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Dear SVRI List Members

This SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research and resources. Please email svri at mrc.ac.za if you would like us to include relevant sexual violence resources and materials in the SVRI Updates. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/>  

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]

II. Websites
II. Online Publications/Resources
III. Journal Articles
IV. Events
V. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities
VI. SVRI Online Discussions
VII. Vacancies

I. Websites

Isis International: Feminist organisation committed to creating spaces within information and communications structures and systems, that promote the many voices of women, particularly those from the South. Website: http://www.isisinternational.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=29&Itemid=41 

Femlink Pacific: This organisation addresses the imbalances caused by the traditional decision-making structures which impede women and young women's effective participation, especially from the rural population and the poor, to communicate openly on common matters. Website: http://www.femlinkpacific.org.fj/index.cfm?si=main 

II. Online Publications/Resources

Vicious Circles: Sexual Violence Against Young People in Cambodia, Colombia and Northern Uganda. Children/Youth as Peacebuilders. 2009. This study investigates the nature and extent of sexual violence against young people in conflict and post-conflict situations. Full report available at: http://www.svri.org/ViciousCircles.pdf 

Participatory Vulnerability Analysis: A Step-by-Step Guide for Field Staff. ActionAid International, 2009. Participatory Vulnerability Analysis is a tool developed by ActionAid to involve communities in an in-depth examination of their vulnerability. [Source: WUNRN] Full document available at: http://www.actionaid.org/assets/pdf/PVA%20final.pdf 

Defying the Odds: Lessons Learnt from Men for Gender Equality Now. The African Women's Development and Communications Network and Men for Gender Equality Now, 2009. This publication shares activist experiences, highlighting the challenges, successes and lessons learnt in different programme areas. [Source: WUNRN] Full document available at: http://megenkenya.org/images/resources/defying%20the%20odds.pdf 

A Guide for Mothers, Grandmothers, and Others for Helping a Girl Caught in Prostitution or Sex Trafficking. Women's Justice Centre, 2009. This guide provides tips, information, and resources to help fight as effectively as possible to help girls involved in prostitution. [Source: WUNRN] Full document available at: http://www.justicewomen.com/guide/index.html 

International Framework for Action to Implement the Trafficking in Persons Protocol. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2009. This document is based on the objectives of the United Nations Trafficking Protocol and its provisions, following the three internationally recognized themes of prevention, protection and prosecution. Full document available at: http://www.unodc.org/documents/human-trafficking/Framework_for_Action_TIP.pdf 

Our Rights Are Not Optional: Advocating for the Implementation of CEDAW Through Its Optional Protocol. International Women's Rights Action Watch - Asia Pacific, 2008. This publication aims to strengthen existing efforts around the ratification and effective use of the Optional Protocol at the national level. [Source: Eldis] Full document available at: http://www.iwraw-ap.org/documents/resourceguide/Our_Rights_Guide.pdf 

For country specific resources on sexual violence visit our country pages:  http://www.svri.org/countries.htm <http://www.svri.org/countries.htm> 

III. Journal Articles

Reframing Violence Against Women as a Human Rights Violation: Evan Stark's Coercive Control. Libal K, Parekh S. Violence Against Women. Oct 15. [Epub ahead of print], 2009. This article engages Stark's rhetorically powerful political and analytical innovation of shifting the paradigm of coercive control. [Source: Medical Advocates] Abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19834069?dopt=Abstract 

Adverse childhood experiences and the risk of premature mortality. Brown DW, Anda RF, Tiemeier H, Felitti VJ, Edwards VJ, Croft JB, Giles WH. Am J Prev Med 2009; 37(5), 2009. This study aims to determine whether adverse childhood experiences are associated with an increased risk of premature death during adulthood. [Source: SafetyLit] Abstract available at: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144314_20 

Barriers Affecting Access to and Use of Formal Social Supports Among Abused Immigrant Women. Guruge S and Humphreys J. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research; 41(3), 2009. This study looks at the complexities of immigrant women's access to and use of formal supports to deal with intimate partner violence in Canada. [Source: Medical Advocates] Abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19831055?ordinalpos=34&itool=EntrezSystem2.PEntrez.Pubmed.Pubmed_ResultsPanel.Pubmed_DefaultReportPanel.Pubmed_RVDocSum 

Men's and Women's Childhood Sexual Abuse and Victimization in Adult Partner Relationships: A Study of Risk Factors. Daigneault I, Hebert M, McDuff P. Child Abuse & Neglect; ePub October 6, 2009. This article describes possible risk factors for predicting Intimate Partner Violence in adulthood. [Source: PreventConnect] Abstract available at: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6V7N-4XCY42G-1&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=5f67645ae919dc5d957df51da2fc7661 <http://www.sciencedirect.com/science?_ob=ArticleURL&_udi=B6V7N-4XCY42G-1&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&_docanchor=&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=5f67645ae919dc5d957df51da2fc7661>  

