[Svrilist] Reminder: Online Survey on Doing Research on Sexual violence and Vicarious Trauma

Sexual Violence Research Initiative svri at mrc.ac.za
Mon Aug 22 09:02:19 SAST 2011




Dear Sexual Violence Researcher,

As a sexual violence researcher, and member of the SVRI listserv you are
invited to participate in an online survey on doing research on sexual
violence and vicarious trauma. The survey online at 
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XZ28P9K and will take an estimated 15
minutes to complete. 


Researching and working with sexual violence survivors is, at times,
challenging. As one researcher noted during an online discussion on the

"I have often gone home feeling really down and at times guilty. In fact
many a times I have contemplated doing something else development
oriented like agriculture that seems less traumatic." 

The SVRI is working to build an evidence-base for research on various
aspects of sexual violence. In meeting the goals of the SVRI, we know
that the most effective way to support and encourage more research on
sexual violence is to develop and retain a skilled research workforce.
Literature and models on how best to support sexual violence researchers
in different countries and contexts is however limited. SVRI researchers
have identified researcher trauma as an important issue. We would like
to use this online survey to help us gain a better understanding of how
to support sexual violence researchers internationally by developing
researcher safety guidelines and publications on the issue of doing
research on sexual violence and vicarious trauma. Through this study we
would like to explore the stresses sexual violence researchers
experience in different countries and contexts, with emphasis on
resource poor settings. 

The study is being run by Professor Jan Coles, a general practitioner
with experience in family therapy and counselling. For more information
on the survey please contact Jan Coles, Associate Professor, Department
of General Practice, Monash University by email jan.coles at monash.edu 


For more details on the work that is being done by the SVRI or materials
on vicarious trauma please contact Liz Dartnall, SVRI Programme Officer,
liz.dartnall at mrc.ac.za


We would be very grateful if you would circulate this link widely to
your colleagues working in this field.

Thank you for your participation in this very important study for sexual
violence researchers.

Jan Coles



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