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Dear SVRI List Members

This SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research
and resources. Please email svri at mrc.ac.za if you would like us to
include relevant sexual violence resources and materials in the SVRI
Updates. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the
Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]
I. Information Requests from SVRI Listserv Members
II. SVRI Online Event, 1- 28 February 2010: Developing effective
therapeutic and programming strategies for the care and support of male
survivors of conflict-related sexual violence
III. Websites
IV. Online Publications/Resources
V. Journal Articles
VI. Events
VII. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities
VIII. Vacancies

I. Information Requests from SVRI Listserv Members

Request for Information: The East, Central and Southern Africa Health
Community kindly requests your urgent assistance with access to
documents related to incidence and prevalence, policy and programme
relating to Child Sexual Abuse / Gender-Based Violence in Sub-Saharan
Africa. The aim of this project is to take stock of peer reviewed
articles and published and unpublished reports, in both English and
French, over the last ten years (2000 to date). The review will include
the identification of policy and program documents that will inform new
intervention strategies. If you have information available, please
contact Carol Bower - bower.carol at gmail.com (Anglophone) or Dr Cheikh
Niang - cniang1 at yahoo.fr (Francophone) before 28 February 2010.

II. SVRI Online Event, 1- 28 February 2010: "Developing effective
therapeutic and programming strategies for the care and support of male
survivors of conflict-related sexual violence".

The SVRI would like to invite you to participate in this new moderated
online discussion. In developing effective therapeutic and programming
strategies, the aim of this discussion is then to explore the following
Question 1: What are the greatest challenges that you have faced in
helping male survivors? 
Question 2: What do you think are the greatest challenges faced by the
male survivors you have helped? 
Question 3: What can facilitate or hinder disclosure of sexual assault
of men? 
This discussion will form the basis of a briefing paper on this topic
and will be moderated by Alastair Hilton, a social work consultant,
based in Cambodia and Michael Peel, formerly of the Medical Foundation
for the Care of Torture Victims, assisted by Wynne Russell, an
independent researcher into this topic. To participate in the discussion
please register at: www.svri.org/forums/ and click on the discussion
topic. We look forward to seeing you there!

III. Websites

SWAN: The Sex Workers' Rights Advocacy Network is a network of civil
society organizations engaged in advocating the Human Rights of the sex
workers in Central and Eastern Europe, CIS and South-East Europe.
[Source: Open Society Institute] Website: http://swannet.org/ 

LivingWell: This Queensland resource offers a range of services
specifically designed to assist men who have experienced childhood
sexual abuse or sexual assault, their partners, friends and family and
service providers. Website: http://www.livingwell.org.au/Home.aspx 

NEARI Press: This website provides recognized work with emotionally
disturbed children and youth as well as providing resources about sexual
abuse prevention. Website: http://nearipress.org/ 

IV. Online Publications/Resources

Ending Female Genital Mutilation: A Strategy for the European Union
Institutions. End FGM - European Campaign, 2010: This document offers a
strategy with tangible recommendations for the EU Member States and the
EU institutions to protect young girls and women affected by female
genital mutilation. [Source: WUNRN] Full document: 

Arrest the Violence: Human Rights Violations Against Sex Workers in 11
Countries in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. SWAN Community
Based Project, 2009: This document is the first piece of research done
under the leadership of sex workers to document the human rights
violations they face across the region. [Source: Open Society Institute]
Full document: 

The Men's Project, Cornwall Public Inquiry: Four papers were prepared as
research for "Phase 2" of the Inquiry. Phase 2 is focused on healing and
reconciliation, including processes, services or programs for the future
that could encourage community healing and reconciliation. To access the
papers, please visit: 

Disappearing, Departing, Running Away: A Surfeit of Children in Europe?
Terre Des Hommes, 2010: This study was carried out in Belgium, France,
Spain and Switzerland on the disappearances of unaccompanied foreign
minors placed in institutions. [Source: Child Rights Information
Network] Full document: 

Gender Equality for Smarter Cities: Challenges and Progress. United
Nations Human Settlements Programme, 2010: This publication highlights
the major gender issues faced in the context of urbanization and
provides an overview of the various efforts to promote gender equality.
[Source: Zunia Update] Full document: 

