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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rape looms large over Haiti slums 
BBC News, 27 November 2008
Human rights organisation Amnesty International is calling on the
Haitian government to do more to tackle the widespread rape of girls,
often by gangs of armed men.

Security not good enough to prevent rape of baby: report
ABC News, 27 November 2008
report by the Territory's Health and Community Services Complaints
Commissioner has found that the paediatric ward of Royal Darwin Hospital
did not have sufficient security to prevent the rape of a baby two years

Both Women and Men Victims of Rape in Eastern DRC
Voice of America, 26 November 2008
As efforts continue to try to end the conflict in the eastern DRC, the
toll the fighting has taken on civilians grows higher. And both women
and men have been victims of rape and sexual violence.

PNG women victims of rape, torture - report
The Austrailian, 26 November 2008
GANG rape, payback rape, tribal war rape, torture and murder of women
suspected of sorcery are common in Papua New Guinea, an Australian study
has found.

Vatican can be sued for priest sex abuse: US court
AFP, 26 November 2008
US appeals court has ruled that the Vatican can be sued for the sex
abuse committed by US priests.

NIGERIA: Early marriage adds to socioeconomic woes, NGOs say 
IRIN News, 26 November 2008
Just 26 percent of girls in northern Nigeria make it beyond primary
school, according to the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF), and local NGOs
estimate that most of those who leave do so because their families marry
them off.

Britain wonders why system did not stop rapist father
International Herald Tribune, 26 November 2008
Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Wednesday the British public would get
answers about how a man managed to repeatedly rape his daughters,
fathering nine children with them, without being stopped by the

Child murder trial postponed again
The Namibian, 26 November 2008
THE High Court trial of former security guard Lesley Kukame, who is
accused of raping and murdering a three-and-a-half-year-old child in
Windhoek in early 2005, is scheduled to continue only in April next
year, after its latest postponement yesterday.

South Sudan's women warriors struggle in peace
Sydney Morning Herald, 26 November 2008
Southern women played a significant role in the war, fighting and
supporting the multiple armed groups, experts say, adding that they also
suffered routine sexual violence.

FGM Asylum Cases Forge New Legal Standing
Women's E-news, 25 November 2008
Women have been winning U.S. asylum to avoid female genital mutilation
in their homelands. But in 2007 three denials challenged that trend. One
of those cases now under review could clarify their legal standing.

Airman's wife alleges rape in Army hospital
Times of India, 25 November 2008
The wife of an Airman was allegedly gangraped in the Army Command
Hospital, Chandimandir, by two nursing attendants.

Rape risk increasing in Cambodia
BBC News, 25 November 2008
Women and girls in Cambodia are facing an increasing risk of rape and
sexual assault, a government report has said.

Mom weeps over her daughter's rape ordeal
Dispatch Online, 25 November 2008
The mother of a little girl raped two years ago broke down and wept in
the witness box yesterday when describing her daughter's ordeal to the
Grahamstown High Court.

Warrnambool teenager on schoolgirl rape charge
Herald Sun, 25 November 2008
A TEENAGE boy has been charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl in
front of classmates when she passed out after a drinking binge.

New laws against forced marriages 
BBC News, 25 November 2008
Laws to prevent forced marriages and protect those who have already
fallen victim have been introduced in England, Wales and Northern

Sexual abuse case reporting increases: FWCC 
The Fiji Times Online, 25 November 2008
There has been an increase in reporting of sexual violence and rape
cases over the past four years, Fiji womens Crisis Centre statistics

KENYA: Sex for jobs in export processing zones 
IRIN PlusNews, 24 November 2008
"Let me be honest with you, for us women, and especially young ones like
us, it is difficult to get a job here without having sex with the
bosses," said Rosaline Muendo*, who has worked as a seamstress in an EPZ
for the past three years.

Immediate and Long-Term Care Needed For Sexual Violence Victims in DRC
Voice of America, 24 November 2008
The International Rescue Committee says women and girls in North Kivu
Province of the DRC are again being sexually assaulted and raped in
large numbers. The IRC is one of the agencies working in the eastern

UGANDA: Draft HIV bill's good intentions could backfire
IRIN PlusNews, 24 November 2008
AIDS activists in Uganda have slammed a proposed new law that will force
HIV-positive people to reveal their status to their sexual partners, and
also allow medical personnel to reveal someone's status to their

World Congress III Against the Sexual Exploitation of Children takes
place in Brazil
UNICEF, 24 November 2008
The sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is gaining growing
visibility as a global reality. Worldwide, children are suffering from
the effects of trafficking, pornography, prostitution, rape and abuse.

Iraq's Kurdish areas prepare to ban female circumcision
AFP, 22 November 2008
Parliament in Iraq's northern autonomous region of Kurdistan is
preparing to outlaw female circumcision, according to a woman MP and
doctor who has long battled to halt the widespread practice.

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