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Dear SVRI List Members

This SVRI Update contains a variety of sexual violence related research
and resources. Please email svri at mrc.ac.za if you would like us to
include relevant sexual violence resources and materials in the SVRI
Updates. For more information and resources on sexual violence and the
Sexual Violence Research Initiative visit www.svri.org

Today's SVRI Update includes the following:
[Summaries directly taken or adapted from source]

I. SVRI Online Event, 1 February - 31 March 2010: Care and support of
male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence
II. Websites
III. Online Publications/Resources
IV. Journal Articles
V. Events
VI. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities
VII. Vacancies

I. SVRI Online Event, Extended Date: 1February - 31 March 2010:
"Developing effective therapeutic and programming strategies for the
care and support of male survivors of conflict-related sexual violence".

The SVRI would like to invite you to participate in this new moderated
online discussion. In developing effective therapeutic and programming
strategies, the aim of this discussion is then to explore the following
Question 1: What are the greatest challenges that you have faced in
helping male survivors? 
Question 2: What do you think are the greatest challenges faced by the
male survivors you have helped? 
Question 3: What can facilitate or hinder disclosure of sexual assault
of men? 
This discussion will form the basis of a briefing paper on this topic
and will be moderated by Alastair Hilton, a social work consultant,
based in Cambodia and Michael Peel, formerly of the Medical Foundation
for the Care of Torture Victims, assisted by Wynne Russell, an
independent researcher into this topic. To participate in the discussion
please register at: www.svri.org/forums/ and click on the discussion
topic. We look forward to seeing you there!

II. Websites

Interagency Youth Working Group: Non-Consensual Sex. This new webpage
provides information and resources on the many different forms of
non-consensual sex. Website: 

Prevention Institute: Preventing Violence and Reducing Injury. This
focus area by the Prevention Institute offers a range of tools and
publications on preventing violence and injury. Website: 

Child Welfare Information Gateway: Child Abuse Prevention Month Website.
This resource offers strategies for engaging communities and supporting
families to prevent child abuse. Website: 

III. Online Publications/Resource

Hidden Marks: A Study of Women Students' Experiences of Harassment,
Stalking, Violence and Sexual Assault. National Union of Students, 2010:
This report documents women's experiences of harassment, financial
control, control over their course and institution choices, stalking,
violence, and sexual assault. [Source: Abyss2hope] Full document: 

What Men Have To Do With It: Public Policies to Promote Gender Equality.
International Center for Research on Women and Instituto Promundo,
Men+Gender Equality Policy Project, 2010: This document forms part of a
multi-year, multi-country effort to leverage evidence from existing
policies and, through research, raise awareness of the need to involve
men in gender equality, health and development agendas. [Source: IGWG]
Full document: 

Defying the Odds: Lessons Learnt from Men for Gender Equality Now. Men
for Gender Equality Now, African Women's Development and Communication
Network, 2010: The book is a collection of winning strategies in working
with men, highlighting the challenges, successes and lessons learned in
different program areas. [Source: IGWG] Full document: 

Not Enough: What TANF Offers Family Violence Victims. Casey T, Davies J,
Gifford A and Menard A. Legal Momentum and National Resource Centre on
Domestic Violence, March 2010: This report aims to understand how
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the Family Violence
Option and related child support enforcement provisions are working for
victims of domestic and sexual violence. [Source: Abyss2hope] Full

Relocation Revisited: Sex Trafficking of Native Women in the United
States. Deer S. William Mitchell Law Review, 2010: This document focuses
on the history of sexual oppression of American Indian and Alaska Native
women, who endure some of the highest rates of sexual violence within
the United States. [Source: WUNRN] Full document: 

Funding A Women's Movement against Sexual Violence in the Democratic
Republic of Congo: 2004-2009. Mukenge M, Kady A.M & Stanton C. Global
Fund for Women, 2010: This report profiles some of the groups and
networks supported by the Global Fund for Women in eastern Congo,
addresses the power of women's agency and tells a story of women's
capacity to hold communities together. [Source: WUNRN] Full document: 

Stoning is Not Our Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Human Rights and
Religious Discourses in Iran and Nigeria. Terman R & Fijabi M. The
Global Campaign to Stop Killing and Stoning Women & Women Living Under
Muslim Laws, 2010: This paper presents an overview of contemporary
stoning, arguing that it is grossly unjustified from both human rights
and religious perspectives. [Source: WUNRN] Full document: 

Peril or Protection: The Link Between Livelihoods and Gender-based
Violence in Displacement Settings. Women's Refugee Commission, 2009:
This report compiles and analyzes the research findings and highlights
and discusses the components of economic empowerment programs that seem
to be most influential with regard to gender-based violence. Full

Precarious Protection: How Unsettled Policy and Current Laws Harm Women
and Girls Fleeing Persecution. The Tahirih Justice Center, 2009: This
report exposes the continuing injustices facing women and girls seeking
asylum in the United States, and offers recommendations for systemic
change. [Source: WUNRN] Full document: 