For country specific resources on sexual violence visit our country
pages:  http://www.svri.org/countries.htm

V. Journal Articles

Torturing by Non-State Actors Invisibilized, A Patriarchal Divide and
Spillover Violence from the Military Sphere into the Domestic Sphere.
Sarson J & MacDonald L. Peace Studies Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Winter
2009: This article explores narratives of women detailing how non-state
actor torture inflicted by a mother, father, sibling and guardians who
had warring or military experiences, spilled over into the domestic
sphere. Full article available at: 

The Mental Health of Female Sex Workers. Rossler W, Koch U, Lauber C,
Hass A.K, Altwegg M, Ajdacic-Gross V, Landolt K. Acta Psychiatr Scand;
ePub, 2010: This study aims to make a comprehensive assessment of the
mental status of female sex workers over different outdoors and indoors
work settings and nationalities. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

"Fathers' Rights" and the Defense of Paternal Authority in Australia.
Flood M. Violence Against Women, 16(3): 328-347, 2010: This article
provides an overview of the impact of the fathers' rights movement on
men's violence against women. Full article available at: 

Searching for the Developmental Origins of Sexual Violence: Examining
the Co-Occurrence of Physical Aggression and Sexual Behaviors in Early
Childhood. Lussier P, Healey J. Behav Sci Law; 28(1): 1-23, 2010: This
study examines the onset of physical aggression and normative sexual
behaviors in preschoolers to understand the developmental origins of
sexual violence. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Drug- or Alcohol-Facilitated, Incapacitated, and Forcible Rape in
Relationship to Mental Health Among a National Sample of Women. Zinzow
H.M, Resnick H.S, Amstadter A.B, McCauley J.L, Ruggiero K.J, Kilpatrick
D.G. J Interpers Violence; ePub, 2010: This article examine correlates
of PTSD and depression, with particular emphasis on evaluating the
unique effects of lifetime exposure to three specific rape tactics.
[Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Incapacitated, Forcible, and Drug/Alcohol-Facilitated Rape in Relation
to Binge Drinking, Marijuana Use, and Illicit Drug Use: A National
Survey. McCauley J.L, Ruggiero K.J, Resnick H.S, Kilpatrick D.G. J Traum
Stress; ePub, 2010: This study examined the relation between rape and
substance use problems as a function of three legally recognized forms
of rape: forcible, incapacitated, and drug/alcohol facilitated rape.
[Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Predictors of Acute Stress Symptoms in Rape Victims. Elklit A, Due L,
Christiansen D.M. Traumatology; 15(2): 38-45, 2009: This study test the
hypothesis that symptoms of ASD and general stress, though correlated,
represent two independent ways of reacting to trauma. [Source:
SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

'My Strength is Not for Hurting': Men's Anti-Rape Websites and their
Construction of Masculinity and Male Sexuality. Masters N.T.
Sexualities; 13(1): 33-46, 2010: This article examines six anti-rape
websites for insights into the social discourses on masculinity and male
sexuality that they both produce and reflect. [Source: SafetyLit] Full

Indirect Measures of Sexual Interest in Child Sex Offenders. Banse R,
Schmidt A.F, Clarbour J. Crim Justice Behav; 37(3): 319-335, 2010: This
study introduces the Explicit and Implicit Sexual Interest Profile as an
alternative assessment to deviant sexual interest in child sex
offenders. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Pediatric Sexual Abuse: Emergency Department Evaluation and Management.
Matkins P.P, Jordan K.S. Adv Emerg Nurs J; 31(2): 140-52, 2009: This
article presents information required to assume a leadership role in the
medical management of the sexually abused child/adolescent in the
emergency department. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Restoring Healthy Developmental Trajectories for Sexually Exploited
Young Runaway Girls: Fostering Protective Factors and Reducing Risk
Behaviors. Saewyc E.M, Edinburgh L.D. J Adolesc Health; 46(2): 180-188,
2010: This article examines the effectiveness of the Runaway
Intervention Program, a strengths-based home visiting, case management,
and group support program. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Examining the Sexual Harassment Experiences of Mexican Immigrant
Farmworking Women. Waugh I.M. Violence Against Women; ePub, 2010: This
study examines sexual harassment experiences of Mexican immigrant
farmworking women employed on California farms. [Source: SafetyLit] Full

