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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rapist's bitten off tongue is sent for tests
Sowetan, 23 May 2008
A piece of a rapist's tongue, which was bitten off by his victim, has
been sent to Pretoria for forensic tests.

Acts of violence reach drastic levels in Southeast 
Turkish Daily News, 23 May 2008
A total of 242 cases of violence against women have taken place in
Turkey's southeastern provinces over the last four months, 12 of which
have resulted in death, according to the vice president of an
Ankara-based nongovernmental organization. 

Aspiring abortion doctors drawn to embattled field
Los Angeles Times, 22 May 2008
Young doctors-in-training have found their own motivation to enter a
field that they know will put them at risk of isolation, harassment and
hatred. For them, doing abortions is an act of defiance - a way of
pushing back against mounting restrictions on a right they've taken for
granted all their lives.

Tanzania's Missing Girls Rarely Raise a Murmur
Women's E-news, 22 May 2008
Poverty and tradition help fuel a potent business in human trafficking
in East Africa, where a girl can sell for $20. Most kidnapped children
are not as lucky as Saffi, who returned after her mother bought TV ads.
Many disappear without much notice.

Man charged with 172 child sex offences
Melbourne Herald Sun, 22 May 2008
The 70-year-old former Deception Bay man was arrested last month after
police received allegations of a number of child sex offences which
occurred in the 15 months from January 2007.

Sangre Grande man in custody for girl's rape
Trinidad and Tobago Express, 22 May 2008
A 33-year-old man, of Bois Bande Settlement, Sangre Grande, was
yesterday refused bail and remanded in custody by a Sangre Grande
Magistrate on a charge of raping a 14-year-old relative.

'Rape destroyed my life'
News24, 22 May 2008
A man who was apparently repeatedly raped in police cells, had to give
up his work due to the emotional trauma and now delivers pizzas to make

Ex-UK policeman held for sex trafficking
Bangkok Post, 22 May 2008
A former British police officer has been arrested in Bangkok as part of
an international crackdown on a sex trafficking ring in London last
month that resulted in nine Thais being arrested.

Call for guidelines in rape cases
The Irish Times, 22 May 2008
Judges should be given sentencing guidelines and "appropriate education"
in relation to rape cases, the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre said today.

Miniskirt-wearing women: A magnet for violence?
Mail and Guardian, 22 May 2008
A woman on a city street is assaulted, stripped naked, doused with
alcohol and sexually abused. The attackers say she must be "punished"
for wearing a miniskirt. A crowd of more than 100 onlookers jeers and
chants in agreement.

NIGER-NIGERIA: Porous border aids human trafficking
IRIN News, 21 May 2008
Nigeria's porous border with its northern neighbour Niger is being
exploited by traffickers smuggling teenage girls to Europe where they
will work as prostitutes, immigration officials told IRIN.

Argentine man sentenced for keeping daughter as sexual prisoner,
fathering two children by her
International Herald Tribune, 21 May 2008
A 73-year-old Argentine man who fathered two children with a young
daughter he kept as his sexual prisoner will serve 16 years in prison

Inmate released in flawed 1982 rape case
United Press International, 21 May 2008
A Michigan judge Wednesday ordered the release of a prison inmate who
was exonerated of a rape conviction after spending 26 years behind bars.

Experts say rape cases difficult to prosecute
The Mercury News, 21 May 2008
The decision by the state attorney general not to prosecute the men
involved in an alleged rape that took place at the home of De Anza
College baseball player points to the difficult legal challenges
involved in rape cases.

How Cell Phones Have Fueled a Frenzy of "Honor" Killings in Iraq
Alternet, 21 May 2008
A dark pool of dried blood and a fallen red scarf mark the place where
Ronak, who had fled to a woman's shelter in the Kurdish city of
Sulaymaniyah when she was accused of adultery by her husband, was shot
three times by a man hiding on the roof of a nearby building.

Indian village proud after double "honour killing"
Reuters, 16 May 2008
Five armed men burst into the small room and courtyard at dawn, just as
21-year-old, 22-week pregnant, Sunita was drying her face on a towel.

Dutch government to criminalize visiting non-licensed prostitutes
International Herald Tribune, 16 May 2008
The Dutch government announced plans Friday to criminalize visiting
prostitutes who are not officially licensed. "There are still too many
problems in the prostitution sector, including human trafficking," the
Justice Ministry said in a statement.

LIBERIA: Living with fistula
IRIN News, 15 May 2008
Of 600 rape victims recently interviewed by a Liberian non-governmental
organisation, 90 percent of the women were found to be suffering from
fistulas - a vaginal tear which results in loss of bladder control and
social stigmatisation.

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evidence-based responses.

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