Tools for Change: An Introduction to the Primary Prevention of Sexual
Assault. Curtis M.J & Love T. Texas Association Against Sexual Assault,
2009: This document introduces readers to primary prevention and to the
concepts, terms and models that comprise this approach. Full document: 

For country specific resources on sexual violence visit our country
pages:  http://www.svri.org/countries.htm

IV. Journal Articles

The Linkage Between Secondary Victimization by Law Enforcement and Rape
Case Outcomes. Patterson D. J Interpers Violence, 2010: This article
explores secondary victimization by detectives, comparing how
experiences that were ultimately prosecuted by the criminal justice
system to those that were not prosecuted. [Source: SafetyLit] Full
abstract: http://jiv.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/0886260510362889v1

South Asian Immigrant Women Who Have Survived Child Sexual Abuse:
Resilience and Healing. Singh A.A, Hays DG, Chung Y.B, Watson L.
Violence Against Women; 16(4): 444-58, 2010: This study is a
phenomenological examination of the resilience strategies of South Asian
immigrant women in the United States who survived child sexual abuse.
[Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Sexual Self-Schemas of Female Child Sexual Abuse Survivors:
Relationships with Risky Sexual Behavior and Sexual Assault in
Adolescence.- Niehaus A.F, Jackson J, Davies S. Arch Sex Behav; ePub,
2010: This article uses the sexual self-schema construct to examine
cognitive representations of sexuality that might drive these behavioral
patterns. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

Predicting Recidivism with the Personality Assessment Inventory in a
Sample of Sex Offenders Screened for Civil Commitment as Sexually
Violent Predators. Boccaccini M.T, Murrie D.C, Hawes S.W, Simpler A,
Johnson J. Psychol Assess; 22(1): 142-8, 2010: This study examines the
ability of scores from the Personality Assessment Inventory to predict
post-release arrests in a sample of sex offenders. [Source: SafetyLit]
Full abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20230160?dopt=Abstract

Adolescent Violence Perpetration: Associations With Multiple Types of
Adverse Childhood Experiences. Duke N.N, Pettingell S.L, McMorris B.J,
Borowsky I.W. Pediatrics; ePub, 2010: This article identifies
relationships between multiple types of adverse events and distinct
categories of adolescent violence perpetration. [Source: SafetyLit] Full

Partner Alcohol Use, Violence and Women's Mental Health:
Population-Based Survey in India. Nayak M.B, Patel V, Bond J.C,
Greenfield T.K. Br J Psychiatry; 196:192-9, 2010: This article describes
partner-related and other psychosocial risk factors for common mental
disorders in women and examine interrelationships between these factors.
[Source: MedAdvocates] Full abstract: 

The Harms of Pornography Exposure among Children and Young People. Flood
M. Child Abuse Review, 18 (6):384 - 400, 2009: This article looks at the
notable and often troubling effects pornography has on children and
young people. [Source: Prevent Connect] Full abstract: 

The Pleasure is Momentary...The Expense Damnable?: The Influence of
Pornography on Rape and Sexual Assault. Ferguson C.J & Hartley R.D.
Aggression and Violent Behavior, 14 (5): 323-329, 2009: This review
examines evidence about the influence of pornography on sexual
aggression in correlational and experimental studies and in real world
violent crime data. [Source: Prevent Connect] Full abstract: 

Parent and Peer Predictors of Physical Dating Violence Perpetration in
Early Adolescence: Tests of Moderation and Gender Differences. Miller S,
Gorman-Smith D, Sullivan T, Orpinas P, Simon T.R. Journal of Clinical
Child and Adolescent Psychology; 38(4): 538-50, 2009: This study
examines parenting and peer predictors of physical dating violence
perpetration during early adolescence and tested moderation among these
predictors and gender. [Source: Prevent Connect] Full abstract: 

Managing Ethical Issues in Sexual Violence Research Using a Pilot Study.
Duma S.E, Khanyile T.D, Daniels F. Curationis; 32(1): 52-8, 2009: This
pilot study identifies and manages potential ethical and practical
problems that could jeopardize studies on women's journey of recovery
from sexual assault. [Source: SafetyLit] Full abstract: 

For additional issues related resources and articles on sexual violence
visit our issues pages:  http://www.svri.org/issues.htm

V. Events

SAfAIDS Regional Conference on Changing the River's Flow, 12 - 13 April
2010, Johannesburg, South Africa. This conference aims to create a
platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, experiences and
challenges, with the ultimate objective of promoting work focusing on
the role of culture in HIV and GBV interventions. For more information,
visit: http://www.safaids.net/?q=node/1101 

e-Youth: Balancing between Opportunities and Risks? 27 - 28 May 2010,
University of Antwerp, Belgium. The conference will focus on national
and international research dealing with social, cultural, economic,
legal, psychological and ethical issues regarding youngsters' uses of
different internet applications and mobile telephony. [Source: IYWG] For
more information, visit: http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=.EYOUTH&n=77842