Exploring the Nature and Reasons for Sexual Violence Within Marriage
Among Young Women in Nepal. Puri M, Shah I, Tamang J. J Interpers
Violence; ePub, 2010: This exploratory study uses free listing, in-depth
case histories and causal flow analysis to examine sexual violence
within marriage among young Nepalese women. [Source: SafetyLit] Full

Efficacy of Two Versions of Emotion-Focused Therapy for Resolving Child
Abuse Trauma. Paivio S.C, Jarry J.L, Chagigiorgis H, Hall I, Ralston M.
Psychother Res; ePub, 2010: This study evaluated and compared
emotion-focused therapy for trauma with imaginal confrontation of
perpetrators and with empathic exploration of trauma material. [Source:
SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

For additional issues related resources and articles on sexual violence
visit our issues pages:  http://www.svri.org/issues.htm

VI. Events

The Other Side of Gender: Masculinity Issues in Violent Conflict - Part
II, February 18, 2010, Washington, DC. The United States Institute of
Peace presents part II of this discussion which addresses wartime sexual
violence by taking into account male gender issues. For more information
on this event, contact Ryan McClanahan at rmcclanahan at usip.org or visit:

Engendering Empowerment: Education and Equality (E4) Conference, Dakar,
Senegal, May 17-20, 2010. This conference is part of a world-wide
mobilisation of partnerships to realise the rights of girls and women to
education and training. If you are interested in participating in E4 by
offering a paper please visit: 

Online Discussion: Women and Human Rights, 1 - 28 February 2010. This
discussion by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights aims
to draw on the collective experiences to identify good practices
contributing to the realisation and advancement of respect, promotion
and protection of Women's Human Rights. [Source: WUNRN] For more
information, please visit: 

First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research - Science to
Accelerate Universal Health Coverage, Montreux, Switzerland, 16 - 19
November 2010. Stakeholders representing diverse constituencies will
gather to share evidence, identify significant knowledge gaps, and set a
research agenda reflecting the needs of low and middle-income countries.
Abstract submission deadline: 30 April 2010. For more information,
visit: http://www.hsr-symposium.org/ 

Man Up Campaign: Young Leaders Summit, FIFA World Cup 2010,June/July,
South Africa. The Summit will bring together 200 young men and women
aged approximately 18 to 30 years representing 32 World Cup competing
nations and 19 at-risk countries, who are committed to eradicating
violence against women within their communities. To apply, please visit:

First International Online Conference on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention.
11 March, 2010, 9am - 4pm EST Australia. Topics will address the
categories of primary prevention, secondary prevention, tertiary
prevention, and new technology. For more details, visit: 

2010 Cartier Women's Initiative Awards. The Cartier Awards is now open
for applications from women entrepreneurs of any age, industry and
nationality. Application deadline: 10 March, 2010. [Source: WUNRN] For
more information, visit: http://www.cartierwomensinitiative.com/cms/ 

Arte Sana National Conference, Dallas, USA, November 1-2, 2010. This
conference aims to promote the engagement of Latinas as agents of change
in addressing gender-based violence. Registrations now open. For more
information, visit: http://www.arte-sana.com/arte_sana.htm 

For more events visit: http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm

VII. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities

Funding Link: The African Women's Development Fund. This grant-making
foundation supports local, national and regional organisations in
Africa, working towards women's empowerment. For information about the
types of grants available, please visit: 

Funding Link: The Global Fund for Women. The Fund supports women's
groups that advance the human rights of women and girls. Small,
flexible, and timely grants ranging from $500 to $30,000 are available
for operating and program expenses to women's rights organisations
outside the United States. [Source: WUNRN] Please visit: 

Training Course: Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and
Human Rights. The course will provide staff from small and medium
organisations with the know-how to get started in Monitoring Economic,
Social and Cultural rights. Applications deadline: February 24th (for
non-EU and non-Swiss applicants or those seeking scholarship) and March
15th for self-funded EU/Swiss applicants. [Source: AWID] For more
information, visit: http://www.adh-geneva.ch/ 