Chain of Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases. Lowe SM, Rahman N, Forster G. Int J STD AIDS; ePub, 2009. This study gives a retrospective case-note review of female sexual assault cases. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144390_20 

Clerics Who Commit Sexual Offenses: Offender, Offense, and Victim Characteristics. Firestone P, Moulden H.M and Wexler A.F. Journal of Child Sex Abuse; 18(4), 2009. The aim of this investigation was to undertake an exploratory analysis of clerics who sexually offend and the circumstances related to these offenses. [Source: SafetyLit] Abstract available at: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144399_20 

Child Sexual Abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Substance Use: Predictors of Revictimization in Adult Sexual Assault Survivors. Ullman S.E, Najdowski C.J and Filipas H.H. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse; 18(4), 2009. This study examined the unique effects of child sexual abuse in relation to sexual revictimization in a community sample of female adult sexual assault victims. [Source: SafetyLit] Abstract: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144401_20 

Descriptive Epidemiology of Chronic Childhood Adversity in Mexican Adolescents. Benjet C, Borges G, Medina-Mora M.E, Zambrano J, Cruz C and Méndez E. J Adolesc Health; 45(5), 2009. This study estimates the prevalence of adversity, the interrelatedness of adversities, and their socio-demographic correlates. [Source: SafetyLit] Abstract: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144395_24 

Impact of Asking Sensitive Questions About Violence to Children and Adolescents. Ybarra ML, Langhinrichsen-Rohling J, Friend J, Diener-West M. J Adolesc Health; 45(5, 2009. This study examines the ethics of asking sensitive health questions to children and adolescents. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144394_14 

PTSD, Depression, and Their Comorbidity in Relation to Suicidality: Cross-Sectional and Prospective Analyses of a National Probability Sample of Women. Cougle J.R, Resnick H and Kilpatrick D.G. Depress Anxiety; ePub, 2009. This article examines major depressive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder as risk factors for suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. [Source: SafetyLit] Abstract:  http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144370_28

The Levels and Roles of Social and Institutional Support Reported by Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse. Belknap J, Melton H.C, Denney J.T, Fleury-Steiner R.E and Sullivan C.M. Fem Criminol; 4(4), 2009. This article explores the roles of social and institutional support in the lives of women whose intimate partner abuse cases reached the courts. [Source: SafetyLit] Abstract: http://www.safetylit.org/citations/index.php?fuseaction=citations.viewdetails&citationIds%5B%5D=citjournalarticle_144294_28 

For additional issues related resources and articles on sexual violence visit our issues pages:  http://www.svri.org/issues.htm <http://www.svri.org/issues.htm>  

IV. Events

Ownership : Getting In Early To Prevent Domestic Violence - Young Men. Research Seminar with Dr Alison Towns, Wellington, New Zealand: 2 November, 2009. Application deadline: 28 October 2009. [Source: PreventConnect] For more information, contact: Ilona.Rozner001 at msd.govt.nz or http://www.nzfvc.org.nz/Events.aspx

Latin American Legal Congress on Reproductive Rights. 5-7 November 2009. Arequipa, Peru. The congress aims to provide legal tools and serve as an open forum for reflecting on progress made on reproductive rights in Latin America and the Caribbean within a human rights and comparative law framework. Registrations close: 31 October 2009. [Source: AWID] More information at: http://congresoderechosreproductivos2009.com/ <http://congresoderechosreproductivos2009.com/>  

Trauma Awareness Webinar: What Every Journalist Needs to Know. 10 November 2009. This webinar will look at recognising and managing stress and trauma. News organizations will learn how to develop actions to assist staff members who are experiencing trauma. For more information on registration and costs, please visit: http://www.newsu.org/courses/course_detail.aspx?id=dart_traumaWebinar09 

SVRI & Partner Events at GFHR Forum 2009 Havana Cuba, 16-18 November 2009: The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, Ipas and UNFPAwill be hosting a series of meetings at the Global Forum for Health Research annual event in Havana, Cuba 16th-19th November. The meetings will bring together key thinkers from Latin America and the Caribbean in the area of sexual violence research and will explore the extent of sexual violence in LAC and how research can be used to strengthen health services and reduce violence. Please note that applications for attendance are closed. For more information about the workshops please visit http://www.svri.org/SVRIEnglish.pdf; and http://www.svri.org/SVRISpanish.pdf or visit: http://www.globalforumhealth.org/Forum-2009/Programme/Satellite-meetings 

For more events visit: http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm <http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm>  

V. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities

Call for Papers - Gendered Perspectives on International Development, Michigan State University: If you are interested in submitting a manuscript to the Working Papers series, please send a 150 word abstract summarizing the paper's essential points and findings to Dr. Anne Ferguson at papers at msu.edu. For more information  visit http://www.wid.msu.edu/resources/publications.htm. 