Together We Can,  9 - 11 June 2010, Florida, USA. This conference will
focus on preventing violence in the community, increasing the
involvement of men in anti-violence work and providing clinical support
to survivors of trauma. [Source: PreventConnect] For more information,
please visit: http://www.fcasv.org/training/together-we-can 

Speaking out on Sexual Violence, 9 June 2010, Mount Royal University,
Canada. This day features concurrent workshop sessions for
multidisciplinary professionals working with victims of sexual violence.
To register for the workshop, visit: 

The Sixth World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and
Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders, 17 - 19 November 2010,
Washington DC, USA. This conference will address the pervasive and
enduring inequalities that affect the mental health of millions of
people, in both rich and poor countries. Abstract submission deadline:
30 April 2010. For more information, visit: http://wmhconf2010.hhd.org/ 

For more events visit: http://www.svri.org/calendar.htm

VI. Funding Links / Scholarships / Research Opportunities

Funding Opportunity: United Nations Voluntary Fund for Contemporary
Forms of Slavery. The fund provides humanitarian, legal and financial
aid to individuals who are victims of contemporary forms of slavery.
[Source: Scholarship and Job] To access the call for 2011 applications,
please visit: 

Funding Opportunity: Harvard University Center for AIDS Research.
Request for Proposals for clinical and basic science HIV/AIDS research
awards will start 1 August 2010. Application deadline: 3 May 2010. For
more information, visit: 

Funding Opportunity: UN.GIFT Small Grants Facility. Non-Governmental,
Not-for-Profit Organizations working on counter-trafficking issues are
invited to submit their project proposals. Application deadline: 5 April
2010. [Source: Afro-nets] For more information, visit: 

Fellowship Opportunity: Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and
Society. This intensive four-week summer programme will focus on the
study of sexuality across cultures and is taught by an international
faculty team. For more information on fellowships, visit: 

Call for Programmes: Gender in HIV Programming. USAID-funded AIDSTAR-One
project is compiling a compendium of case studies on programs that have
successfully integrated gender strategies into their work with most at
risk populations , including: Injecting drug users; Male and female sex
workers; Transgender women; and Men who have sex with men. [Source:
IGWG] For more information, visit: 

SVRI Funding Links Page: For details on funders who have funding sources
available for research on sexual violence visit: 
http://www.svri.org/funding.htm <http://www.svri.org/funding.htm>  

VII. Vacancies

Gender Policy Adviser / Oxfam GB / Oxford, UK / Closing date: April 7,
2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

International Team Consultants (3), Strategic Review of UNDP Gender
Equality Strategy 2008-2013 / UNDP / Location: Home-based (US) with
travels to New York and developing countries / Closing date: April 1,
2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

Consultant: Universal Access Now! and Positive Women's Networks / UNDP /
New York, NY, USA / Closing date: March 31, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

Documentation and Online Communication Manager / The European Union
Agency for Fundamental Rights / Vienna, Austria / Closing date: April
12, 2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read

Production Manager / The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
(FRA) / Vienna, Austria / Closing date: April 12, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

International Consultant: Gender Responsive Budgeting and Regional
Development in Northern Albania / UNIFEM / Location: Home-based /
Closing date: March 31, 2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22
March 2010] Read more: 

Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation & Donor Reporting Officer / UNIFEM /
Nairobi, Kenya / Closing date: March 31, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

Programme Assistant, UN Action Against Sexual Violence in Conflict /
UNIFEM / New York, NY, USA / Closing date: March 29, 2010. [Source: AWID
Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

Senior Director of Programs / The SEEP Network / Washington, DC, USA /
Open until filled. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March
2010] Read more: 

Regional Coordinator / Just Associates / Southern Africa / Closing date:
April 15, 2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010]
Read more: 

Deputy Director, Women and Population / United Nations Foundation /
Better World Fund / Washington, DC, USA / Closing date: March 31, 2010.
[Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

Senior Director, Women and Population / United Nations Foundation /
Better World Fund (BWF) / Washington, DC, USA / Closing date: March 31,
2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read more: 

Program Consultant, Mano River Union / New Field Foundation / Open until
filled. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read

Programme Assistant / Marie Stopes International / London, UK / Closing
date: April 9, 2010. [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March
2010] Read more: 

Director of Programs / The Association for Women's Rights in Development
/ Preferred location: Mexico City, Mexico / Closing date: March 28, 2010
(extended). [Source: AWID Resource-Net Jobs: Monday 22 March 2010] Read


Sexual violence is a global issue that requires coordinated
evidence-based responses.

The Sexual Violence Research Initiative, an initiative of the Global
Forum for Health Research, is hosted by the Medical Research Council,
South Africa.  The SVRI aims to promote research on sexual violence and
generate empirical data to ensure sexual violence is recognized as a
priority public health problem.  To learn more about the SVRI visit our
website www.svri.org <http://www.svri.org/>  or contact us at 
svri at mrc.ac.za <mailto:svri at mrc.ac.za>  

To unsubscribe from the list, email svri at mrc.ac.za
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Please circulate these resources widely.




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