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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rapist blames victims for sex attacks
The Courier Mail, 9 May 2008
A REMORSELESS serial rapist who has not completed a sexual offenders
course in jail because it clashes with his dialysis treatment can no
longer be rehabilitated before his release, criminologists warn.

HIV+ man gets life for rape
Independent Online, 8 May 2007
An HIV-positive former crocodile hunter was jailed for life on Wednesday
for raping a former girlfriend's eight-year-old daughter.

Suspected Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape, Impregnating 10-Year-Old
FoxNews, 8 May 2008
A suspected illegal immigrant has been charged with raping a 10-year-old
girl who later gave birth in eastern Idaho.

Rape accused cop takes DNA test
Trinidad and Tobago Express, 8 May 2008
DETECTIVE Corporal Stephen Jerome yesterday turned up at the Arouca
Police Station and provided investigators with a sample of his DNA, as
part of the investigations arising out of the rape charge against him.

Danish woman who alleged rape at kibbutz now says she's 'unsure'
Haaretz, 8 May 2008
"She was certain that she was raped, but after the altercation she was
confused as to what happened and what didn't," the prosecution report
reads. "She is afraid to send someone to jail if he didn't [commit the
rape], while at the time she said she was sure there was a rape. Now,
she is unsure and confused."

Alarming rise in rape of minors: Police data
Times of India, 8 May 2008
In a shocking trend, the number of minors becoming victims of rape this
year has shown a sharp increase vis-a-vis those above 18 years,
according to statistics with the Mumbai police.

Home closed on child trafficking charges
Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, 8 May 2008
The Government has issued a 14-day closure notice to Charitable
Children's Institution (CCI) in Kajiado district for alleged child

Liberia's campaign against rape goes to second largest city, with
message, "No To Rape"
UNMIL, 6 May 2008
A nation-wide campaign against rape, jointly organised by the UN Mission
in Liberia (UNMIL) and the Government of Liberia has now been taken to
the second largest city, Buchanan, with an urgent call on all Liberians
to say, "No To Rape".

Female rape, deaths in SA top US tally
Independent Online, 6 May 2008
A Medical Research Council (MRC) Gender and Health study released
earlier this month said rape/homicide against women over 13 in South
Africa is higher than all female homicides in the United States.

Lesbian pupils face high rape risk 
Independent Online, 6 May 2008
"Corrective Rape" at schools in the Western Cape is a growing concern,
say non-governmental organisations, some of who have noted an "alarming"
level of cases.

Austria cellar plan 'from 1978'
BBC News, 5 May 2008
Police in Austria say Josef Fritzl may have planned the dungeon in which
he incarcerated his daughter Elisabeth as early as 1978 - when she was

Rape warning for men paying for sex
Reuters, 5 May 2008
Posters will appear in clubs and pubs from Monday warning men against
paying for sex in brothels with exploited or trafficked women.

Rape victim's parole battle
Stuff.co.nz, 5 May 2008
The victim of a brutal Mt Maunganui pack rape has been blocked from
getting court transcripts of her trial.

Experts reveal that one in six girls in Austria abused at home
Times Online, 5 May 2008
The unfathomable crime of Josef Fritzl has prompted experts to reveal
that incestuous abuse is a regular occurrence in Austrian families.

LAW REPORT: Police and prosecution faulted in gang-rape case 
Nationmedia.com, 5 May 2008
The Court of Appeal has reiterated the importance of properly conducted
identification parades in criminal cases. In a case in which a woman had
been gang-raped and subjected to other forms of degrading sexual
violence, the court could not hide its dilemma in having to reverse the
conviction of one of the appellants because police and the prosecution
had failed to adduce sufficient evidence to support the testimony of the

Soon, rape victim will be spared courtroom trauma
The Economic Times, 3 May 2008
With 22% annual increase in the number of rape cases, the government's
nod to amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code that would protect rape
victims from suffering further trauma during the process of
investigation is being seen as a landmark step for ensuring gender

U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals Hears Asylum Case Of Women Who Underwent
Genital Cutting In Guinea
Medical News Today, 2 May 2008
A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York
on Tuesday "grew increasingly impatient and sometimes angry" while
listening to arguments from government lawyers in an asylum case
concerning three women who underwent female genital cutting in Guinea,
the AP/Staten Island Advance reports.

Voice of the abused
Independent Online, 2 May 2008
Mexico: Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, a native of Cancun, will tell you that once
you scratch the surface of this idyllic tourist gem, the sordid
underbelly will shock even the most toughened observer.

Court slammed for taking a soft line on rape
Independent Online, 29 April 2008
Zitha Mabuza, Phillip Simongo and Oupa Sithole escaped a life sentence
for gang-raping a child - because they were between 18 and 20 at the
time of the crime and grew up poor.

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