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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources
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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rate of Sexual Assault in Army Prompts an Effort at Prevention 
Wall Street Journal, 3 October 2008
The Army is launching a new war against an old foe: the lingering
problem of sexual violence within the military.

Girl, 5, contracted her father's sexual disease 
Sydney Morning Herald, 3 October 2008
A FIVE-year-old girl who contracted a sexually transmitted infection was
allowed to return to the family home after a judge ruled that he could
not be certain her father had abused her.

MALI: Violence against women on rise 
IRIN News, 2 October 2008
At least 300 women are victims of sexual violence every year in Bamako,
according to local police records, but the actual figure is much higher
said the president of the Bamako-based non-profit, Women in Law and
Development in Africa.

Neighbour crawled through window to sexually assault girl, 10
Sydney Morning Herald, 2 October 2008
A 10-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by an intruder who crawled
through her window now feels unsafe in her bedroom and no longer plays
sport because she fears he might be in the crowd, a court heard today.

Rape survivor takes first steps 
BBC News, 2 October 2008
A woman who went public to talk about her rape has gone one step further
to help other rape survivors. 

Court Won't Reconsider Ban on Execution for Child Rape
Washington Post, 2 October 2008
The Supreme Court yesterday declined to revisit its June decision that
imposing the death penalty on child-rapists is unconstitutional,
although two justices said they would have reopened the case and two
others sharply criticized the majority. 

India's Anti-Feticide Plan Frustrates Leading Critic
Women's E-news, 1 October 2008
In a bid to curb the growing pace of female feticide, India is mulling
offering cash incentives to the families of baby girls in an effort to
limit the number of sex-selective abortions in favor of boys.

Violence vs women migrants scars victims, nations
ABC CBN News, 1 October 2008
Female migrant domestic workers are often the most vulnerable to abuses
and violations due to the gender-specific nature of their work. These
violations come in several forms, and the bad experience most likely
leaves the victim scarred for life

Priest jailed for sexual assaults 
BBC News, 1 October 2008
A priest who sexually abused boys at a Catholic school over a 20 year
period has been jailed for six years. 

Alcoholic 'cannot remember raping his mom'
Independent Online, 1 October 2008
He has drunk a litre of brandy a day since he was 20. Now, he claims, he
cannot remember the night he allegedly raped his mother.

Rape compensation still not paid 
BBC News, 30 September 2008
Compensation has still not been paid in full to some rape victims who
had their payouts incorrectly reduced because they had been drinking
when attacked.

Rape accused granted parole
Times of India, 30 September 2008
A rape accused, who escaped after agreeing to marry the victim and was
arrested later, has been granted parole by the high court to tie the

Judge urges publicity on rape of 12-year-old 
New Zealand Herald, 30 September 2008
A man has been jailed after raping a 12-year-old girl who pretended to
be a prostitute in order to steal his money.

AFRICA: Children take on the fight against sexual exploitation
IRIN News, 26 September 2008
Children should not be seen as victims of sexual exploitation, but
rather the front-line fighters against it, said non-profit Save the
Children Sweden at a preparatory meeting in Dakar in advance of the
World Congress against sexual exploitation of children and adolescents
to be held in Rio, Brazil in November 2008.

New Law Shields Children From Prostitution Charges 
New York Times, 26 September 2008
Ending years of debate and delay, Gov. David A. Paterson on Friday
signed into law a bill shielding sexually exploited girls and boys from
being charged with prostitution.

Underage marriage fatwa prompts official inquiry
Magharebia, 25 September 2008
The controversial fatwa concerning underage marriage issued in Morocco
by Cheikh Mohamed Ben Abderrahman Al Maghraoui will be the target of a
new government inquiry, following a decision by the king's prosecutor in

ZIMBABWE: Tortured, raped and forgotten
IRIN News, 23 September 2008
During the bitterly contested Zimbabwe elections between President
Robert Mugabe's ruling ZANU-PF and Morgan Tsvangirai's Movement for
Democratic Change (MDC), the country's rural areas became effective
no-go areas.

No change in Brazil after girl raped in men's jail
International Herald Tribune, 21 September 2008
A 15-year-old girl arrested on petty theft charges was left for weeks in
a jail cell with 21 men, who raped her, tortured her and only allowed
her food in exchange for sex.

Maureen: "When I reported my rape to the police, they arrested me"
IRIN Plus News, September 2008
Seventeen year-old Maureen* is a sex worker in Kenya's coastal city of
Mombasa. She moved to Mombasa six months ago from her native home of
Kisii, in western Kenya. Still deeply affected by her parents' divorce,
she told IRIN PlusNews how she ended up making a living selling sex.

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