Fellowship Opportunity: Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship. Full-time,
part-time or freelance journalists working on human rights or social
justice issues are eligible for this International Women's Media
Foundation fellowship. Applications deadline: April 9, 2010. The
fellowship will run from September 2010 - May 2011. [Source: IGWG] For
more information, visit: 
Call for Participation: Campus of Excellence, Ashoka's Changemakers:
Enter your solution for ending sexual, physical, and emotional abuse
against women and be eligible to receive US $5000 to advance your
project, and attend the 2010 campus of excellence event in Spain.
Application deadline: 3, 2010. [Source: AWID] Please visit: 

Call for Presenters and Workshops: Mesa is seeking innovative and
interactive workshop proposals on all aspects of sexual violence
prevention. Analysis or strategies for preventing sexual violence
against women of under-served communities. informational workshops /
presentations, skills-building workshops and artistic presentations
welcome. Submission deadline: 19 February 2010. For more information,
contact Kimber Nicolletti knicolet at purdue.edu 

SVRI Funding Links Page: For details on funders who have funding sources
available for research on sexual violence visit: 
http://www.svri.org/funding.htm <http://www.svri.org/funding.htm>  

VIII. Vacancies

VAW Prevention Program Manager (Re-advertised) / Raising Voices, Kampala
Uganda / Closing date: 2 March 2010. Read more: 

Director of Programs / The Association for Women's Rights in Development
/ Preferred location: Mexico City, Mexico / Closing date: March 19,
2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read
more: http://www.awid.org/eng/Jobs/Jobs-at-AWID/Director-of-Programs 

Senior Technical Advisor, Gender, Policy and Advocacy GBV /
EngenderHealth / Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. [Source: AWID Resource-Net
Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

International Consultant: Gender Score Card Exercise / UNDP/ Moroni,
Comoros / Closing date: February 26, 2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net
Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Program Advisor - Sexual and Reproductive Health/Gender / CARE /
Port-au-Prince, Haiti. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15
February 2010] Read more: 

Gender and Youth Specialist - Civil Society / Counterpart International
/ Yemen / Closing date: February 16, 2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net
Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Lecturer in Gender Studies / School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London / London, UK / Closing date: February 16, 2010.
[Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

PLHIV Campaign Coordinator / World AIDS Campaign / Preferred location:
Cape Town, South Africa / Closing date: February 26, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

International Consultant, Social/Gender Assessment and Institutional
Capacity Building / ACDI/VOCA / Mozambique / Closing date: February 20,
2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read

Chief of Party / Management Sciences for Health (MSH) / India. [Source:
AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Programme and Technical Adviser, Gender, Human Rights & Culture, ICS 12
/ UNFPA / Cairo, Egypt / Closing date: February 26, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Gender-Based Violence Coordinator (for Haiti) / UNFPA / Jimani,
Dominican Republic / Closing date: February 22, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Coordinator, UN Adolescent Girls Task Force, P4, Technical Division /
UNFPA / New York, NY, USA / Closing date: March 4, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

NGO Adviser / The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
(EBRD) / London, UK / Closing date: February 20, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Consultant: Expert in VAW and Policies Evaluation / UNIFEM / East
Jerusalem, Palestinian Territories / Closing date: February 26, 2010.
[Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Program Officer, Public Health Program - Sexual Health and Rights
Project and the Law and Health Initiative / The Open Society Institute
(OSI) / New York, NY, USA / Closing date: March 5, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 

Program Director / The Center for Women's Global Leadership (CWGL) /
Rutgers University / New Brunswick, NJ, USA / Open until filled.
[Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 15 February 2010] Read more: 


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated
evidence-based responses.

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, an initiative of the Global
Forum for Health Research, is hosted by the Medical Research Council,
South Africa.  The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and
generate empirical data to ensure sexual violence is recognized as a
priority public health problem.  To learn more about the SVRI visit our
website www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/>  or contact us at 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>  

To unsubscribe from the list, email svri at mrc.ac.za
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Please circulate these resources widely.


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