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To follow is a list of newspaper articles and other stories on sexual
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Sexual Violence in the News:

Claims of rape at care homes
Sydney Morning Herald, 24 September 2009
Vulnerable women in state-monitored care homes are reportedly being
raped and are trading sex for cigarettes and money in cases that
highlight years of neglect and inaction by the Victorian government,
according to its own watchdog.

Somalia: Instead of a safe haven, fear and rape in Galkayo 
IRIN, 23 September 2009
Exhausted by the violence in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, Asha (not
real name) fled to Galkayo in the self-declared autonomous region of
Puntland, believing her family would be safer there. 

South Africa: Sexual offences increase by 10% 
Independent Online, 23 September 2009
There were 24 836 cases of rape reported in the country in the past
year. Crime statistics released yesterday show that reported sexual
offences increased by 10 percent, but the police attribute this to
changes in the Sexual Offences Act, which has introduced new categories
of sexual crimes.

Special visas help abused illegal immigrants

The Associated Press, 23 September 2009
For years, Laura Teresa Leon Sanchez says, she was beaten, raped and
robbed by her boyfriend. If she tried to leave, he threatened to have
her deported. "I was a ghost. I was nothing," said the Mexico City
native who was living in the United States illegally. "He would say,
'I'll call immigration, and just like this, you'll be gone.' 

Lebanon: Move to take domestic violence cases out of religious courts 
IRIN, 23 September 2009
As lawmakers struggle to form a government three months after Lebanon's
parliamentary elections, women's rights activists await the opening of
parliament to debate a new bill on domestic violence.

South African jailed for rape and murder of lesbian star
The Independent, 23 September 2009
A South African man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for his part
in the murder and gang rape of a lesbian footballer who played for the
national team. The conviction of Themba Mvubu, 24, was greeted as a
"breakthrough" by gay rights activists at the court in Delmas.

Rape victims treatment reviewed
BBC News, 22 September 2009
A review of the treatment of rape victims by the police and other
agencies in England and Wales has been ordered by ministers.

Namibia: Strategy to Combat Gender Violence in Works
Namibian, 22 September 2009
"FORTY-ONE per cent of Namibian men believe that it is okay for a man to
beat his spouse, while 32 per cent of Namibian women think that there is
no problem with men beating their partners."

Prosecution bungle in SA rape case
Sydney Morning Herald, 22 September 2009
An Adelaide man who pleaded guilty to raping a drunken woman has been
allowed to withdraw his guilty plea because of a prosecution bungle.

Rohtak killings: Youth following elders' violent ways
Times of India, 22 September 2009
Shocking as they are, the murder of seven family members allegedly by an
18-year-old girl and her boyfriend in a Rohtak village highlights the
violent conflict between the young and the elders in the region, say
observers. The region's communities, along with those in western UP and
Rajasthan, are under the control of khap panchayats, a Jat construct
whose regressive decrees have seen deaths of several young couples and
unreported deaths of many young girls, bizarrely called honour killings.


HIV/AIDS, Security and Conflict: New Realities, New Responses - AIDS,
Security and Conflict Initiative
ReliefWeb, 22 September 2009
Ten years after the HIV and AIDS epidemic was identified as a threat to
international peace and security, the AIDS, Security and Conflict
Initiative (ASCI) provides the evidence and analysis that demonstrate
how the issue has evolved and the agenda has moved from the general to
the specific. ASCI exemplifies how, with better data and increasingly
refined analysis, the agenda of health and security is coming of age. 

United States: "What We Can Learn from the Dugard Case" 
Human Rights Watch, 20 September 2009
In 1991, her stepfather watched helplessly as 11-year-old Jaycee Lee
Dugard was abducted while walking to her school bus stop near their home
in Northern California. It was every parent's worst nightmare.

Anger as radical reform of rape laws delayed by a year
The Herald, 20 September 2009
Vital reforms to Scotland's rape laws are being put on hold for more
than a year, despite fresh concern about the country's prosecution rate
and the collapse of a high-profile trial.

Indonesia must repeal "cruel" new stoning and caning law
Amnesty International, 17 September 2009
A new Indonesian bylaw that endorses stoning to death for adultery and
caning of up to 100 lashes for homosexuality should be repealed
immediately, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

The Fight Against Rape a Brutal Wait
Inter Press Service News Agency, 14 September 2009
>From Monrovia's highest hill, the long sliver of Atlantic Ocean
shoreline at the mouth of the Mesurado River, with its aqua blue waves,
golden sand and wooden fishing boats, looks like paradise. But this is
West Point; one of Monrovia's most impoverished and polluted slums, and
it is not paradise.

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