental health in women who escaped prostitution and helping activists in shelters. Jung YE, Song JM, Chong J, et al Yonsei Med J. Jun 30;49(3):372-82 2008: This study compared the mental symptoms, especially symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, of women who escaped prostitution, helping activists at shelters, and matched control subjects. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18581585?ordinalpos=24&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

The longitudinal association between alcohol use and intimate partner violence among ethnically diverse community women. Temple JR, Weston R, Stuart GL, Marshall LL. Addict Behav. Sep;33(9):1244-8 2008: Using data collected from 835 low-income ethnically diverse community women, this study extends previous research by utilizing a longitudinal design, considering men's and women's alcohol use, and examining multiple forms of abuse. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18571335?ordinalpos=31&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

Functional Activation and Neural Networks in Women with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Related to Intimate Partner Violence. Simmons AN, Paulus MP, Thorp SR, et al Biol Psychiatry. 2008: Intimate partner violence (IPV) is one of the most common causes of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in women. Victims of IPV are often preoccupied by the anticipation of impending harm. This investigation tested the hypothesis that IPV-related PTSD individuals show exaggerated insula reactivity to the anticipation of aversive stimuli. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18639236?ordinalpos=2&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

The prevalence of domestic violence in volunteers for abortion and contraceptive research studies. Kazi S, Reeves MF, Creinin MD. Contraception. 78(1):79-83, 2008: The prevalence of domestic violence (DV) in research subjects has not been evaluated. In the general population, about 25% of women report DV. We hypothesize that participants in research studies would report similar rates of abuse to women in the general population and that subjects in abortion studies would report higher rates of abuse than women in other gynecologic studies. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18555822?ordinalpos=26&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

"I have heard horrible stories . . .": rape victim advocates' perceptions of the revictimization of rape victims by the police and medical system. Maier SL. Violence Against Women. 14(7):786-808. 2008: This study explores rape victim advocates' perceptions of the revictimization of rape victims by the police and medical system. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18559867?ordinalpos=11&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

The elevated risk for violence against cohabiting women: a comparison of three nationally representative surveys of Canada. Brownridge DA. Violence Against Women. 14(7):809-32. 2008: This study examined cohabiting women's elevated risk for male partner violence. [Source: Battered Women Health Update] Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18559868?ordinalpos=10&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum

For additional issues related resources and articles on sexual violence visit our issues pages:  http://www.svri.org/issues.htm

IV. Events

Register Online: ISS Seminar: Prostitution and Trafficking: Release of Research Results, Pretoria, 11-130pm, 31 July 2008: Are women tricked into sex work? How much control do they have over their working conditions? Are sex workers able to leave if they want to? The answers to these and many other questions about the sex work industry can be found in Selling Sex in Cape Town: Sex Work and Human Trafficking in a South African City. Join ISS for the launch of the book and lively discussion and debate about these issues. Register online at: http://www.issafrica.org/index.php?link_id=6310&link_type=12&tmpl_id=3

Roundtable: Developing a health sector response to domestic violence in South Africa. Wits Medical School, 11-12 August 2008:  Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, the Centre for Health Policy and the School of Public Health invites you to a roundtable: Developing a health sector response to domestic violence in South Africa. This roundtable aims to begin exploring possible health sector responses by: Presenting and engaging with current health sector projects addressing domestic violence; Identifying the range of potential health sector interventions addressing domestic violence, as well as factors enabling or constraining the implementation of such interventions; and Building networking relationships between projects in the health sector addressing domestic violence. The roundtable will comprise a series of panel discussions featuring practitioners and researchers with direct experience of trying to conceptualise or implement different types of interventions in the health sector. Discussions will also explore what is both practical and reasonable, given the current state of public health systems. Both the presentations and discussions will be written up and distributed to all participants afterwards. For more information or to confirm your attendance please contact Towera Sichinga by Email: towera at tlac.org.za

Satellite Session - The Intersections between Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS, 3 August, 2008: UNIFEM, UNFPA and UNDP are pleased to invite you to a satellite session taking place at the XVII International AIDS Conference in Mexico City on the intersections between Violence against Women and HIV/AIDS. It will be held on Sunday 3 August from 13.30-15.30, in the Skills Building Room 6 (SBR 6). The session will be chaired by: Inès Alberdi, UNIFEM and Thoraya Obaid, UNFPA. Panellists include: Anand Grover, Director of the Lawyers Collective HIV/AIDS Unit, India and Special Rapporteur on the right to health; Mary Ellsberg, PATH; Victor Ortiz, El Colegio de Michoacan, Mexico; Dinys Luciano, Development Connections; and Dean Peacock, Sonke Gender Justice, South Africa. There will be Spanish/English simultaneous interpretation for this session. No signing up is needed, but as the meeting room seats just 100 people, it would be helpful if you could please send an email if you would like to attend to Emily Krasnor (emily.krasnor at unifem.org) or Nazneen Damji (nazneen.damji at unifem.org)

