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Sexual Violence in the News:

Police find no proof of rape of Penan women
The Star Online, Malaysia, 7 November 2008
KUCHING: Police investigating the alleged rapes of Penan women found no
evidence to suggest the women had been raped, said Inspector-Gene-ral of
Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan.

Cycling coach Rick Lee rape charges dropped
Sydney Morning Herald, 7 November 2008
Rick Lee, the WA junior cycling coach and former national youth coach
charged with raping a girl in the US state of Pennsylvania, has had all
charges against him dropped, according to a cycling associate.

Child marriage and divorce in Yemen 
BBC News, 6 November 2008
A narrow path leads up from the mountain town of Jibla, through
century-old houses, and turns into a mud track before reaching the door
of Arwa's home.

Child feared for her life after rape, court hears
The Mail and Guardian, 6 November 2008
A seven-year-old girl who could hardly walk refused to tell her mother
that she had been raped by "uncle" out of fear for her life, the mother
told the Durban Regional Court on Thursday.

Tens of thousands more women and girls at risk of rape and attack in
DRC, warns CARE International
Reuters, 6 November 2008
There have been more than 3,500 cases of sexual violence for North Kivu
alone reported to the Joint Initiative on Sexual Violence from January
to September this year- that's nearly 400 a month

Bail amended for former doctor
The Australian, 6 November 2008
FORMER doctor Graham Reeves, who is accused of sexually assaulting and
mutilating female patients, has won a relaxation of his bail conditions
in a Sydney court today.

Rapes 'not being reported' - PSNI 
BBC News, 6 November 2008
There has been a fall in the number of rapes but many attacks are not
reported, the police have said. 

Attempt to overturn court's child rape ruling
Independent Online, 6 November 2008
The justice department was to ask the Constitutional Court today
(Thursday) to overturn a Pretoria High Court ruling that compels its
officials to reduce the trauma suffered by child rape victims when they
testify against their accused rapists.

Teen convicted in rape of 81-year-old woman
WXVT News, 6 November 2008
A state district court jury has convicted a Shreveport teenager of
beating and raping an elderly woman.

Florida: Award in Case of Sexual Abuse 
New York Times, 5 November 2008
A Palm Beach County jury on Tuesday awarded $27 million to a girl who
was molested four years ago by a male family friend who was baby-sitting
for her.

Teen escapes sexual assault in public toilet
Sydney Morning Herald, 4 November 2008
A 16-year-old boy broke free and escaped from two men who tried to
sexually assault him in a public toilet in Sydney's west last night,
police say.

'Sex slavery' gang jailed in child prostitution case
Guardian.co.uk, 4 November 2008
A gang of human traffickers, brothel keepers and pimps received
substantial jail terms yesterday over the ordeal of a teenage virgin
tricked into travelling to the UK for a life of sexual "slavery".

SOMALIA: "One message" on FGM/C in Somaliland 
IRIN News, 3 November 2008
Hawa* is determined her young daughter will not undergo female genital
mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), which is widespread in Somalia's
self-declared republic of Somaliland.

Help scarce for refugee rape victims in Jordan
International Herald Tribune, 3 November 2008
A New York-based refugee advocacy group says Iraqi refugee rape victims
in Jordan receive little medical care.

HAITI: Sex for survival puts women at risk 
IRIN News, 3 November 2008
After her aunt turned her out onto the chaotic streets of
Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, eight months ago, Marie Jessy*, 16,
survived by befriending men who gave her a place to stay for the night
and some money the next morning. 

Orissa govt suspends 5 cops in nun rape case
Times of India, 1 November 2008
With the ghost of Kandhmal riots giving it sleepless nights, the Orissa
government on Friday suspended five policemen for 'dereliction' of duty
during the alleged rape of a nun at K Nuagaon on August 25.

Chinese Women Gain; Soldiers Report Sex Assault
Women's E-News, 1 November 2008
Significant progress for Chinese women's rights have taken place over
the past five years, including the creation of 27,000 agencies for women
and children, according to a report delivered at the Tenth National
Women's Congress in Beijing held Oct. 28.

Somalia: Girl stoned was a child of 13
Amnesty International, 31 October 2008
She was accused of adultery in breach of Islamic law but, her father and
other sources told Amnesty International that she had in fact been raped
by three men, and had attempted to report this rape to the al-Shabab
militia who control Kismayo, and it was this act that resulted in her
being accused of adultery and detained.

Pakistan 'child wedding' halted
BBC News, 31 October 2008
Police in southern Pakistan have arrested two people for attempting to
wed a seven-year-old boy to a four-year-old girl, officials say. 

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