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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources
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Sexual Violence in the News:

Raped and Silenced in the Barracks
AlterNet, 3 March 2008
When military sexual assault survivors call Susan Avila-Smith, she
advises them to keep their mouths shut while she works on getting them

Controlling trafficking
GulfNews, 7 March 2008
As a society that is open to the world, we attract the best that is out
there: entrepreneurs, families, businesses, investors, tourists and job
seekers who are looking for a better life. However, in our openness we
also face the challenge of those who come to our shores to exploit our

10 Korean 'Sex Slaves' Freed in Sydney 
The New York Times, 6 March 2008
Police have rescued 10 South Korean women who were forced to work in a
Sydney brothel by a sex slavery syndicate that lured them to Australia
with promises of legitimate jobs, officials said Friday.

Anti-Abortion Law Targets Native American Women
AlterNet, 6 March 2008
The issue is a sensitive one in American Indian communities, where women
are statistically more likely to be victims of rape or sexual assault
than other American women -- but also where victims very rarely use the
exceptions to the current federally funded abortion ban in the wake of
those crimes.

Alleged victim criticises YouTube over rape clip
Telegraph.co.uk, 6 March 2008
A woman allegedly raped by a gang of teenagers has fiercely criticised
YouTube after a video of her attack was posted on the site.

State Rail cleared over woman's rape
Sydney Morning Herald, 6 March 2008
The NSW State Rail Authority (SRA) was not responsible for the rape of a
woman who could not flee her attacker because she broke her ankle weeks
earlier at a Sydney station, an appeal court ruled.

Public to raise voices against rape accused
Independent Online, 6 March 2008
The five suspects who allegedly gang-raped a 21-year-old woman in front
of her father in Shongweni on Sunday afternoon are expected to appear in
the Pinetown Magistrate's Court tomorrow.

Teacher got teens drunk before rape, Crown says
New Zealand Herald, 6 March 2008
A former Dargaville Intermediate School teacher plied two teenage girls
with alcohol before raping and sexually assaulting one of them, the
Whangarei District Court has been told.

Miniskirt violence is nothing new - cops 
Independent Online, 6 March 2008
Sexual harassment of women in miniskirts at Johannesburg taxi ranks has
been occurring for at least eight years, the Gauteng community safety
portfolio committee heard on Thursday.

Sexual Violence Threatens Women and Girls in Kenya's Post-Election
UNFPA, 5 March 2008
In early January, armed men tore into the house of a 32-year-old mother
of three in Kibera. They undressed and then sexually assaulted her in

BENIN: More than 40,000 children trafficked each year 
IRIN News, 5 March 2008
A new study released jointly by the Ministry of Family and Children and
the UN in Benin shows that more than 40,000 children aged between 6 and
17 were trafficked in 2006.

Hardships Force Students into Prostitution
New Era, 5 March 2008. 
Compelling, reluctant or forced prostitution?

Question of consent makes rape by a friend or boyfriend harder to prove
Guardian Unlimited, 4 March 2008
Conviction rates have plummeted because women are reporting more cases
of rape by people they know, but juries are reluctant to send someone to
jail if the victim was drunk

Sierra Leone women demonstrate for 'traditional' mutilation
AFP, 4 March 2008
Some 800 women in the Sierra Leone town of Kailahun paraded Tuesday in
favour of genital mutilation and told donors opposed to the practice to
keep their money, demonstrators and witnesses said.

Bid to stop blame theory on rape
BBC News, 4 March 2008
A campaign is to be launched to combat the perception that women are
sometimes partly to blame if they are raped.

The right rape statistics
Los Angeles times, 4 March 2008
Much of what appeared in Heather Mac Donald's Op-Ed - "What campus rape
crisis?" -- is damaging and demeaning.

Body formed against child rape, murder 
Independent Online, 4 March 2007
The increasing number of young children reported missing on the Cape
Flats, and the discovery soon afterwards of their bodies with evidence
that they had been raped and murdered, so outraged the community that an
organisation, Missing Children South Africa, had been formed, the Cape
Town High Court heard on Tuesday.

Tajikistan Moves to Curb Prostitution
Institute for War and Peace Reporting, 4 March 2008
The police ministry wants to criminalise the sex industry, while experts
insist the root cause is poverty.

Female Genital Mutilation Still Common in Somaliland
Voice of America,3 March 2008
As many as 97 percent of girls and women in Somaliland are believed to
have undergone the procedure.

Impact of 'rape' case goes beyond marine's release
Daily Yomiuru Online, 2 March 2008
NAHA--The withdrawal of an accusation against a U.S. Marine Corps
sergeant arrested on suspicion of raping a 14-year-old middle school
girl and the subsequent decision by prosecutors to release him is
causing a ripple of reactions among those making efforts to prevent such

Man jailed for rape of partner 
BBC News, 29 February 2008
A young Tyrone man who raped the mother of his twin sons was jailed for
seven years on Friday.

The War against Women in Africa
Pambazuka News, 20 February 2008
Ann Jones looks at the various ways in which the war against women
continues long after the peace deals have been signed

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evidence-based responses.

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