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Sexual Violence in the News:

Rape accused claims ignorance of law
Daily Dispatch Online, 17 October 2008
ONE of two men accused of raping a 15-year-old girl during a Christmas
drinking spree claimed he had no idea that it was illegal to have sex
with minor.

HIV husband pleads for lower charge
Sydney Morning Herald, 17 October 2008
The man, who cannot being named due to legal reasons, had previously
pleaded guilty to maliciously inflicting a grievous bodily disease with
intent after he infected his wife with the virus during their
relationship between 1994 and 2003.

Truth but still no comfort, 63 years on
The Japan Times, 17 October 2008
There is still controversy over the sex slaves in Japan, where they are
euphemistically called "comfort women," with the government maintaining
that there is no consensus about the number or whether they were forced
to have sex with Japanese soldiers, or the military's role in setting up
and running the "comfort stations." Outside of Japan, few people seem to
know about it.

Indefinite lockup for Washington state rapist
International Herald Tribune, 17 October 2008
A jury unanimously decided Thursday that a convicted rapist is a danger
and should remain confined even though he has completed his sentence in
a case that terrorized the Spokane area for more than a decade.

Shock tactics to break prejudice on rape
Scotsman, 16 October 2008
A HARD-HITTING billboard campaign aimed at challenging the attitude that
women are often to blame for being raped was launched yesterday.

Rape victim tells of desperate struggle to live
New Zealand Herald, 16 October 2008
A former Dunedin student has told a court of her desperate struggle to
survive at the hands of a man who repeatedly raped and then tried to
strangle her.

Ugandans ban female circumcision 
BBC News, 16 October 2008
A community in eastern Uganda has banned the deeply rooted practice of
female genital mutilation (FGM), an official has said..

German rape case triggers political row in Goa 
The Hindu News, 16 October 2008
The police action booking the absconding elder son of powerful Goa
minister Atanasio Monserratte in the alleged rape of a minor German girl
has erupted into a full blown political row in the state amid demands
for removal of Chief Minister Digambar Kamath. 

'I was raped by four women' 
Sowetan, 16 October 2008
A Tembisa man says four armed women kidnapped and raped him for two days
in Pretoria after he'd hitched a ride in a BMW on the way home from his
mother's funeral. 

When police were the rapists 
Daily Nation, 15 October 2008
There was massive conspiracy by police to sweep under the carpet sex
crimes committed during the violence.

MP raped me at Parliament: woman breaks her silence
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 October 2008
THE woman whose allegations have forced a senior Victorian cabinet
minister to step down has told of being raped by him in the state's
Parliament building.

Women address sex trade
The Fiji Times Online, 15 October 2008
THE commercial and sexual exploitation of women and children is a sordid
reality that will be addressed in a report to the United Nations.

Montreal pastor who took child bride convicted of sexual assault
CBC News, 15 October 2008
The head of a defunct church in Montreal who claims to have married a
10-year-old girl has been found guilty of sexual assault.

Sex attack victim unable to give evidence
Independent Online, 14 October 2008
A young mother of three who was so brutally raped and assaulted on
Valentine's Day last year while visiting the Maders Hotel in Mayville,
was in a coma for three weeks following the attack and is now unable to
give evidence in the trial against her two alleged attackers because of
her mental and physical state.

Saudi Arabia Beheads the 72nd Person Executed This Year 
Fox News, 14 October 2008
Saudi national Fahd al-Shadoukhey was convicted of theft and rape while
under the influence of alcohol.

Machel: schools must act against trafficking
New York Times, 11 October 2008
Graca Machel, a Mozambican human rights campaigner and the country's
former first lady, appealed to schools Saturday to take more action to
prevent children being kidnapped and sold into prostitution.

AFRICA: 'Sexually-transmitted grades' kills quality education
IRIN News, 10 October 2008
Sexual exploitation in African schools has become so widespread that
children have come up with their own terms to refer to sexual relations
with their teachers.

Lithuanian Abortion Vote Looms Beyond Elections
Women's E-news, 10 October 2008
Lithuania's parliament could soon vote on one of the most restrictive
abortion bans in Europe. If it passes, pro-choice advocates predict
women who can't afford to travel out of the country will turn to unsafe
underground abortions.

Child prostitution on the rise in Congo
Independent Online, 1 October 2008
Child prostitution has reached alarmingly high levels in Congo, a local
NGO reported on Wednesday after conducting a state-sponsored, UN funded

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evidence-based responses.

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