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Dear SVRI List Members

To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
violence from across the globe. If you would like to suggest resources
to be included on the SVRI Updates or on the SVRI website, please email 
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Sexual Violence in the News:

High newborn death rate linked to child marriages
Sydney Morning Herald, 16 January 2009
THE large number of child marriages on the Indian subcontinent is
contributing to a high rate of maternal and newborn deaths in the
region, a United Nations report has found.

THAILAND: Addressing sexual violence in Mae La refugee camp 
IRIN News, 15 January 2009
Mae La suffers from a significant degree of sexual violence and domestic
abuse, aggravated by frustration born of the inability to return to
Myanmar, live and work openly in Thai society, or resettle in other
countries, according to aid workers.

Technology alone 'won't assure youth safety on Internet'
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 January 2009
A high-profile task force formed last year to study dangers young people
face on the Internet has found that fears of sexual predators are
overblown and that technology alone won't keep children safe.

NCW wants sexual harassment law to cover educational institutes
Times of India, 15 January 2009
Faced with sexual harassment complaints from research scholars and
university teachers, the National Commission for Women (NCW) has
proposed that educational institutions be recognised as 'workplace' and
brought under the ambit of the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill.

Police: Calif. dad sold 14-year-old into marriage
International Herald Tribune, 14 January 2009
A California man has been arrested for arranging for his 14-year-old
daughter to marry a neighbor in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer
and several cases of meat, police said.

International Criminal Court - Clarifying the scope of the crime of rape
ReliefWeb, 14 January 2009
On the eve of the first hearing in the International Criminal Court
(ICC) to decide whether to confirm charges of rape as a crime against
humanity and as a war crime, Amnesty International hopes that the
Pre-Trial Chamber will confirm in its judgments a strong definition of
rape which will help ensure prosecutions for this crime which pervades
so many current conflicts.

A rape every sixth day in Nagpur
Times of India, 14 January 2009
City police say, 305 cases of rape have been reported in the city in the
last five years. It means one rape every sixth day, a 50% jump since
2003. A staggering 65% women never report the crime, but thanks to the
Domestic Violence Act, the awareness is on a upswing.

SENEGAL: Seeking legal, social tools against sexual violence 
IRIN News, 13 January 2009
As Senegal's parliament prepares to debate possible changes to rape
laws, civil society groups say legislative reforms will not be enough to
combat sexual violence against women and children.

AWOL Soldier Wanted in Kidnappings, Rape
ABC News, 13 January 2009
Police in Washington state are searching for a Iraq war veteran accused
of kidnapping and torturing two women and raping one of them. 

Prosecutors Say DRC's Bemba Used Rape As Weapon
VOA News, 12 January 2009
Prosecutors Monday accused Bemba of ordering his militia to
systematically rape civilians in the Central African Republic. Bemba's
force was invited there by President Ange-Felix Patasse in 2002 to help
put down a coup attempt.

Liberian village women unite against sexual violence
ReliefWeb, 11 January 2009
Women in this central Liberian village, who suffered at the hands of
rebels during a 14-year civil war, want to stop violence against their
sex and restore peace to their traumatised towns.

Child rape cases four times higher 
Independent Online,  10 January 2009
Child rape cases reported in December last year have more than
quadrupled when compared with the same period the year before, the
KwaZulu-Natal department of health says.

Finally, Sudan passes law to stop the cut
The East African, 9 January 2009
A law passed in November 2008 prohibiting female genital mutilation
(FGM) in the state of Southern Kordofan is unique in Sudan. 

Congolese doctor wins Olof Palme Prize for rape victim work
AFP, 9 January 2009
Congolese gynecologist Denis Mukwege on Thursday won the 2008 Olof Palme
Prize for his work to help women victims of rape and war crimes in the
Democratic Republic of Congo, organisers said.

AFGHANISTAN: Butchered in the name of honour
IRIN News, 8 January 2009
Maryam, 14, was raped by a man in the Yakawlang District of Bamyan
Province, central Afghanistan, five months ago. Her mother and brother
used razor blades to cut the girl open, take out the foetus, and bury it
alive to hide the disgrace, according to Habiba Surabi, the governor of

Man who filmed car rape is jailed
BBC News, 5 January 2009
A man who filmed himself as he raped a 12-year-old girl in the back of
his car has been jailed for at least 14 years.

Seven appear in court for rape
Fiji Daily Post, 5 January 2009
SEVEN men will appear today at the Labasa Court each charged with one
count of rape of a 12-year-old girl.

If This Isn't Slavery, What Is?
New York Times, 4 January 2009
Barack Obama's presidency marks a triumph over the legacy of slavery, so
it would be particularly meaningful if he led a new abolitionist
movement against 21st-century slavery - like the trafficking of girls
into brothels.

2008 saw 179 honour killings
The News International, 1 January 2009
According to a study by 'The News' based on the newspaper reports
published from January to December 2008 a total of 138 women and 41 men
were killed in the name of honour.

Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated
evidence-based responses.

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Forum for Health Research, is hosted by the Medical Research Council,
South Africa.  The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and
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