War Crimes - Retrospectives and Prospects: 'Identifying war crimes and the perpetrators is a key part of post-conflict resolution', Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, 20-21 February 2009: This conference is an initiative between SOLON, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the Centre for Contemporary British History to examine the issue of war crimes broadly construed, exploring ways in which, it has been argued by those concerned with the issue (whether as victims, perpetrators, witnesses, adjudicators or commentators), that identifying war crimes and the perpetrators of these crimes are essential as a key part of post-conflict resolution. Proposals are invited for papers examining a range of related issues (around 350 words). Please send to Belinda Crothers at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies by 1 September 2008 email: Belinda.Crothers at sas.ac.uk. For more details visit: http://www.perc.plymouth.ac.uk/solon/conferences/Call%20for%20Papers%20war%20crimes%20%20poster09.doc

Visit our events / calendar pages for event information: http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm

V. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities

Graça Machel Scholarship Programme: Canon Collins Trust currently manage a scholarship programme on behalf of Mrs Graça Machel. The aim is to provide female students from Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Africa and Zambia with scholarships that will equip them to take up leadership roles for the benefit of their community, nation and region. Closing Date: 11th August 2008. For more information visit : www.canoncollins.org.uk

SVRI Funding Links Page: For details on funders who have funding sources available for research on sexual violence visit: http://www.svri.org/funding.htm

VI. SVRI Online Discussion Forum: current discussions

The SVRI provides you with a platform to interact online with other members of the SVRI who have registered with the Forum. The following discussions are currently taking place on the Forum. 

* Strengthening sexual violence advocacy initiatives through research
* Initiation Schools and Violence
* What Campus Rape Crisis? Mary Koss's Response
* Medico-legal care for sexual assault survivors

To view these discussions, comment or create your own please visit: http://www.svri.org/activities.htm#svri

VII. Vacancies

Gender Justice Coordinator / Oxfam GB / Johannesburg, South Africa / Closing date: August 02, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Justice-Coordinator

Program Intern, Fall 2008 / The Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) / Takoma Park, MD, U.S.A. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Program-Intern-Fall-2008

Gender Adviser / UNAIDS / Geneva, Switzerland / Deadline for Application: 20 August 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Adviser

Regional Programme Director - South Asia / UNIFEM / New Delhi, India / Closing date: August 05, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Regional-Programme-Director-South-Asia

Trainer / South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation (HBF) / Georgia / Closing date: August 25, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Trainer

Junior Program Officer / Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights (UAF) / Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. / Closing date: August 03, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Junior-Program-Officer

Global Development Policy Internship, Fall 2008 / Women Thrive Worldwide / Washington, D.C., U.S.A. / Closing date: September 04, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Global-Development-Policy-Internship-Fall-2008

Gender Based Violence Program Manager, Chad / The International Rescue Committee (IRC) / Bahai, Chad. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Based-Violence-Program-Manager-Chad

Gender Based Violence Program Coordinator, Liberia / The International Rescue Committee (IRC) / Liberia. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Based-Violence-Program-Coordinator-Liberia

Executive Director / Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies / San Diego, CA, U.S.A. / Open until filled. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Executive-Director2

Gender Peace and Security Project Officer / The Women Peace and Security Network Africa (WIPSEN-Africa) / Accra, Ghana / Closing date: July 31, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Peace-and-Security-Project-Officer

Development Officer for Philanthropic Partnerships / The Global Fund for Women / San Francisco, CA, U.S.A. / Closing date: August 10, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Development-Officer-for-Philanthropic-Partnerships

Consultancy for Gender Advisor / United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) / Kigali, Rwanda / Application Deadline: August 05, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Consultancy-for-Gender-Advisor

Executive Director / The Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) / Location: TBD / Closing date: August 31, 2008. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Week of 28th July 2008] More details: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Executive-Director3


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses.

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, an initiative of the Global Forum for Health Research, is hosted by the Medical Research Council, South Africa.  The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and generate empirical data to ensure sexual violence is recognized as a priority public health problem.  To learn more about the SVRI visit our website www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/>  or contact us at svri at mrc.ac.za 

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