Call for Papers - Women's Health Issues.: Invitation to submit for a new category of peer-reviewed manuscripts entitled, "Policy Matters." Authors are invited to submit scholarly, thoughtful, and timely policy analyses related to various issues affecting women's health. [Source: AWID]. Read more at: http://www.whijournal.com/webfiles/images/journals/whi/Call_for_Papers_061209_Policy_Matters.pdf 

New Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations: The School for Advanced Research is pleased to announce the new Campbell Fellowship for Women Scholar-Practitioners from Developing Nations. Application deadline: November 1, 2009. [Source: Interagency Gender Working Group] More details: http://sarweb.org/index.php?resident_scholar_campbell_fellowship 

Call for Proposals - Indigenous Women's Fund:  The International Indigenous Women's Forum is pleased to open the first call for proposals from 15 October 2009 to 15 January 2010. [Source: AWID] Read more at: http://www.indigenouswomensforum.org/iwfund.html 

Training -  Nonviolence Education and Training:. Women Peacemakers Program. Call for applications for Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East, Europe, Balkans, Caucasus and the Pacific. Application deadline: November 30, 2009. [Source: WUNRN] Read more: http://ifor.org/WPP/education_nonviolence.htm 

SVRI Funding Links Page: For details on funders who have funding sources available for research on sexual violence visit: http://www.svri.org/funding.htm <http://www.svri.org/funding.htm>  

VI. SVRI Online Discussion Forum 

The SVRI provides you with a platform to interact online with other members of the SVRI who have registered with the SVRI Online Discussion Forum. To view current discussions, comment or create your own please visit: http://www.svri.org/activities.htm#svri 

VII. Vacancies

Program Officer / The Ford Foundation Women's Rights and Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Rights East Africa / Nairobi, Kenya. Application deadline: November 2, 2009. Read more:  www.fordfound.org/employment. 

Program Officer / The Ford Foundation Sexuality and Reproductive Health and Rights Addressing Social and Cultural Barriers to Sexual and Reproductive Health,West Africa / Lagos, Nigeria. Application deadline: November 2, 2009. Read more:  www.fordfound.org/employment. 

Consultant / The Young Feminist Fund / AWID / Mexico City. Closing date: October 30, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009].  Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-at-AWID/Request-for-Proposals-Consultant-The-Young-Feminist-Fund

Gender-Based Violence Program Manager / The International Rescue Committee / Chad. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://tbe.taleo.net/NA2/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=IRC&cws=1&rid=5580 or http://www.theirc.org/careers

Gender-Based Violence Coordinator / The International Rescue Committee / Central African Republic. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] http://tbe.taleo.net/NA2/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=IRC&cws=1&rid=5477 or http://www.theirc.org/careers 

Consultants: Women's Political Participation / The National Democratic Institute / Washington, DC, USA. / Consultancy to start November/December 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.ndi.org/current_openings 

Senior Social Development Specialist (Gender & Development) / The Asian Development Bank / Manila, Philippines / Closing date: October 30, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Senior-Social-Development-Specialist-Gender-Development 

Gender-Based Violence Coordinator / UNFPA / South Darfur, Sudan .Closing date: November 13, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Based-Violence-Coordinator2 

Police Affairs Officer, Adviser on Combating Trafficking in Human Beings / The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) / Vienna, Austria. Closing date: November 18, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Police-Affairs-Officer-Adviser-on-Combating-Trafficking-in-Human-Beings 

Gender Advisor / The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development / London, UK. Closing date: November 05, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Advisor 

Assistant Professor - Political Science / The Division of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Arizona State University / Phoenix, AZ, USA. Closing date: December 15, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Assistant-Professor-Political-Science 

Program Officer - Gender / The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) / Nairobi, Kenya. Closing date: October 30, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Program-Officer-Gender 

Gender Responsive Budget Consultant / UNIFEM / Timor-Leste. Closing date: November 06, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Gender-Responsive-Budget-Consultant 

Advocacy and Networking Officer / The European Network on Debt and Development / Brussels, Belgium. Closing date: November 09, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Advocacy-and-Networking-Officer 

Project Manager, Communications Connection / United Nations Foundation / Better World Fund/Washington, DC, USA. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Project-Manager-Communications-Connection 

Project Officer for Gender and Election / UNIFEM / Juba, Sudan. Closing date: October 27, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Project-Officer-for-Gender-and-Election 

Consultant: Development and Coordination of the Developing a Joint Programme for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment / UNIFEM / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Closing date: October 27, 2009. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 26 October 2009] Read more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-Around-the-World/Consultant-Development-and-Coordination-of-the-Developing-a-Joint-Programme-for-Gender-Equality-and-Women-s-Empowerment 

Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated evidence-based responses.

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, an initiative of the Global Forum for Health Research, is hosted by the Medical Research Council, South Africa.  The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and generate empirical data to ensure sexual violence is recognized as a priority public health problem.  To learn more about the SVRI visit our website www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/>  or contact us at svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>  

To unsubscribe from the list, email svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>  

Please circulate these resources widely.





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